Death Coin

The Death Coin's icon when it is usable.

The Death Coin is an in-game mechanic in Ultimate Custom Night. It can be bought at CAM 07 to disable one animatronic for the night.


Prize Corner UCN

The Death Coin seen in the Prize Corner.

The Death Coin is a round coin which is half as big as the plushies in the Prize Corner. It has a capital D with a backwards slash on its face. In the Prize Corner, it is grey while the D is black. When it is useable, the coin turns beige with the D turning red.


The Death Coin can be bought at the Prize Corner (CAM 07) for 10 Faz-Coins and is used to disable one animatronic for the night by setting their difficulty to 0, yet the player will still be able to add that animatronic's points to their score upon surviving the night. The list of the animatronics that are affected by the Death Coin include:

Golden Freddy is normally unaffected by the Death Coin, unless he is the only one active and his difficulty is set to 1. In these conditions, the player must use the Death Coin when he appears in order to summon the secret animatronic Fredbear.


  • Can disable animatronics that require the player's attention, such as Foxy, Toy Freddy, The Puppet and Funtime Foxy.
  • Can be used to prevent Rockstar Bonnie from appearing in the office.
  • Can stop Lefty from progressing.
  • Disabling an animatronic with the Death Coin will still grant points for beating them at the end of the night.
    • It also grants the player an extra Faz-Coin when disabling an animatronic with the Death Coin.



  • Chica is the only main animatronic who does not have any counterparts that can be affected by the Death Coin.
    • There are also no known female animatronics who can be affected by the Death Coin.
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