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Ending message when completing the last night, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and 3 demo

A list of free demos for the Five Nights at Freddy's games. These free-to-play pieces of games were made to encourage gamers to try out before deciding to buy the full version.

The first four installments, Ultimate Custom Night, and Help Wanted are the only games of the series to include demos. Although not all demos are free to the public domain.

List of Demos

Five Nights at Freddy's


The demo's menu screen.

The first game's demo is released on Indie DB on July 24, 2014.

Only Night 1 and 2 are available to play. Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are the only active animatronics in the whole demo, while Freddy Fazbear remains as a stationary enemy.

After the demo's launch, few update patches are released:

  • A windowed mode is added, enabled by pressing ALT + ENTER.
  • The game border is changed from white to black.
  • Fixed a bug where the animatronic's scream randomly plays even when not getting attacked.
  • Fixed a typo from the opening intro's newspaper, where the word "pizzeria" was misspelled as "pizzaria".
  • Several bug fixes.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2


The demo's menu screen.

The second game's demo is released on Indie DB on November 11, 2014. The mobile version was once available.

Night 1 and 2 are only playable in the demo. Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Withered Foxy, and the Puppet are the only active animatronics. Other than the first end-of-night cutscene, no other cutscenes are played as beating the night will simply skip to the next night like the first game. Death Minigames, hidden animatronics (Shadow Freddy, JJ, RWQFSFASXC, and Endo-02), and rare boot screens are not featured.

The extended edition of the demo is available, which includes Night 3 to add some more active animatronics - Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, and Withered Freddy. This makes Golden Freddy as the only unavailable character in both versions.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3


The demo's menu screen.

The third game's demo was first released exclusively for popular YouTubers (including Markiplier) on March 2, 2015. There was a mobile version available at Google Play Store but was taken down around the time on 2020 when the full version's mobile port received a remastered update. Thus, there is no way to access the demo.

Only Night 1, 2, and 3 are playable, and each still comes with an End-of-Night Minigame. Springtrap and all phantoms (but Phantom Puppet) are the only active animatronics. Springtrap's rare boot screens, some hallucination objects, and hidden Retro Minigames are absent.

From the removed Android version, the second game's "Les Cloches Du Monastère" theme plays for the post-Night 3 ending screen.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4


The demo's menu screen.

The fourth game's demo is released on Indie DB on July 23, 2015.

Night 1, 2, and 3 are only playable, and each still comes with an End-of-Night Minigame. Every single nightmare animatronics (but Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare) are available.

So far, this is the only demo to include a very unique ending screen, with the menacing eyes of Nightmare Fredbear himself are seen within the darkness.

Ultimate Custom Night

A serious non-troll version of the Ultimate Custom Night demo is only exclusive to prominent YouTubers, delivered by Scott Cawthon. The demo is basically the same as the full game, with all characters available to select in the menu. Although after gaining 2,000 points, a message screen would appear in the middle of the main menu if the player attempts to begin a night with more than 2,000 points.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted


The demo's menu screen. The photo was taken from PAX East.

The Help Wanted demo can be played at PAX East but will not be released to the public.[3]

The demo is featured with only two main level modes - FNAF 1 mode with first few nights, and Parts and Service with Bonnie's and Foxy's level.

Completing or losing the level takes the player to the room which appears to be an earlier version of the Game Over Room with the "Thanks for playing" text for the television's static screen. A random jumpscare will suddenly trigger if the player attempts to restart the level or leave the room, leading back to the main menu.

The main menu's copyright message suggests that the demo was developed since 2018 where the game begin its production.


  • Leftover texture assets from the demos can be found in the full games' files.


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