Hey, I'm Chica! The lady of the group, my singing is a treat! But keep an eye on your pizza 'CUZ I'M A BIRD WHO LIKES TO EAT! NOM NOM NOM NOM!
Chica during the unused Freddy Fazbear's Pizza song, Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

Chica is an antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Chica is an animatronic chicken and children's entertainer housed at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, along with Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie. She is the backup singer standing on the right-side in Freddy's band.

Physical Appearance

A yellow animatronic chicken with an orange beak and magenta eyes; wears a bib that reads "LET'S EAT!
The Freddy Files, page 14

Chica is a bright yellow animatronic chicken with a spherically-shaped head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. On the top of her head are three "tufts" of feathers. She has two talons from each of her orange feet. She wears a white bib that reads "LET'S EAT!!!" in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple and the bib is flecked with tricolored triangles in patterns of three, and what appear to be tiny stylized pizza slices.

Like all of the other animatronics at Freddy's, she has an out-of-place set of blocky teeth sticking up from her lower beak. Her endoskeleton teeth can also be seen within the back of her mouth, though these are only clearly visible in certain angles.

In Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, Chica’s appearance remains nearly identical, but a few differences include her having technology similar to Funtime animatronics, although her mechanical inside parts are not seen, she has a beak that can pop open immediately like Funtime animatronics at the push of two buttons.

The Cupcake

The Cupcake is an object-like character from a tray carried by Chica with her left hand. It has pink-frosting with two large yellow eyes, a yellow-striped birthday candle with a vinyl candle-light, buck teeth, no wrapper, and, like other animatronics (except Foxy and Golden Freddy), has black eyelids.

The Cupcake will disappear when Chica is off the stage. It is unknown why, or how.

The same Cupcake can be also seen inside the Office located at the top of one of the monitors from the right. Due to its appearance that does not affect gameplay, it has nothing to do with the player, not attacking or jumpscaring them.


Based on the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song song, Chica is a gluttonous but lovable singing animatronic bot who has love for food, especially pizza. The Pizza Party level in Night Terrors also demonstrates this by actively eating pizza from a room that appears to be the Kitchen. As evident by her Shilling promotion at the end of the song, she is also somewhat pushy.

During daytime like other animatronics, Chica seems to behave as an ordinary robot while entertaining the children from the pizzeria with the animatronic band. However, during nighttime, she becomes murderous towards the night-shift security guards and is left in a "free roaming mode" until 6 AM, to prevent her servos from locking up. Suggested in the first game, along with the other animatronics, Chica will try to forcefully stuff any human seen after hours into a Freddy Fazbear suit, resulting in death. As evident by the clanging sounds emanating from the kitchen, and HandUnit's instructions in "Parts and Service: Chica", she still maintains her gluttonous tendencies.[1]


Five Nights at Freddy's

Like Bonnie and Freddy, Chica starts the night on the Show Stage. When she leaves the Show Stage, Chica may then go to the Kitchen, Restrooms, Dining Area, and East Hall.

Her movements are somewhat random, but she always approaches from the right side. The player can activate the Hall Lights to check if she's in the blind spot.

As Chica gets closer to the Office, her jaw opens wider as she nears. Chica also seems to twitch wildly when she's at the East Hall Corner, though this only occurs on the fourth, fifth, and sixth night, as well as on the Custom Night.

She's also the only animatronic who can access the Kitchen area on the first two nights (as Freddy, who is the only other animatronic who enters the Kitchen, does not become active until the Night 3). A clashing of pots and pans will be audible, and Chica will not be visible in any other room.

Chica blarg

Chica attacking the night guard, animated.

Chica will generally head towards the night guard's position, similar to Bonnie, but she also wanders to the Kitchen and Restrooms. As opposed to Bonnie, Chica will show up at the door less often, but will generally linger there, waiting longer and stealing more of the player's energy, whereas Bonnie will show up more often but leave quickly.

Like the others, she becomes more aggressive as the nights progress, with the amount of time the player has to close the door before she enters decreasing.

