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Helpy-Troll-Game.png "You have a lot of work to do while patrons eat their pizza in the other room."

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Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Fazbear Entertainment would like you to put your hands together for the one and only - Freddy Fazbear!
Dread Unit from the intro, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Dread Unit is an AI voice and announcer on the voice intercom for Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. He can be heard in in the beginning cutscene and throughout the game.


Unlike other units that have appeared in the games, Dread Unit does not seem to have his own personality, and is only programmed to announce the animatronics' performances or guide the player in Parts/Service.


Dread Unit is in the first cutscene of the game, being the announcer for the show, announcing Freddy and the new glamrock animatronics.

Later on when Gregory is trying to leave the pizzaplex, he announces that everyone should be heading to the exit, as the place was closing. Shortly after Gregory is trapped inside, DreadUnit initiates the nighttime security protocols for the S.T.A.F.F Bots and Glamrock Animatronics.

When Gregory is attaching Glamrock Freddy's head back on in parts and service as well as when he upgrades him, Dread Unit walks the player through how to correctly perform the repairs. He says the protective cylinder is there to protect anyone outside of the cylinder in case the animatronic being performed on goes haywire. He recommends that no mistakes should be made during the process.

Dread Unit can be heard talking during Gregory’s encounter with DJ Music Man. He instructs the player to where the circuit breakers are that need to be reset. After resetting a circuit breaker, he announces how many remain.


  • Dread Unit is voiced by Andy Field, who also voiced many AI voices of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, including HandUnit in Sister Location, as well as Tutorial Unit from Pizzeria Simulator, Help Wanted and Special Delivery.
  • Dread Unit's intro for the band at the start of the game is taken from an unused line of dialogue HandUnit spoke in Help Wanted intended to accompany the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song.
  • After rebooting the first breaker in the West Arcade sequence, Dread Unit briefly seems to glitch out, blurting out nonsensical status updates; “Pram zapped. Brun DJ protocols. Reticulating splines.”
    • "Reticulating splines" is a reference to a running gag in The Sims and SimCity series of games.


Audio Description
"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoyed the show! Freddy and the gang are pretty tired, but they'll be back again next week after a few days of scheduled maintenance! Please make your way to the front of the building where you will be given novelty glasses, a voucher for one free soda refill, and where you will sign a legal disclaimer releasing us of all liability for anything that might have happened during your visit. Have an awesome night, and we'll see you again soon."
TBA "Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex is now closed. Initiating nighttime protocols."
TBA "Emergency lockdown activated. This area is off-limits to guests.
"Please enter the protective cylinder to continue."
"In case of an emergency, the protective cylinder will protect important service personnel outside of the protective cylinder. Deactivating animatronic safety protocols now. It is recommended that no mistakes are made during the procedure."
"To reconnect Freddy's head, repeat the correct sequence by pressing the flashing buttons on Freddy's upper body."
"Good job. Now, use the testing console to run diagnostics and complete the procedure.."
"Good job. Freddy is all patched up and ready for the big show. You may now exit the protective cylinder."
"Welcome to Parts and Service. Please select your desired procedure."
"Preparing for upgrade procedure. You may now enter the protective cylinder."
"Let's begin by opening the arm casing."
"Disconnect the colored cables to remove the old forearm."
"Great. Now place the new armature into the forearm casing."
"With the new armature inserted, reconnect the colored wires."
"Great job. Now close the casing."
"Well done. There is no need to perform the procedure on the other arm. The auto-assist did it for you."
"To access the voice box, we must open Freddy's chest cavity. To unlock the chest cavity, remove Freddy's bowtie."
"Good job. Now remove the chest plate."
"Well done. Disconnect the throat wires to continue."
TBA "It is important that you match the pattern correctly. "
"Good job. Now connect the throat wires to the replacement voice box."
"Well done. Return the chest plate and firmly lock it down with the bowtie."
"Looking spiffy."
TBA "Commence testing phase."
"Testing phase complete. Activating safety protocols."
"Let's begin by removing Freddy's face. Press Freddy's nose to remove skull housing."
"Carefully detach the ocular connectors."
"Good job. Now remove each eye from its respective socket."
"Great. Plug the replacement eyes into the open eye sockets."
"Well done. Reattach the ocular connector wires."
"It is time to close the face plate."
TBA "The West Arcade was not shut down properly. Some data may be corrupted. Initializing startup sequence. Before proceeding, reset the audio manager circuit breaker, located next to the dance floor."
TBA "Great job. Safety protocols deactivated. Pram zapped. Prun DJ protocols. Reticulating splines. Please reset circuit breakers to all zones. Three zones remain: Janitorial Service, Arcade, Arcade."
TBA "Two zones remain."
TBA "One zone remains."
TBA "Rerouting encryptions. Almost done. There is a software update available. Reset the final circuit breaker located at the south end of the arcade maintenance hallway."
TBA "Well done. The arcade has successfully rebooted. Return to the security office."
TBA "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex Quick Delivery Ordering System. Congratulations! You have qualified for a free supreme upgrade. Additional charges may apply. Let's get started. You are now in control of one of our highly-qualified pizza-making S.T.A.F.F. Bots. Follow the instructions on the left side of your screen to force the bot to make your perfect, mouth-watering pizza."
TBA "How would you rate your experience so far? That's great to hear. Now let's get started."
TBA "Would you like to take a short survey about your experience?"
TBA "Delicious! To ensure a safe and timely delivery, our cutting-edge Pizza Tracker allows you to deliver the pizza to your own home or residence. Additional mileage charges may apply."
TBA "Your pizza has been delivered. How would you rate your service? Pick two that apply."
TBA "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Fazbear Theater! Now, enjoy the comedy stylings of... S.T.A.F.F Bot!"
TBA "You have captured the flag! Time to defend."
TBA "You have successfully defended the station! Move on to the next one, Space Cadet!"
TBA "The alien hordes have destroyed the Earth! Thanks for playing, Space Cadet. Please head to the exits. To play again, hit the reset button in the entry airlock room, and don't forget to buy some FazerFizz on the way out."
TBA "You have defeated the alien army! Great job, Space Cadet! Proceed to the winner's elevator for your reward."
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