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Chica's Party is one of the accessible minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It can be also played from the Extra menu.

Access Requirement

To trigger this minigame, the player must be on Night 3 and find the shadow cupcakes via the camera feeds. Clicking on all of them will automatically start the minigame. The cupcakes will always appear in CAM 02, CAM 03, CAM 04, and CAM 06.


Basic Ending

In this minigame, the player takes control of Toy Chica to collect four different cupcakes and take them to four crying children wearing blue clothes. Each cupcake delivery results in the respective child smiling and their clothes turning green. Once each child has been given a cupcake, an exit door will appear on the lower level. Touching said door ends the minigame.

Cake Ending

If all prior cake endings have been reached, there will be a secret way to reach another child. After giving cupcakes to all four children, the player can jump through an invisible hole in the wall on the top-left of the lower level (around the level transition from top-to-bottom levels). The player must land on a red balloon or will fall through to a crying cupcake and Exit door. If the player lands on the red balloon and platforms up to reach the child, and all previous minigames have resulted in their Cake Endings, Toy Chica will provide a cake to the child, unlocking another child in the "Happiest Day" minigame.


  • In the original mobile port, this minigame is simpler and can only be played after beating Night 2. Moving to the right, the player only needs to collect two cupcakes and feed two children, as opposed to four.
    • For the cake ending, the player must fall down as usual and land on the balloon platforms before moving to the far left and offering the cake to the child.
  • The music box that plays during this minigame is an edited version of a "1805 Swiss Music Snuff Box: Traditional Folk Song" sample from Hot Ideas Inc's Music Box Collection album.



Audio Description
Music box.
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