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Oh, Charlotte.
Henry to Charlie, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Charlotte "Charlie" Emily is the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series.

The Freddy Files Description: "Charlie grew up in Hurricane, but left ten years earlier to live with her Aunt Jen, who taught her to be fiercely independent and self-sufficient. Throughout the course of the series, Charlie becomes increasingly determined to find answers to the mysteries of her haunted past, clinging to the few childhood memories that have stuck with her. Though Charlie finds it hard to open up to others, she very much values her friends and the special bond they share."

Physical Appearance

Charlotte is described having pale skin, with a round face and rosy cheeks. She has sparkling brown wide eyes, frizzy light-brown hair, and a thin mouth. She always looked like she was about to smile. Charlie wears a denim jacket, a purple t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. In The Twisted Ones, she cut her hair, now reaching at her shoulders.

In The Freddy Files, she is shown wearing an olive-green jacket, a white t-shirt, and blue jeans.


Despite her sweetness and kind personality, Charlie has a type of independent/self-sufficient personality. She also finds it hard to trust people. She is shown to be shy and very socially awkward at times, stumbling over her words as she tries to order dinner on multiple occasions. She also exhibits self-destructive tendencies at times.


Henry Emily

Charlie holds a deep love for her father and misses him greatly. The two were very close when Charlie was young. The loss of her father added to the mental burden Charlie carried throughout her life. She thinks about him often. In The Twisted Ones, Charlie takes up a robotics class in hopes he may have passed some of his talent onto her.


John was Charlie's childhood crush. In The Silver Eyes, the two flirt with each other. In The Twisted Ones, they go on a date, and at the end of the book, John tells Charlie that he loves her.

Sammy Emily

Sammy was Charlie's twin brother. He serves as motivation for Charlie throughout TSE to TTO.

Aunt Jen

Aunt Jen teaches Charlie self-reliance and safety, not wanting her to suffer the same fate as her father. While not very close, the two still cared for one another. They had a falling out before the events of The Twisted Ones on Charlie's birthday when she said that she wanted to return to Hurricane.


Charlie and Jessica seem to be good friends, and they get along great, they are always there for each other's support whenever they encounter danger.


Marla and Charlie have a really great relationship, as Marla seems to a bit overprotective of Charlie.

Carlton Burke

Carlton and Charlie seem to get along great, and are good friends. Charlie cares about Carlton very much, as shown where she saved him from the spring lock suit.


The Silver Eyes

Charlie first appears in Chapter 1 in a flash-forward scene as she tries to hide from Foxy. To her misfortune, she stumbles over some wires and sees Foxy swing his hook at her.

The setting then changes to the present, showing Charlie arriving in the city of Hurricane to attend the launch of a scholarship dedicated to her old friend Michael Brooks, who went missing a decade earlier due to an incident at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. After arriving in the city, Charlie arrives at her old home, where she finds her three old toys, Theodore, Stanley, and Ella. She then recalled seeing a disturbing figure with "silver eyes" when she was a child. After spending a couple of hours she becomes uncomfortable due to unpleasant memories she faced beforehand. After leaving the house, she goes to meet her friends at a nearby diner. She meets up with some of her childhood friends, Jessica, John, and Carlton. They eventually got talking about Freddy's and all of the great memories they’ve had. Carlton told the group that there was an attempt to build a shopping mall that has been built in the restaurant's place but was left incomplete. Charlie was still eager to go, even if it reminded her of her past memories.

Charlie seeing her father's animatronics at Freddy's after 10 years, TSE: Graphic Novel.

Upon further investigation, the group discovers that the restaurant was in fact inside the mall. While inside, they tried to find a way inside the restaurant. After breaking in, they try to find their way inside the restaurant. Once inside, they explore the abandoned restaurant, which had been left just the way the group all remembers it, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica were still on stage. So the group explores to see if anything has changed. As the group was about to check on Foxy, Carlton produced a loud noise, who separated from the group and decided to investigate the kitchen. The group decided that it was no longer a good idea to be in the restaurant, and left the mall. They relieved some good memories and called it a day.

The following morning, Marla, along with her stepbrother Jason, greets Charlie in the motel where she and Jessica reside for now. They then go to a restaurant where they plan to meet with the rest of the group, including Lamar, who also just arrived in town. Charlie and her friends then attend the scholarship's launch ceremony at their old school, where Michael's parents give a speech about him. Afterward, Charlie and John head for a walk to visit her childhood home again.

