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Were you looking for the Camera Monitor from almost all of the games or the Vent Monitor from the seventh game?

The Duct Monitor is a type of Monitor introduced in Ultimate Custom Night. It can be accessed with the usage of the standard Monitor.


The duct entry tubes that the animatronics would go through to enter the Office, seen at the top.

The Duct System displays a duct system map where the "Mediocre Melodies" animatronics reside, and there will be a caution symbol of a color unique to these animatronics, which represents the animatronic's position. One duct will always stay open while the other opposite duct will remain closed.

If the animatronic approaches an entrance, if it is not blocked off, the animatronic will enter the Office and jumpscares the player.

There are few available commands to use:

  • Heater - Pushes all the "Mediocre Melodies" animatronics back, albeit to Happy Frog who is immune to heat. Mr. Hippo and Pigpatch are more resistant to the Heater which can take a little more time to have them repelled, but are still pushed back. When used, however, it can maximize the player's risk: Freddy Fazbear becomes more active, Phantom Freddy appears quicker, Lefty gets agitated, and Jack-O-Chica appearing when the Temperature is high enough. However, the Heater is still helpful to use when Rockstar Freddy appears which can malfunction him and skip the Faz-Coin quest. (Alternatively, the hotkey to activate the Heater is 3)
  • Audio Lure - Lure or hold specific animatronics. It always works on Happy Frog, Pigpatch, and Mr. Hippo, but Nedd Bear is fooled 50% of the time from the Audio Lure. Orville Elephant is fooled 10% of the time by the Audio Lure.

The "Mediocre Melodies" animatronics identified by colored warning signals are listed below:

Icon Animatronic Description
HappyFrog-cue.png Happy Frog Held in place with Audio Lure and fooled by 100%. Invulnerable to the Heater.
MrHippo-cue.png Mr. Hippo Held in place with Audio Lure and fooled by 100%. Vulnerable to the Heater.
Pigpatch-cue.png Pigpatch Held in place with Audio Lure and fooled by 100%. Vulnerable to the Heater.
NeddBear-cue.png Nedd Bear Sometimes fooled by Audio Lure with 50%. Vulnerable to the Heater.
OrvilleElephant-cue.png Orville Elephant Almost immune to Audio Lure by 10%. Vulnerable to the Heater.



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