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Delilah is the protagonist of 1:35 A.M., the first story in the book of the same name. She later briefly appeares in the tenth Stitchwraith Stinger.


Delilah has dark, wavy shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes. She is described as being attractive without makeup, but has a long chin.


Delilah has very low motivation to do anything, and is despondent of her general situation. She says that she has an obsessive personality. Due to her growing up in foster care, she never had a real family and is used to loneliness. She likes visiting garage sales because it gives her a glimpse into a normal family life. She loves to be sleeping or in bed as it reminds her of her childhood. As a result, she hates alarm clocks, which removes her from her comfort.


1:35 A.M.

Delilah wakes up at 6:25 am, missing her six to two shift at the diner. Ever since her divorce with her ex-husband, Howard, Delilah has been living in a funk. On this day, she passed a house having a garage sale. While browsing, she finds a brown curly haired, pink cheeked, dark eyed mechanical doll named Ella, a doll that looked a lot like the child that Delilah had always wanted. Ella had many features, but the only one that worked was the alarm clock. After purchasing Ella, Delilah was relieved that she could finally get some sleep. At her apartment, she set Ella to 1:35 pm, and took a nap.

Delilah woke up to the sound of her ringing phone. Looking over, she saw that it was 2:25 pm. Disappointed that Ella didn't work, she threw her away in a dumpster. After her shift, she returned to her apartment to sleep soundly. At 1:35 am, she heard a whispering sound coming from her window that woke her up.

Delilah had told her best friend, Harper, about this. Harper and Delilah had been best friends ever since they were in the same foster care. Harper told Delilah that she shouldn't have thrown away Ella. Things afterwards started to look up for Delilah later that day.

Then, she heard that same sound again at 1:35 am. She realized that it was Ella, and that she hadn't set her alarm off. Annoyed she wasn't going to get any sleep, Delilah decides to go find Ella. She went over to the dumpsters where she threw Ella away. She looked into the middle dumpster, but only found garbage. No signs of Ella. She then checked the dumpster left of her, to see if Ella was in there. She wasn't, but she did find a bunch of books over a pile of stuffed garbage bags. She noticed a suspicious red stain on one of them. She took no more notice of it. The last dumpster didn't have Ella in it either.

The next night she woke up again at 1:35 am. She swore she could hear a tapping sound from her window. She thought about finding Ella again, but then decided to let the city garbage truck take care of the problem. She woke up at 1:35 am the next night. Paranoid, Delilah went back to the dumpsters to check for Ella. As she rummaged through them, she didn't find Ella.

Delilah decided to go over to the house where the garage sale had been. But when she got there, there was no one there. She even went inside the house to see if anyone was there. But she found no one. She then decided to try to research the doll on the Internet. She found out that the Ella doll had been discontinued for reasons unknown. She tried to find more, but hit more dead ends.

Three more times had Delilah been woken up at 1:35 am. She could feel the presence of the doll, its eyes staring into her soul. She could hear a sound coming from her closet, but there was nothing there. She could hear a rapping sound from under the floor, but it stopped, this went on and on. Delilah felt tortured.

Every single night, Delilah wakes up at 1:35 am, only to hear strange noises and sensations. She was starting to lose her mind. She tried to move to different places of her house, but she couldn't escape. So she decided to switch to night shift at her diner job in hopes it could end the madness. It didn't. Every night at the diner at 1:35 am, she could actually see Ella. It became so much worse that she got fired.

She then stayed over with Harper's theater troupe, but she couldn't escape Ella. She left Harper's theater troupe, got into her car, and drove to a motel, but even there she couldn't escape from Ella. She could still hear her coming for her. Delilah then left the motel, got into her car and drove as far away as she could. But she could still sense Ella's presence, as the sound of her car unlocked and unlatched. She parked near a river and ran as far as she could to a factory. This was a sign of terror and dread that she never felt before. She needed to hide. Crawling through a drainage pipe, she ended up in an abandoned construction site where she found a vent opening. She crawled through it into the chute-like space. As she moved more, she got stuck. But she relaxed, because no one, not even Ella, could ever find her.

Stitchwraith Stingers

Delilah briefly appears during Everette Larson's flashback hallucination induced by Eleanor. Larson witnesses Eleanor tormenting a sleeping Delilah. As Eleanor scratches on her window, Delilah sits upright, believing the disturbance to be Ella. She is unable to see or hear Larson, despite his attempts to warn her of the danger she is in.


  • Delilah and Harper have a brief exchange about the number 135, and it's spiritual significance. Angel Number 135 is a sign from the angels that positive change is on the way. Though the changes may seem scary or daunting, your angels are telling you that, by taking the initiative and embracing the coming changes, you will find creative solutions that will make any change extremely positive.[1]
    • However, considering the end of the story, this may be purely coincidental. Although, positivity is a large theme throughout the story, as Delilah wants to stop being negative.
  • Some fans theorize that Delilah is the dead body in the vents that HandUnit's "Angsty Teen" voice mentioned, but this is pure speculation.


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