When they arrived, they visited Henry's workshop. To Charlie's surprise, the figure with silver eyes that haunts her along with Henry's other things had disappeared. John found Henry's toolbox; when Charlie reviewed it, she had a very intense memory of her father, where he told Charlie what she thinks about the three metal figures that were in front of her. The figures were unfinished versions of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica, with her cupcake. Once outside, John confessed to Charlie that the day Michael disappeared, he remembers seeing a strange person in a yellow Freddy costume at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on the day of Michael's death, and he now suspects this person was Michael's killer.

That night, Charlie and John arrive at the mall, with Jessica, Carlton, and now accompanied by their friends Lamar, Marla, and Jason were gathered and ready to go. Once they entered, they discovered two still-functioning control panels that make the robots move. As Charlie plays hide and seek with John, she finds Foxy as she found a place to hide. Foxy reminded her of the figure with the silver eyes. As she tries to get out, she stumbles over to the curtain and then watches Foxy's hook lunge against her, hurting her arm. As everyone left for the motel, Marla took Charlie along with Jason to a pharmacy to heal the wound.

Charlie and John exploring the remains of Fredbear's, TSE: Graphic Novel.

The next morning, haunted by recent events, Charlie told John that before moving to Hurricane, her father owned another restaurant called Fredbear's Family Diner, which featured two performing robots, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. John agreed to drive Charlie to find the abandoned diner in New Harmony. They eventually found the diner and explored it. When Charlie entered the closets, she remembered the day her twin brother, Sammy, was abducted by someone in a Spring Bonnie costume, which led to the closure of the diner and Charlie's parents divorcing. She suspects that Sammy's abduction and the murders at Freddy's are connected.

That evening, the group went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza again but were stopped by the mall's security guard, who threatened to call the police. Charlie offers Dave to explore the restaurant with them, he accepts and introduces himself as Dave Miller. On their way to Freddy’s, Charlie noticed deep scars on Dave’s neck while he was making small talk with the group. As the group of teens was exploring, they entered the control room and played with the control panels, with Dave also joining in. Later, as the group was distracted by the animatronics erratic movements on stage, Dave took advantage and retrieved the Spring Bonnie suit from a closet and later abducted Carlton, which Jason witnesses. The group of teens then left the restaurant and fetch Officer Dunn, only to find that the restaurant's door had been chained up while they were gone. After they tell Dunn that Carlton was the one kidnapped, Dunn immediately orders his communicator to call Clay Burke, the police chief. Once he arrives, he tells the group that Carlton is playing a prank. He then invited them to come over to his house for some hot chocolate, as they waited for Carlton to appear.

When Charlie slept, she had a memory of where she was at her childhood home, confronting the silver-eyed animatronic. It began chasing her until her father stopped it.

The next morning, after eating breakfast at Burke's home, Charlie and John go to her childhood home, to attempt to find new information about Fredbear's. After their many attempts to find something, Charlie gets emotional and told John about her father; he closed the restaurant and committed suicide after Michael was murdered, leading many people in the town to suspect he was the killer. Charlie then recounts the story of her after her father committed suicide; her aunt picked her up from school, since her father has died, and they went to his house to pick up some of Charlie's things. She mentioned the glimpse she saw of her father’s suicide robot, which permanently damaged her. They finally left Hurricane to forget all the bad things that had happened. After that, while looking through photographs, John and Charlie saw another man that Charlie’s father had been standing next to. When they visited a library for old newspaper articles about Fredbear's Family Diner, they found an article about Sammy's kidnapping with a photograph of Dave, who the newspaper identifies as the diner's co-owner. Marla then arrived at the library, telling them that Jason had run off, intending to rescue Carlton.

Charlie, John, Lamar, Jessica, and Marla made it inside the restaurant, finding Jason almost immediately in one of the control rooms. Charlie found Carlton in the cameras, and without thinking, Charlie left the control room. She immediately regretted it when she collided with Bonnie. She narrowly avoids him and finds Carlton trapped in a suit. She undoes the springlocks, freeing him from the costume. Carlton then told her that Dave was the killer, who imprisoned the missing children in the animatronics. Dave then shows up and Charlie knocks him unconscious with a pipe. They spend hours running from the animatronics with no way out. Then they awakened Dave, he didn’t answer any questions until Charlie placed the Spring Bonnie head on him. William reveals that the robots are possessed by the vengeful ghosts of his victims, and boasts that they will hunt down and kill any intruders. As they search for a way out, the four robots come to life and pursue them through the restaurant. Charlie tried to attack Foxy, then as seen in the flash-forward at the beginning of the book, she ends up in the arcade room, hiding from Foxy. Foxy finds her and attacks her, but Foxy gets put down by John. The group tries to hide in a party room, but all four robots corner them.

