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Danger! Keep Out! is a third and final game mode released with the Curse of Dreadbear DLC for Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted. This game mode plays similar to a standard FNAF 1 level, with some twists.


Night 01


The player is stationed in a variation of the Office from Five Nights at Freddy's. The player has access to the same camera system, buttons that flash lights on the camera and outside the office doors, and a switch that will shut off the power to the building for a short time while the power level recharges. The main difference is that the doors are no longer able to be closed and the doorways are boarded up.

Jack-O-Chica and Jack-O-Bonnie roam the halls of the restaurant and will approach the office in the same manner as their original counterparts. Upon reaching the office, they will begin breaking the boards keeping them out. After a few hits, the boards will break and the player will be attacked. To prevent this, the player must use the buttons to flash the animatronics, whether on camera or outside the office. This will cause them to disappear and reappear elsewhere. Each flash will drain 20% of the remaining power, meaning the player can only use five flashes before having to reset. As usual, the player must survive until 6 AM.

Night 02

Grim foxy1.jpg

Grimm Foxy is now active, functioning similarly to Foxy. He will occasionally peek out of the curtain in Pirate's Cove before moving closer to the camera. If he is completely visible, the player must use the Light button on the cameras to reset him. Rebooting the power also seems to take longer than during Night 1.

Night 03

Dreadbear is now active. He will start on the stage and approach the office in a similar path as Freddy Fazbear would in FNAF 1. He is very slow and loud footsteps can be heard when he is near the player. Unlike the other animatronics, flashing him does not reset his position and merely stuns him for a short amount of time. The player must keep tabs on him using the cameras and flash him to slow down his approach. If the player hears a lightbulb shatter, this indicates that Dreadbear has entered the East Hall.

Easter Eggs

  • Occasionally on Night 03, if the player answers the phone, a series of loud beeps can be heard. If the player keeps the phone up, eventually, the camera monitor will state "Scanning for glitches..." and start a loading bar. During the scan, several textures on the map and the animatronics will flicker on and off, light boxes will turn purple, and animatronics can not attack the player. After a short amount of time, the monitor will say "No glitches found" and the player will be taken to the Curse of Dreadbear title screen.
    • This appears to be triggered when the phone doesn't ring and the red light is off.


  • Every Night in this mode is 5 minutes and 14 seconds long.
  • Leaving the Office will result in Grimm Foxy attacking instantly, similar to how leaving the Office in FNAF 1 results in Foxy attacking the player.


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