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On the other side of the glass is Circus Baby's auditorium. Let's check the light and see what Baby is up to.

Circus Gallery (also known as Circus Baby's auditorium referred by the HandUnit) is a room in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is located at the far north. The room contains a stage with few animatronics - Circus Baby and a pair of Bidybabs, but none are visible to the player. The room is connected with Circus Control behind the windows. The player, however, cannot see clearly nor visit the gallery.


  • This is the only room of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental that the player cannot see or visit.
    • Circus Gallery is also one of the unseen locations from the entire series. The other being the Kitchen from the first game, and the CAM 04 from Ultimate Custom Night.
    • The player cannot see what is behind the glass of the gallery even if they electric shock Circus Baby or turn on the lights, likely because a few lights are out.
  • There are two unused sound files referring to this room, one referring to the computer voice of Circus Gallery, and one referring to broken glass.
  • According to the Breaker Panel on Night 2, Circus Gallery contains a path to Fredbear's Family Diner from the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 minigames.