Charlie about to activate the springlocks on William's suit, TSE: Graphic Novel.

However, the animatronics were stopped by Golden Freddy, which Charlie and the group realize is possessed by Michael's spirit. Golden Freddy allows them to leave, and Chief Burke breaks in to save everyone. William, in the Spring Bonnie suit, grabbed Charlie by the neck, refusing to let everyone leave. Charlie, angered by the damage William caused to her family, activates the suit's springlocks, killing him. As the robots drag William's corpse away, Chief Burke escorts everyone out of the mall.

The friends go their separate ways, and before leaving Hurricane, Charlie visits her father's grave, remembering a happy day she had with him when she was a child.

The Twisted Ones

A year later, Charlie tries to start over by entering St. George college. She first appears in Chapter 1, hearing her robotics professor, Dr. Treadwell, teach a lesson about how the brain filters out unnecessary information.

Before college, on her 18th birthday, she began having nightmares, twisted versions of her memories, involving her twin brother, Sammy. Charlie wanted to return to Hurricane to find Sammy. In August, she told her aunt that she's going to be accompanied by Jessica, since she's going to attend St. George college. Aunt Jen declined, which led to Charlie’s first ever fight with her aunt. Ultimately, Charlie packed her things and drove to Hurricane, but she had second thoughts when she reached city limits. She then drove to St. George and slept in her car for a week until Jessica noticed her. Charlie then stayed with Jessica's through the rest of the summer semester. Charlie caught attention on Jessica’s course catalog and saw that the college was offering robotics courses. So she pleaded with the admission staff into letting her go there even though it's past the deadline.

A classmate, Arty, seemed to have interest in Charlie, as he tries to be with Charlie by inviting her to do activities with him; as doing a chemistry project with her and by Charlie helping him understand topics in robotics class, however Charlie ignored him due to all the problems that were arising. He was in three of her four classes, including Dr. Treadwell's robotics class.

Later, she is contacted by Clay Burke, who informs her of a series of murders that is taking place, whose victims have wounds that connect with the young woman's past. Without a doubt, Charlie, John and Jessica join Clay to solve the mystery and find out who are the cause of such a terrible event.

Then they discover that the authors of this are animatronics created by William Afton. Not only that, but they also discover that Charlie is the target of these creatures. Knowing that more people could die, the girl decides to go alone to the next point where the animatronics were going to attack, being captured by them.

She is taken to an underground pizzeria, where she is quickly rescued by her friends, who had followed nothing more nor less than the original animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. However, they are surrounded by twisted animatronics, commanded by William Afton, who is now undead; With his new body, he calls himself Springtrap.

They manage to escape their attackers, even managing to burn down Twisted Bonnie and Twisted Wolf. Then Charlie sees that Springtrap escapes and starts chasing him, leaving her friends behind.

She manages to confront Springtrap, demanding that he answer why she had taken him, why he had chosen Sammy instead of her. He replies that he did not take him, but her. Suddenly the building begins to collapse and Springtrap escapes. Without another option, all begin to look for the exit.

When they are about to leave, Charlie is captured by Twisted Freddy (who is terribly damaged) and introduced into the springlocks trap. Although her friends tried to free her, the trap is activated and Charlie is crushed by the mechanisms of the suit.

As Charlie's friends mourn over her death, a woman drives up and got out. As the woman was almost at the door, most of Charlie's friends rushed to the doorway to meet her. Arty seemed confused, and John watched for a steady moment. John didn’t speak until Arty met his gaze. "That's not Charlie."

The Fourth Closet

In Chapter 5, John and Jessica drive to an abandoned mining town named Shining Star, Silver Reef to look for Aunt Jen. After finding and meeting Jen, they discovered that Charlie was locked in a box. John took Charlie to his house to rest and hide from Baby.

Eventually, as Charlie recovered and became healthier, she ventured back to Aunt Jen's house along with John.

