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Were you looking for Ella from the novel trilogy universe?

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Ella, Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 A.M.

Ella is a miniature doll-like animatronic who first appears as the main antagonist of 1:35 A.M., the first story in the book of the same name, and then as a cameo character in the epilogue of Fazbear Frights 5: Bunny Call.

Physical Appearance

Ella's appearance seems to be relatively similar to her novel trilogy counterpart. However, she now has a small digital clock on her chest.

In 1:35 A.M., an instructional booklet is attached to her wrist explaining its numerous functions, such as serving drinks, taking photos, and set alarms. However, a note was placed on the back of the doll saying that only the alarm worked. The booklet states that the Ella dolls were made by Fazbear Entertainment.


1:35 A.M.

In the first story, Ella is the doll that Delilah buys at the yard sale, where she is revealed to also be an alarm clock. She mistakenly sets an alarm for 1:35 am and throws her away, thinking she is not working. For the next few weeks, Ella wakes her up at exactly 1:35 am, either by producing noises or manifesting in front of her. She is able to mimic voices of people Delilah knew, and is seemingly able to teleport and disappear instantaneously. Delilah is terrified of sleeping knowing that Ella will wake her up. Her paranoia from Ella causes her to accuse her friend and lose her job. At one point, Delilah reports that she will never feel safe knowing that Ella was still out there. Eventually, Delilah runs away to a building under construction, getting stuck in a ventilation system. Ella disappears, seemingly stopping her pursuit, leaving Delilah to die in the vent.

Fazbear Frights #5 - Epilogue

During the epilogue, Grim follows The Stitchwraith to an abandoned factory, and sees what appears to be an Ella doll's arm sticking out of a bag. It is unknown if this is the same Ella doll that appears in 1:35 A.M..


  • Ella is the first character in the Fazbear Frights series to originate from the novels.
  • The epilogue from the fifth book imply that she may be one of the many objects infected by Andrew's rage. This could be the reason why she is haunted.
  • In the epilogue of the 10th book, it is revealed that Eleanor was the one terrorizing Delilah and not Ella
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