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Daddy, just once let me go play with her! she's so pretty and shiny! Didn't you make her just for me?
Elizabeth Afton, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Elizabeth Afton was the daughter of William Afton and the sister of Michael Afton. First appearing in Sister Location, she is the one possessing Circus Baby.

Physical Appearance

In the Sister Location death minigame, she wears a pink sweater with two black buttons, a red tie in her hair, a blue skirt, and black shoes. She has an orange-yellow hair and green eyes.


Elizabeth seems to be a very innocent girl who has an apparent fascination with the animatronics, most notably Circus Baby. She seems to have a child-like mentality as she marvels at Baby's ability to make ice cream and balloons she also portrays a pushy and spoiled nature repeatedly asking her father to let her see Baby. Elizabeth is shown to be disobedient when denied as she disregarded her father's commands and went close to Baby anyway, without her father’s knowledge, which resulted in her tragic death and the closure of the pizzeria.


Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Elizabeth being killed by Circus Baby in the minigame.

Long before to the events of Sister Location, on the opening day of Circus Baby's Pizza World, the girl's father, William, created an animatronic for his daughter, called Circus Baby. However, due to the animatronics being presumably programmed to kill, the girl was forbidden to get close to Baby.

She comes to possesses the spirit of, Circus Baby. During this time, the player, Michael Afton, is sent by their father to locate and free her soul. He finds and interacts with her, but is tricked into entering the scooping room where his insides are scooped out, granting Ennard access to the outside world, by wearing his skin as a decoy.

In the fake ending, Ennard tries to get at Michael in the Private Room, and uses Elizabeth's voice to emotionally bait him into giving up.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Before the events of the sixth game, it is implied that the funtimes kicked Baby out of Ennard, due to an argument, making Funtime Freddy take control of the amalgamation. With Baby (now a part of an endoskeleton that belonged with Ennard), reconstructed herself with scrap, and became the scrap entity known as Scrap Baby. Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy would then be called to a fake pizzeria (along with Scraptrap and Lefty).

On the final day of the shift, Scrap Baby promises her father to make him proud, by becoming a murderous person like he was. However, before Scrap Baby was about to kill Michael, she was interrupted by Henry, who states the pizzeria was just a trap to lure the remaining possessed animatronics, and set the building on fire to release the souls. While the building is burning, Scrap Baby is seen struggling to get out of the corridors as the walls were closing in on her to slowly crush her. After the fire, Scrap Baby's soul, Elizabeth presumably finally moved into the afterlife.



Night 1

Daddy, why won't you let me play with her?

Night 2

Daddy, you let the other children go see her! Why won't you let me go?

Night 3

Daddy, just once let me go play with her! She's so pretty and shiny! Didn't you make her just for me?

Night 4

Daddy she can make balloons! Have you seen her make balloons? Oh, daddy let me go to her!

Night 5

Daddy isn't watching.

Real Ending

Don't tell daddy that I'm here. I've been wanting to watch a show too. I don't know why he won't let me come see you, you're wonderful! Where did the other children go?

Fake Ending

Ennard will occasionally use Elizabeth's voice as a baiting attempt to force Michael into giving up.




We need you so that we can hide! We need you so that we can leave!

I don't understand, I don't understand!

I know it was an accident!

Everything is okay. I'm still here.

You have to let me inside the room!

Isn't this why you came here? To be with me again?


  • She has a British accent, like her father and brother, William Afton and Michael Afton.
  • It's possible that her death could have been a cause towards William Afton's dive into insanity as she was the only person he cared about.
  • Before the release of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, Elizabeth's name was unknown, and it had only been quoted in one of the series books, but after the release of the sixth game, it was confirmed that her name was Elizabeth Afton and before that, she was referred to as "the daughter of Afton" from the Sister Location credits or "the little girl".
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