Later on, it is revealed to Charlie by Baby (Elizabeth), that she isn't human. Rather, she was the third of four planned robots made by her father Henry to mimic her growing up. There were four robots planned, each simulating a stage in life. However, Henry didn’t finish the fourth one after he realized that he has gone insane. Elizabeth revealed to Charlie that all her memories of her with her father were just recordings made by a camera on a tripod. Baby was the scrap robot in the corner of Henry's workshop in some of Charlie's quote on quote, "memories". Elizabeth then also revealed that she isn't even possessed by the real Charlie either.[1]

The real Charlotte Emily was the one murdered by William Afton, not Sammy.

Henry, after finding out his daughter's death, sent him into an insane depression. He cried, bled and sweat so much into the ragdoll that used to belong to Charlie for months, which created the "spark of life", the doll became sentient. The ragdoll is powered by Henry's emotional energy, unintentionally due to him grieving so much into the doll. Henry then began to recreate Charlotte as a robot, recreating her stages of life (toddler, child, teen, adult). He based the robots on the ragdoll, which looked like Ella. He then also began creating false memories for her, using a camera tripod. The robot copies of Charlotte are powered by the Ella ragdoll, which gave the robots life.

The robot copies of Charlotte Emily are unaware of the original Charlie’s death, assuming that the one murdered was Sammy.

Baby then did a quick motion with one of her hands around Charlie's torso, making Charlie unconscious, revealing the Ella ragdoll to her before she lost consciousness. After Charlie regained it, the two break into a fight and Charlie defeats Elizabeth by activating her father's suicide contraption, which kills both of them.

By the end of the novel, it was revealed what was written on the real Charlotte Emily's tombstone. It read:





Withered Chica Head UCN Troll Game.png "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This article or section contains a lot of speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • At the end of The Fourth Closet, it's implied that the woman John sees is theorized to be Charlie. Many believe that Charlie was somehow able to switch bodies with Elizabeth after both of them were killed, the process can be explained with Charlie's real soul possessing Ella, and the soul passing on to each Charlie robot as years go by, Charlie's real soul was currently possessing teenage Charlie robot. After Charlie and Elizabeth were killed by the Suicide Bot. Charlie's soul, transferred to Elizabeth's body, making Elizabeth's soul transfer into teenage Charlie robot. Therefore, Charlie technically survived by taking her final form from Elizabeth.


Five Nights at Freddy's Collection

The Silver Eyes: The Graphic Novel

The Twisted Ones: The Graphic Novel



  • Even though it was first thought that Charlie being a robot was a plot twist, it was foreshadowed throughout The Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones.
    • Charlie wearing Ella's outfit.[2]
      • Charlie also, to some degree, resembles Ella.
    • The slight dent Charlie made when she sat on the car hood.[3]
    • Tripod markings on the gravel in Henry’s workshop located in Charlie’s childhood home.[4]
    • The fake blood that was found in the pizzeria that was thought of to be William's.
  • May 13th, Charlie's birthday, was also the date that the second update of FNaF World came out.
    • Coincidentally, this date also landed on a Friday, making it a Friday the Thirteenth.
    • This update also included a character many presumed to represent Henry, Charlie's father.
  • Charlie's character reflects that of Michael Afton from the games. Both have a dark and mysterious past and uncover their fathers sins and creations which attempt to kill them, both managed to even survive gruesome situations and cheat death. Additionally both are no longer considered human, Michael is currently a living corpse while Charlotte is a advanced A.I.
  • Many speculate that Henry's daughter in the games, who appears in the Security Puppet Minigame and later possesses the Puppet, is a version of Charlotte; something supported by the updated version of The Freddy Files, where it's stated that Charlie, along with her dad, have appeared in the games, meaning that she's part of the game lore.[5]
  • Charlie in the books does not possess the Puppet, and in the novel trilogy, Puppet never existed, but rather some speculate that Charlie's real soul seems to be embedded into Ella.

The Silver Eyes

  • In the book, Charlie’s birthday lands in the year 1978, since she’s 17 in the events of the book, which takes place in 1995. But in The Fourth Closet, her birthday lands in the year 1980, which would make her 15 years old.


  1. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet | Page 197 - "You’re not Charlie, either, you know. You’re not even the soul of Charlie," Elizabeth mocked. "You aren’t even a person. You’re a ghost of a man’s regret, you’re what’s left of a man who lost everything, you’re the sad little tears that fell unceremoniously into a doll that used to belong to Charlie."
  2. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes | Page 9 - Charlie had an identical outfit, back when she and Ella were the same height.
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