If the player fails to check the right-side blind spot and close the door while she's at the window, she will sneak into The Office, though she cannot be seen. After she accesses the Office, the buttons to both the door and light on the right side of the Office will no longer function, but rather play an error sound when activated. Another indication that Chica has entered the Office is by listening for groaning sounds that both she and Bonnie make when waiting for the player to lower the Monitor.

During this phase, she will attack the night guard as soon as they lower the Monitor. The only way to survive the night after this occurrence is to not view the Monitor for the remainder of the night or to avoid lowering it if they're close enough to 6 AM, though Chica may still manually pull down the Monitor regardless as to whether or not the player pulls it down themselves.

On later nights, when Chica is in the East Hall Corner, her appearance becomes more erratic. Her head will twitch violently, her eyes will blink rapidly, her mouth will snap open and closed and she will emit the robotic voice sound byte regardless of whether or not the player has the Monitor focused on her.

Unlike Bonnie, who can teleport around the pizzeria, Chica can only move to adjacent rooms. This is especially noticeable with Cheat Mode enabled in the Android version.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Chica's origin is further explored in the second game, appearing as her earliest first incarnate generation by the name of Withered Chica, who have fallen into severe disrepair and was later replaced by a different counterpart Toy Chica for improvement within the different pizzeria. After the events of the second game, Withered Chica was later re-built to become her original self for the events of the first original game.

The original Chica makes a minor appearance in all four end-of-night cutscenes where she is seen standing on the left side from Freddy with the player's point of view.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Chica returns in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. She is now one of the attraction props at Fazbear's Fright, along with the other animatronics. At CAM 08, her disembodied head can be seen. Her appearance does not affect gameplay, and she is only there for aesthetic purposes. Her role is majorly replaced by her phantom counterpart Phantom Chica.

Her cupcake appear as one of the minor hallucinations in the game, appearing rarely inside the Office from the desk.

Chica also makes an appearance in the end-of-night minigames. Upon completing each night, the player will be taken to a short minigame with graphics similar to old Atari gaming systems, during which they must navigate a map of the pizzeria from the first game.

On the third night, the player will play as Chica, now appearing all alone on the Show Stage. If they leave the Stage and enter any other room, they will encounter what appears to be Shadow Freddy, instructing the player to follow it. It will lead them to a room in the east side of the pizzeria, and the player will see Freddy and Bonnie's remains scattered on the floor from the previous minigames.

Shadow Freddy will enter a room which is inaccessible to the player (they will receive an "ERR" message if they try to enter it). As in the previous minigames, if they try to walk away, then Purple Guy will rush out and dismantle Chica, and the minigame ends.

During the end-of-night minigames on Night 4 and 5, Chica's remains can be seen scattered throughout the same room she was dismantled in, alongside Bonnie and Freddy's remains.

From the "Happiest Day" minigame, the one of the children at the end of the minigame is seen wearing Chica's mask.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Like most of the other original animatronics, Chica herself does not make any major appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. The plushie of her can be seen in some minigames after completing each night. The other appearance is when she appears on the TV on the Night 2 minigame, on what is either an advertisement or TV show titled "Fredbear & Friends!".

From the end-of-night minigame after completing Night 5, one of the protagonist's older brother's friends is seen wearing Chica's mask.

Rather than appearing as herself, Chica is majorly replaced with her nightmarish counterpart named Nightmare Chica. Her Cupcake is also replaced by its nightmarish variant as well.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Chica herself does not appear in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. However, a mode named "Cupcake Challenge" from the Custom Night (similar from the second game's own Custom Night) is named after Chica's Cupcake.

In Ennard's first teaser, in the source code, Chica's name is mentioned as a client called, "ChcasPrtyWrld," abbreviated for "Chica's Party World." However, in-game, there is currently no known references to anything related to this name.

Ultimate Custom Night

Both Chica and her withered counterpart return in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the many selectable characters.

Chica Jumpscare

Chica attacking the Player, animated.

