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FNaF World
Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon

Crabapple is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. He is only encountered in Lilygear Lake.


Crabapple has the stereotypical appearance of a crab with a total of 8 legs, black eyes with white pupils, and is colored orange with the top of its carapace, as well as its claws are colored red.


Basic blue tackle attack Deals medium damage to a single party member.
Summons an amount of melted cheese that deals damage over time (puts 5 globs instead of 3).


  • His name is a pun on an actual fruit, called the Crabapple.
  • Crabapple's model was recycled from Chipper and Sons Lumber Co., along with Colossal.
    • However, Crabapple was retextured and Colossal wasn't.
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