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He could see her, but he could see into her, too, and what he saw was a black, chaotic force that fed on human suffering. The fear, the pain, the death—she, not the Stitchwraith, was the cause of it.
The description of what Eleanor truly is, Fazbear Frights 10: Friendly Face

Eleanor is the main antagonist of the Fazbear Frights series. She is an entity who feeds off the agony and remnant of others. Her origins are unknown. She first appeared in To Be Beautiful, the second story of Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit.

Physical Appearance

Eleanor is said to have a painted face, with pink cheeks and lips. Her red hair is tied into two tight pigtails, and her eyes are a bright green with long lashes, bearing a slight resemblance to Circus Baby. Her body is sleek with grayish skin, with a long neck, tiny waist, and a rounded bust and hips. Her arms and legs are long and skinny. Her body is also small, and lightweight.


Although she may initially appear to be gentle, thankful and sweet, this is just a disguise she uses to earn people's sympathy. She's actually an evil and manipulative creature, who tends to lie and deceive, and shows sociopathic behavior, treating everybody as a slave to reach her goals. She likes to tease and mock her adversaries, winking at Jake after absorbing the evil contained inside the Stitchwraith, and telling Sarah she made her wish come true while she's dying. The only person so far she's shown to have some sort of positive relationship with is William Afton, as shown by her giving him the power to create the amalgamation and sustaining him when he was too weak. However it's unknown whether her collaborating with Afton was out of genuine affection towards him, or simply as a way to gain something for herself; It's very likely to be the latter, as she abandons him to die once she gained what she wanted.


To Be Beautiful

Eleanor was first encountered in a old car at a junkyard by Sarah, who takes her home and cleans her up, believing her to be beautiful even if she doesn't work. In return, Eleanor gifts Sarah with a cartoonish heart necklace that allows Sarah to appear more beautiful every day, with the only condition being that she never take it off. Sarah is skeptical and believes it to be a dream when she wakes up the next day with Eleanor slumped and turned off, until she notices her hands.

The necklace works as it should and Sarah becomes more beautiful every day; first her hands, then her legs, then her body, and finally, her face and hair. Sarah is delighted and believes Eleanor to be her best true friend. One night, Sarah is sleeping and has a nightmare. She is on a date with her boyfriend, Mason, when she goes to look at him but it's not his face, it's Eleanor's. Eleanor smiles, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth. Sarah wakes up to find Eleanor crouched over her bed, staring at her. Sarah asks if she was making a noise, and Eleanor replies that nothing is wrong but she wants to keep Sarah safe. Sarah uncomfortably tells Eleanor to sit on the opposite side of the room and doesn't sleep for the rest of the night.

Eventually, Sarah trips and her necklace comes off, revealing Eleanor's true intentions. Sarah begins to fall apart, becoming scrap metal. She runs to her house and screams for Eleanor, yanking on a closet door to stop herself from falling over as she loses contact with her nerves. Plastic bags fall out of the cupboard, revealing severed limbs, organs, and a familiar potato-shaped nose. Sarah realizes that piece by piece, Eleanor had removed parts of Sarah's body, replacing them with scrap metal. As Sarah comes apart, Eleanor presses a heart-shaped button on her throat and takes Sarah's old, unchanged appearance as the little girl slowly dies off.

Some time later, the Sarah disguise is blown again revealing Eleanor. Eventually she breaks down and is found by the Stitchwraith, to be brought into the abandoned factory.

Stitchwraith Stinger #7

While Jake is trying to prevent other animatronics from being absorbed into the Agony, he discovers Eleanor in the midst. She pins Jake down and her eyes glow white, and Jake feels a piece of evil that was attached to him be removed. Eleanor winks at Jake before allowing herself to be sucked in.

Before Afton's Amalgamation is destroyed, Eleanor separates herself from it and enters a vent opening in the factory.

Stitchwraith Stinger #8

Eleanor appears as a homeless girl that was about to beat up by some drug dealers before being saved by Jake. However, this isn't revealed until Stinger #10.

