Were you looking for the character of the same name, the ending.

The message that appears onscreen when the player loses the minigame.


The message that appears onscreen when the player wins the minigame.

Chica's Magic Rainbow is a minigame found on the Halloween Update Backstage area by taking a path of false trees on the left of the house above Nightmare Balloon Boy. until a hidden minigame entrance is found. The minigame is a play on rage games where a cartoon rainbow with buck teeth insults the player continuously while they control Chica and navigate an extremely difficult platforming course.


The course in general functions like a basic platforming side-scroller. The player must avoid sunflowers that shoot their petals in eight directions, wooden spikes that pop out of the ground (and in one case, the sky), and logs that get hurled at Chica, while the rainbow itself shoots lasers and its eyeballs in an attempt to kill the player. The rainbow starts by introducing the player to her "happy fun rainbow land" and motivating the player with encouraging remarks. Her pleasant attitude slowly starts to deteriorate as the game progresses. The more times the player dies, the more rude Chica's Magic Rainbow's comments will become, from mild insults to outright swearing. Finally, if the player dies too many times, 33 to be exact, the rainbow will lose patience with the player and, after they respawn, will shoot lasers from its eyes continuously until the player dies one last time and gets booted from the minigame. On the players death, they will be presented with a "You Suck" message. If the player completes the course, the rainbow will sulk, and the player will receive a "Great Job" message.


Characters that the player unlocks will be rewarding depending on the time it took them to complete the course, specifically around 3 minutes. If the player completes the course within more than 3 minutes, then they will unlock Animdude. If the player completes the course in under 3 minutes, then they will unlock Mr. Chipper.



  • If the player clicks the X on the Voices option on the lower left in an attempt to turn voices off, Chica's Magic Rainbow will become insulted and start shooting eye lasers at the player. On the players next death, they will receive the "You Suck" message and be booted from the minigame.
    • If a player is attempting a speed run and feel they need to start over, this method can be used to get out of the game as there is no other way to leave except through getting a game over.
  • This minigame is the only time Chica doesn't hold her cupcake.
  • This game seems to be a reference to very hard platformers such as Super Meat Boy.
  • According to his dialogue, Mr. Chipper does not want to get his code stripped off the minigame, as it's a "lost cause".
    • However, he is incorrect, as while the minigame is extremely difficult, it is still beatable.
  • The minigame seems to be backgrounded by the Fazbear Hills area.
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