Chica resides in the Kitchen (CAM 04) and shows her presence by knocking around pots and pans. However, if the player hears nothing in the kitchen, then this means that Chica has gotten bored of the music playing, and the player must change the music. Once the music is changed, Chica will resume knocking around pots and pans to show that she's content again. She is enraged if the player changes the music too early. Once she is angered, she will leave the kitchen to jumpscare the player, bypassing the hallway and security door.

Alternatively, Chica can be soothed using the Global Music Box, but this puts a substantial drain on the player's power supply. If it's necessary to rely on this music box, she can be handled by turning the box on after 12 seconds, and turning it off after 18 seconds, supplemented by other power saving methods. She is specifically calmed by a shorter pulse, but it is better to use the described pattern.

The challenges in which Chica is present are as follows:

  • Ladies Night 1
  • Ladies Night 2
  • Ladies Night 3
  • Old Friends

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Chica herself returns as one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. She appears in all levels in FNAF 1 section as well as Repair Chica in Parts and Service section.



Chica attacking the player, animated.

Chica appears on the Show Stage in every night available. When she leaves the Show Stage, Chica may then go to the Kitchen, Restrooms, Dining Area, and East Hall.

Her movements are somewhat random, but she always approaches from the right side. The player can activate the Hall Lights to check her in the blind spot. If she's at the window, the door must be closed to prevent her entry, or else she will jumpscare the player.

Parts and Service

In Repair Chica, the player must first remove the pizza slices from her body and throw them in the trash bin, then press the buttons on the side of her mask to check for anything in her beak. Once her beak is opened, it is revealed that Chica's infested with cockroaches, which the player must remove using the chemispray. Once the cockroaches are removed, the player must put her arm, hand and cupcake back on, after which more cockroaches appear, which must be removed once again with the chemispray. After using the chemispray for the second time, the cupcake will hop off it's tray and move around the room, and it's up to the player to return it to it's rightful spot. Once the cupcake has been returned, the player finishes by eating a complimentary slice of pizza. Messing up the instructions in any way results in a jumpscare from Chica.

Night Terrors

Chica appears in the Pizza Party level, in a room resembling the Kitchen. The player goes here to select their preferred pizza for their party, but Chica will continuously walk into the room to eat slices from a pizza in the same room. When Chica runs out of pizza to eat, she will jumpscare the player upon her next visit to the room if they don't leave it.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery


Chica attacking the Player, animated.

Chica is one of the characters in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. Chica acts incredibly similar to Bonnie, as they do in most games they both appear in. She will make moaning noises at the start identical to Bonnie's, and then footsteps will be heard and static will be visible. Chica will eventually rush at the player from where the static presides from most. While Chica does not have any unique noises as she shares hers with some of Bonnie's, she is easily given away by the second pair of glowing eyes belonging to her Cupcake that are visible while she is rushing. She, like all the other animatronics, can only be attacked once she fully uncloaks. Chica is also noticeably easier than Bonnie when stalking the player, with less frequent haywires.

Five Nights at Freddy's




Five Nights at Freddy's 2



Five Nights at Freddy's 3




Five Nights at Freddy's 4


Ultimate Custom Night

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Gallery Menu



Model and Animations



Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery






Five Nights at Freddy's

The groaning sounds made by Chica when she sneaks into the Office. They are shared with Bonnie.
Vocals Breaths S 35972008
Vocals Breaths S 35972012
Vocals Breaths S 35972014
The sounds Chica makes when she is in the Kitchen.
The sound Chica emits when attacking the night guard. Each animatronic (excluding Golden Freddy) makes a noise identical to this in the same circumstance.
Warning: Loud!
The noise Chica makes when moving from one room to another. Bonnie also makes this noise while moving. Freddy also emits this sound, but only after the power has been fully drained.
Deep steps

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

The sound Chica makes when attacking the player.
Warning: Loud!

Five Nights at Freddy's

Every 498 ticks, the game picks a random number between 1 and 20. If this number is less than or equal to Chica's AI level, she will move. Her AI will increase by 1 when the clock hits 3AM and 4AM.