Stitchwraith Stinger #9

Eleanor introduces herself as Renelle. Jake explains he "protected" her from the drug dealers, for which Renelle thanks him for, and explains that she's not afraid of Jake's appearance because the real monsters are the ones who take advantage of others. She recounts her backstory, of how her father became obsessed about his work after her mother's death, eventually kicking her out after she stole some money. Renelle realizes she still misses and her father and Jake promises that he will help her.

Stitchwraith Stinger #10

He could see her, but he could see into her, too, and what he saw was a black, chaotic force that fed on human suffering. The fear, the pain, the death—she, not the Stitchwraith, was the cause of it. In both his head and his heart, Larson knew this to be true. He was surer of it than he had been of anything in his life.
Description, Fazbear Frights #10: Friendly Face

Meanwhile, Jake and "Renelle" visit her father's house, and the man turns out to be no one else than Dr. Talbert himself. As Jake looks through the house, he sees a picture of Talbert and Dr. Phineas Taggart, the man who created the Stitchwraith and got killed by it. Another picture was of Talbert and his daughter, except she didn't have brown hair and blue eyes like Renelle did; She had black hair and brown eyes. Larson enters Talbert's house just in time to see Renelle change into the girl in the picture.

Suddenly, he saw a vision of Eleanor. He realizes she is not the little girl standing before him but a corruptive evil entity that fed off people's suffering. He was so appalled by her evil he tried to shoot her with his gun, but lost consciousness before managing to do it, only whispering her name. Within the mindscape, he saw several visions that show Eleanor is the mastermind behind most events that have happened in the series. She was the one who gave the Plushtrap Chaser his human eyes and teeth. She was the one torturing Delilah in 1:35 A.M., implying that Eleanor contains Ella's Agony. She was holding down Pete after he was hit by a truck in Step Closer to perform an operation on him. She was the greater evil that had been inside William Afton and jumped out of his body, implying there's a possibility she was the second signal in William's brain mentioned in The Man in Room 1280. She was also the one who had latched onto Toby's shadow, manifesting as RWQFSFASXC from the arcade game, leeching off of his competitive nature in Hide-and-Seek and was the one who pushed Sam under the train in Blackbird. It's not known if these visions are literal or symbolic of what she had done, though the idea of it being literal is the most believed.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Dr. Talbert hugs Eleanor, who was impersonating his daughter. Jake realizes she was the evil entity seeming helping Afton, or at the very least had the true threat inside of her. He pushes her against the wall, but Eleanor uses her illusion powers to make it look like he stabbed her. Talbert pulls out a gun and shoots Jake, destroying the Stitchwraith's battery pack and disabling the animatronic. Jake watches at Talbert gives his "daughter" some remnant and realizes this was Eleanor's plan all along — she wanted remnant to become more powerful, and to become eternal. Eleanor's disguise melts away, revealing her true form.

Stitchwraith Stinger #11

After Larson, travelling trough the memory world, finds the ball pit and jumps in it, he's taken to another memory, set in a junkyard. Here, Eleanor jumps out of a broken car and attacks him, but he manages to throw her into a trash compactor, weakening her in real life. Larson wakes up and catches a glimpse of Eleanor's true form, a heinous and horrendous mannequin-shaped creature with tendrils made of blackened blood coming out from every opening in her body, but he's then soon forced back into the memory world by her. Eleanor fights Larson again in a garage with boxes full of Christmas decorations, but is once again defeated by him, who defends using paperweights and a candelabra, and again in a bedroom with a Freddy Fazbear poster, where she jumps out of a closet and is hit by Larson with a bat. They have a final showdown in a factory building, where Eleanor seems to prevail over the detective.

In the real world, Jake has managed to get up and is getting closer to her. Eleanor attempts to keep him away with her tendrils, but Larson stops her by holding her down and strangling her. Jake uses his energy to heat her animatronic body until it burns, and then confines Eleanor into one of her memories, rendering her inoffensive and allowing Larson to wake up again. Eleanor's burnt up robotic body lays inanimate finally defeating her and avenging the people she tormented and killed.


