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I want you to call me Elizabeth.
Baby, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

Elizabeth Afton was William Afton's daughter who, after being abused and neglected by her father, ultimately possesses Baby after wanting her father's love and attention.

Physical Appearance

Elizabeth is a young girl with long blonde hair in a blue bow. She wears a blue T-shirt with a picture of a small ice cream cone. Her pants are also blue in color. After becoming obsessed with Circus Baby, she wears a white and blue dress, a blue headband in her hair, a blue skirt and black shoes. She was later changed to a brunette for some reason; most likely to make herself look more like Circus Baby. Her hair remained brown for the rest of her appearances.


The Fourth Closet

In a flashback scene, Elizabeth eagerly wanted to show her father a piece of paper with a golden star from her kindergarten teacher. William pushed Elizabeth away twice. She hesitated to return after the second push, but she approached him anyway cautiously. William then shoved her to the ground, which resulted in her falling on her arm. Elizabeth tried to grab the paper underneath William's foot, only for her to get hit by William, causing her to feel pain and dizziness. William returned to work on Baby, and as soon as Elizabeth saw the animatronic, she became fascinated with her. She was so obsessed with Baby to the point that she stole her teacher's lipstick and drew bright red circles on her cheeks, trying the replicate Baby's face in the mirror.

At night, Elizabeth snuck into her father's lab to see Baby, while someone (most likely William) was watching her with a tiny camera.[1] She started up the animatronic, and Baby greeted her before she killed Elizabeth.


  1. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet | Page 191 - "A tiny camera in the corner had a red blinking light on it, but it didn’t matter what it saw, it was too late to stop her."
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