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Chica is a character and a backup singer of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's animatronic band in the Fazbear Frights book series. She serves as the main antagonist of Coming Home, the third story in Fazbear Frights 4: Step Closer.

Physical Appearance

Chica's appearance is similar to her original counterpart, as she is a yellow chicken with pink/purple eyes, black eyebrows, and orange feet. However, she has sharp teeth. She wears a big white bib that says "Let's Eat!". Sometimes, she is mentioned to hold a cupcake with eyes, two buck teeth, and a candle.


Into the Pit

Chica first appears performing on stage alongside Freddy and Bonnie in 1985, back when Jeff's Pizza was Freddy Fazbear's Pizza instead. Earlier on, Oswald absentmindedly drew animatronics, one of which was a chicken, most likely Chica herself.


Chica appears alongside Freddy, Bonnie, and Foxy in an abandoned Freddy Fazbear location.

The New Kid

She appears on the stage with Freddy and Bonnie in another abandoned pizzeria. Foxy is located in Pirate's Cove. Chica is observed to hold a cupcake.

Coming Home

Although Susie has been murdered a year ago, her spirit still remains in her house. Chica goes to her house to take her soul every night, but she always tries to come back. At first she tries to find Susie, but midway through the story she tries to find Samantha. Samantha distracts Chica in order to get Gretchen, a doll Susie loved.

On the final night, Chica holds out her hand to Susie. She knows that she can't stop Chica, and they slowly walk together. Quickly, Samantha goes up to Susie to return Gretchen, and they hug. Susie slowly lets go, and walks away with Chica. They disappear in the end.

What We Found

A damaged, beakless Chica is the secondary antagonist of the story. When Hudson climbs into the vent system to chase Springtrap, he finds Chica in one of the corners. As he is about to leave the vents, Chica grabs onto his leg and pulls him back. Hudson hears the voice of his crush saying "I like you," which momentarily distracts him. Chica then grans his arm, which makes him remember holding his crush's hand. Hudson manages to crawl out of the vent and swing Chica off his body. Chica lands in some costume parts, that promptly rips her to shreds. Only yellow fur remains.

The Chica animatronic only consists of a head, a shoulder, an arm, and a hand. Half her teeth is missing and her bill is torn. A cupcake with teeth is also brought into the location. Chica hairbands are also sold in the gift shop.

Pizza Kit

The factory manager of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Kit Factory wears a Chica costume while leading a field trip. The bib reads "LET'S EAT" in printed letters, with the word "PIZZA" written in marker below. Payton recognizes the Chica character from her childhood.

Sea Bonnies

Chica appears onstage with Freddy and Bonnie in Freddy Fazbear´s Pizza.

Find Player Two!

Chica appears onstage with Freddy and Bonnie in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

You're the Band

Chica appears onstage with Bonnie in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


  • In the first story of the second book, Fetch, the titular animatronic originates from a Freddy's location, in which four animatronics are seen deactivated. Although not directly stated to be her, it's possible Chica is one of them given the fact it's a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
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