Activity Levels

Night 1
Time AI Level
12 AM 0
3 AM 1
4 AM 2
Night 2
Time AI Level
12 AM 1
3 AM 2
4 AM 3
Night 3
Time AI Level
12 AM 5
3 AM 6
4 AM 7
Night 4
Time AI Level
12 AM 4
3 AM 5
4 AM 6
Night 5
Time AI Level
12 AM 7
3 AM 8
4 AM 9
Night 6
Time AI Level
12 AM 12
3 AM 13
4 AM 14


The location where she goes to is randomized. Unlike Bonnie, Chica can't "skip" a camera. This could be why she usually is set to higher AI than Bonnie.

Location 1
Current Area Optional Areas
Show Stage Dining Area
Location 2
Current Area Optional Areas
Dining Area Restrooms
Location 3
Current Area Optional Areas
Restrooms Kitchen
East Hall
Location 4
Current Area Optional Areas
Kitchen Restrooms
East Hall
Location 5
Current Area Optional Areas
East Hall Dining Area
East Hall Corner
Location 6
Current Area Optional Areas
East Hall Corner East Hall
Outside Right Door
Location 7
Current Area Optional Areas
Outside Right Door Inside Office*
Dining Area*

* Depending on whether the right door is closed or not.


  • Chica has a second set of teeth in the back of her mouth. While these most likely belong to her endoskeleton, some theorize that they belong to a human being, the most popular being Phone Guy, though every single animatronic in the game has endoskeleton teeth inside of their costume.
  • Chica is the only original animatronic lacking ears, since real-life birds don't have visible ears.
  • Chica is the only classic animatronic whose jaw is not separate from her head due to the design of her mouth.
  • Chica could be inspired by Helen Henny, one of Chuck E.'s friends from Chuck E. Cheese's. Both animatronics are chickens and are back-up singers.
  • Chica could have also been inspired by Birdie the Early Bird, one of the three original McDonald's McDonaldland characters.
  • Chica's name could have been inspired by the character of the same name in the children's program The Chica Show.
    • "Chica" is also Spanish for "girl" or "cute."
  • Chica is mistaken by many fans to be a duck. This may be because she has a yellow coloration instead of the white or brown coloration of a stereotypical hen, and because her beak resembles a duck's bill. Upon inspection of her feet and alliterative name, however, it is evident that she is a chicken. Chica was also confirmed to be a chicken by Scott Cawthon, in a discussion on the game's mechanics[2].
    • Her yellow coloring could indicate that she is a chick rather than an adult chicken.
  • Chica, as a bird, should not have teeth in reality. However, she has a row of teeth on the lower part of her beak.
  • Both of the Chica plushies have the cupcake resting in their right hands. However, Chica, Toy Chica, and Nightmare Chica are all only ever seen holding it in their left hands.
  • Chica officially appears in the game, Creepy Castle, after Scott Cawthon had donated to the game's kickstarter long before.[3]
  • In one of the 2nd anniversary images, Chica appears to have paw prints on her hands, which real chickens don't have.
    • This is likely a hand duplicated from either Freddy or Bonnie and recolored, giving the paw prints.
  • Chica's Cupcake from her 2nd anniversary image is seen winking and smirking.
  • The Cupcake appears in the April Fool's "teaser" of FNaF 57: Freddy in Space!, wearing a space-helmet.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Chica is often the second animatronic to move, after Bonnie, though she has been known to commonly leave the Show Stage before Bonnie, especially on later nights.
  • On extremely rare occasions, Chica, along with Bonnie and Freddy Fazbear from the Show Stage, will stare at the camera. It is unknown if it also happens in the mobile port.
  • Chica is the second least active animatronic during the earlier nights.
  • She and Bonnie both make an odd, almost human-like groaning noise when they are near or inside the Office itself. There are many theories that address this, including theories that speculated that the voice belongs to the Phone Guy, or that the teeth and human-like voice could possibly be from one of the five children from The Missing Children Incident. However, as previously mentioned, the teeth inside Chica's mouth belong to the endoskeleton, and are also present on every other animatronic. Additionally, the sound she emits could simply be her artificial voice box (a device that singing animatronics must have to actually sing) malfunctioning as the animatronics are almost 20+ years old and have not been maintained.
    • However, it seems unlikely that a voice box can mimic such organic sounds, even if the voice box was malfunctioning.
  • If one looks at Chica while she is in the East Hall Corner, one can see she appears to have some sort of stitching on her arm.
  • Chica is only seen missing any eyes on one occasion, this occasion being when she and Freddy are on the Show Stage alone. Also, Chica is seen with both of her eyes missing in the cutscenes of the second game.
  • Unlike Bonnie, Chica stares at the night guard through the window instead of the door.
  • Chica is one of two animatronics that don't appear during the hallucinations, the other being Foxy.
  • In the trailer, during the scene with all of the animatronics in the daytime, Chica's second set of white teeth can be seen as she lifts up her head.
  • The sounds of Chica being in the Kitchen can be heard even if the player is not looking at the Kitchen camera.
  • Occasionally, Chica can be heard in the Kitchen after the power runs out, as seen here.
  • Chica is referred to as a "he" in the older version of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes. This is most likely an error by the authors, as several spelling errors and grammar errors seem to be present in the book.
  • According to one of Scott's sons, the first jumpscare he ever got is by Chica.[4]
  • In some areas of the game, Chica has a back bib, while in others, she doesn't. This is most likely a texture error.
    • The same happens with Toy Chica.
  • If the player raises the Monitor quickly, Chica's scream will repeat, and her jumpscare animation is prolonged, delaying a Game Over while allowing the player to survive, seen in this video here. This glitch can also work with Bonnie, see here.
  • From the In-App Shop in the Android port, Chica, along with Freddy and Bonnie, appear as a purchasable plushie, costing $0.99.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • In the mobile version of the third game, the lights from her head's eyes on CAM 08 never flicker on and off. Instead, they remain constantly lit up.
  • Herself from the first game appears in the third game's teaser trailer, along with Freddy and Bonnie.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • Chica's mechanic is a throwback to the first game, where she would occasionally enter the kitchen and start knocking around pots and pans, announcing her presence.
  • As heard from her withered counterpart, Chica was most likely the first one from the Missing Children Incident to be killed, because Withered Chica says: "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted


A broken Chica model from the Curse of Dreadbear DLC's intro area.

FNaFHW ScrapChica

The model of Chica in the Curse of Dreadbear startup screen.

  • Found from the intro area of the game's Curse of Dreadbear DLC when it first came out, Chica is found with a broken model as a result when loading with Withered Chica's animation. This was later fixed upon release of the game's non-VR mode update.
  • Chica's voice provider for the as of yet unused Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song, Amber Lee Connors, had previously voiced Toy Chica in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • In some animations from FNAF 1, Chica is shown with her hands curled into fists, but this couldn't be possible due to her fingers not having joints. This is more notable when she is turning to the player.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

  • Chica's jumpscare animation seems to be more animated than her other jumpscares from previous games.
  • Like Toy Chica, Chica's cupcake is active.


  1. "There have been Customer Complaints about Chica's acrid smell. Sounds like Chica's been rummaging around the kitchen again." HandUnit, Parts and Service: Chica
  2. There are four animatrons that can get you (although only three appear here in the screenshots). The chicken, "Chica", tries to get in from the right door. The rabbit, "Bonnie", approaches from the left. Freddy Fazbear himself only attacks if you run out of power before the night is over. The fourth robot is behind the curtain of Pirate Cove and remains hidden most of the time. He becomes more active when the player doesn't check the cameras often, eventually causing him to run down the hall in a frenzy and into your office! - Scott Cawthon, Steam - July 9, 2014 @ 9:03 PM
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  4. Oh heck yes lol. My most memorable one was from when he was creating the first game - We were on a road trip to visit family in New York. On the way there, I actually helped create Foxy - I gave my dad design ideas and thoughts on how to better the character for spookiness, but when we got there he let me beta test the game for the first time. I was terrified, obviously, and the first jumpscare I ever got was by Chica - And it got me so bad, it literally made me flip over the chair and almost knock the laptop off the table. It was amazing lol. - One of Scott's sons, July 10, 2016.
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