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Prepare for the Ticket Pulverizer Countdown! Now, when I finish counting, everybody jump up and down as hard as you can, all together. Here we go! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two … one! Now … Jump! For! Tickets!
Coils the Birthday Clown, Fazbear Frights #9: The Puppet Carver

Coils the Birthday Clown is an animatronic in Jump for Tickets, the second story of Fazbear Frights 9: The Puppet Carver.

Physical Appearance

A clown animatronic with a lanky body and coiled arms, dressed in a lemon-and-lime striped costume with bells. The animatronic seems to have some sort of awareness or safety features, since it tries to rescue Colton in "Jump for Tickets."
Five Nights at Freddy's: The Ultimate Guide, page 266

Coils has a lanky body and sports a lemon-and-lime striped costume with bells attached. It wears big green clown shoes. Its name comes from the long yellow stretchy coils it has for arms, and its hands are white and has three fingers. One of its eyes seems to look straight ahead while the other looks down and to the right. It usually has an open-jawed grin, however at the end of the story it turns into a large frown.


Coils is the main attraction of the Ticket Pulverizer game in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It is responsible for announcing the countdown before the game would start. Colton came across it during his cousin Aidan's birthday party when he was invited to play the game. He noticed that the game gave more tickets to younger kids rather than other kids, and plans to rewire it to make it more fair.

The second time Colton sneaks into the pizzeria to fix the machine, Coils follows him. It stands right in front of the Ticket Pulverizer. When Colton inspects the machine, Coils places one of its hands on him, which causes Colton to push it away. After opening the hatch and entering inside, Coils grabs his ankles and tries to pull him out. Colton kicks him away and closes the hatch to prevent Coils from bothering him again.

Unfortunately for Colton, he discovers that closing the hatch has somehow locked him inside. He can see through a small hole that Coils is standing outside. He is unable to call someone for help because he left his phone outside of the Ticket Pulverizer. When someone does call him, Coils picks it up.

Eventually, Freddy's opens and kids enter the Ticket Pulverizer to play Jump for Tickets. Coils again announces to the kids to play the game, and Colton is crushed under the weight. The manager is called after the machine stops working. Coils grabs the manager's arm and points at the base of the machine, its face is now tragically sad. The manager believes he can see a tear sliding down its cheek. Colton's cousin goes to hug it, and it hugs back.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • It's strongly implied that Colton dies inside the Ticket Pulverizer, and he seems to end up possessing Coils.
    • This explains Coils' strange behavior after Colton dies inside the Ticket Pulverizer, changing its facial expression, producing tears, and even hugging Colton's cousin back after he hugged it.
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