Withered Chica Head UCN Troll Game.png "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • In the ninth Stinger, the girl Jake saves was Eleanor in disguise. She says her name is "Renelle", which backwards spells "Ellener". "Ellener" is pronounced similarly to "Eleanor", and Jake had an odd feeling about the name. She also wears a silver pendant shaped as a heart like Eleanor does.
    • It was later confirmed in the tenth Stinger.
  • The girl that Jake rescued from the drug dealers is most likely the real homeless girl before Eleanor had snuck into the shed, had her removed, and stole her identity while Jake was out getting some food.
  • There are theories that the Eleanor robot was created for a similar purpose as the Charlie robots in the novel trilogy. Three most notable pieces of evidence for this theory are Eleanor's very human-like appearance, Eleanor's ability to shapeshift into others as illusions, and the name Eleanor being a different version of Ella, who in the novel trilogy is one of the Charlie robots as well as a doll kept inside the Charlie we follow throughout the three books.
  • Based on the ending lines of "The pendant was dazzling" some have theorized Eleanor isn't quite done yet, and may return.
  • There have been many theories about her true identity, such as her being a entity created out of agony based on her connection to the ball pit, agony, and remnant.
  • Another theory about her identity proposes that she is a demonic entity, this is based on her behavior fitting that of a demon, many references to hell, demonic entities and occult in stories she's involved with and people comparing her to the demon Malthus from the Anabelle movies leading to the belief Scott Cawthon might have been inspired by these movies.
  • There is a theory that Eleanor's form before the events of the Stitchwraith Stingers being Into the Pit's Spring Bonnie. This is based on both originating from the ball pit in some way, making a illusion to disguise as someone else, and affecting memories hidden in the ball pit. Some have also pointed out in the cover art for Fazbear Frights #1, Spring Bonnie is crying black tears, similar to Eleanor's black tendrils as seen in the final Stinger.
  • Eleanor's origin is theorized to have been a robotic android created by Dr. Talbert to have a illusion of his daughter with him, similar to Charlotte Emily from the Novel trilogy. Proof for this theory comes from Eleanor's very human-like appearance and her ability to appear as a real human.
  • Eleanor is theorized to have been a cause of many more stories then the ones mentioned in the Stingers.
  • In the 10th Stinger, Eleanor appears in a flashback where she jumps out of William Afton's chest as he was in his comalike state. This implies that Eleanor is somehow involved with William's survival after the fire, but it's still unclear how. This also implies that Eleanor was the second entity that the three nurses had mentioned fighting with Andrew in The Man in Room 1280. This would also explain the ''evil'' mentioned in the story's description, and in the story as a whole.
  • There are theories that suggest Eleanor was the one pulling the strings this entire time, with William Afton being her puppet.
  • There is a theory Eleanor is Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy in the FNaF game continuity as well. Two most notable pieces of evidence used by believers of this theory is Eleanor seemingly being the identity of Shadow Bonnie in the story Hide-and-Seek, and that Nightmare (who is associated with Shadow Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's 4's game files) is similar to Eleanor, because Eleanor has the ability to give her victims dreams and visions of the past, being best shown in the 10th Stitchwraith Stinger and the story Step Closer.
  • Some people have theorized the weird tendrils seen in Security Breach's Freddy & Friends: On Tour! cartoon are the same ones Eleanor uses in the final Stinger.
    • It was later revealed that the tendrils belonged to the Blob.
  • It is theorized that the necklace she wears is an illusion disc, which may or may not be confirmed by The Ultimate Guide.
    • However it was confirmed in Stinger #11 that the pendant was infused with remnant that could save lives.


  • Eleanor resembles her counterpart from the original novel trilogy.
  • Alongside Spring Bonnie and Funtime Freddy, Eleanor is one of the animatronics whose illustration was removed from the book due to lacking color.
  • Eleanor's name is actually a variation of the name Ella, name of another character, who Eleanor was using in the story 1:35 A.M., originally appearing in the novel trilogy.
    • Coincidentally, Eleanor was the creature haunting Delilah in that same story, as confirmed by Stinger #10.
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