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"You have a lot of work to do while patrons eat their pizza in the other room."

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Carlton Burke is a deuteragonist that appears in the first and third entries of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series.

He is the son of Chief-of-Police Clay Burke and Betty Burke.

The Freddy Files Description: "Carlton is a goofy and fun-loving teenage boy who likes to create stories and comedy routines. Conveniently, this all helps to hide how much the troubling events of his childhood affected him."

Physical Appearance

Carlton has red tousled hair and wears a black workout shirt, even though Charlie doubts that he’d ever worked out a day in his life. He's also described still having a bit of a baby face left and almost pretty, for a boy.


The Silver Eyes

Carlton first appears in Chapter 1, along with Jessica and John at a diner. Charlie shows up, and the four start to talk about Freddy's, they then decide to go there.

The next day, him and the group go to Michael Brook's ceremony, then they go back to Freddy's along with Marla, Lamar, and Jason.

The day after that, they visit Freddy's again, however they encounter a security guard named Dave Miller, who threatens to call the police. However the group insists he can come with them.

When the animatronics start to go haywire, Carlton is kidnapped by SpringBonnie. The next day he wakes to find himself trapped in a spring lock suit, just then the yellow Bonnie version comes in, and takes its head off, revealing to be Dave. Carlton realized he was a serial killer. Carlton starts speaking, and Dave tells him not to speak, as doing so will trigger the spring locks.

Later, still stuck in the spring lock suit, Carlton tries to escape, but he fails. He then sees a yellow bear sitting across from him, the bear talks to him in his mind, "Carlton, it's me." Charlie later comes into the room where Carlton is trapped, she carefully frees him from the spring locks. Carlton is free but feels disoriented, he then points at the yellow bear to Charlie, and he thinks Micheal is possessing the suit.

Carlton escapes with Charlie back to the Control Room, where John and Jessica are, the four of them go back to Parts and Service Room, where Dave is unconscious. When Dave regains consciousness, he tells the four that the animatronics will kill them and not him because he is one of them.

Later, Carlton and the group try to escape the pizzeria, however, they are stalled by the four animatronics, just then Golden Freddy appears, and stops them from harming them. Carlton is last seen with the group in Chapter 13.

The Twisted Ones

Carlton is mentioned by Clay. It's revealed by Clay, that after the events of The Silver Eyes, Betty and Clay decided it might be a good time for Carlton to get out of town for a while, so Betty took him to stay with her sister for a few weeks out east, studying acting.

The Fourth Closet

Carlton first appears in Chapter 2, at his house, along with Jessica and Marla. By the time John arrives, they are excited that he came. The group then starts to talk about Charlie, and how she's different lately.

Carlton later appears at the hospital with John, Jessica, Charlie, and Marla where Clay is recovering from his brutal injury. When the doctor says Clay will be okay, everyone is relieved except for Charlie. The doctor then tells everyone to leave. Sometime later, him and Marla meet up with John and Jessica, they think of a plan to know where real Charlie is and to stop William.

Carlton is seen again at a restaurant, with Jessica. The two of them are spying on fake Charlie as she is having a date with John. Carlton keeps getting distracted with Charlie's appearance, and Jessica tells him to snap out of it which he does.

He later goes to Jessica's apartment to find the illusionary devices. Unknown to him, he was secretly followed by fake Charlie. Charlie shows up and looks at him in a loving way. Carlton becomes uncomfortable. Luckily, Carlton is able to get Charlie out. He comes back to John's apartment where Marla is waiting for him. He tells Marla to put the device in her ear.

Later, Marla and Carlton go to Circus Baby's Pizza World, when they come in, they see children which turn out to be Bidybabs playing on the monkey bars. Marla and Carlton roam the pizzeria, when they hear Funtime Freddy, this leads both of them to end up in a mirror maze, luckily they are able to escape. They both return to go rescue Jessica and the three missing kids. Jessica tells them one of the kids was taken, so Carlton decides to find the taken kid. As Carlton walks around the pizzeria, he hears the cries of the child, just then Funtime Freddy shows up, and tries to attack him, however, Carlton was able to activate the merry-go-round carousel to mutilate the bear.

As Carlton tries to escape, he sees a door and opens it, revealing a room, which turned out to be William's mini-lab. He sees William and the taken kid. William holds Carlton hostage, and injects a strange liquid right into his heart, making Carlton unconscious, and the kid screaming in fear.

Then, he wakes up and sees a ghost right next to him which turns out to be Michael. Michael tells him to get him paper and crayons, which Carlton does. Carlton then sees four other ghosts who are doing the same as Michael, putting the drawings together. Much to Carlton's confusion, all five ghosts say that William is friendly. Carlton all freaked out that William is about to kill the taken kid, tries to explain to the ghosts that William was the one who murdered them. The ghosts then realize that Carlton was right, using their spiritual powers, they take control of Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Bidybabs to attack William. While the ghosts are still in the amalgamation, they grab William and throw him into a furnace, along with them, killing William once and for all, and sending the souls free.

But before Michael leaves, he gives Carlton one of his drawings. Carlton accepts as Michael disappears.

Carlton is then brought outside by John and the others.

The day after, Carlton is in the hospital as he is recovering from his near-death injury, with Marla, Jessica, John, and Clay, by his side. He asks them if the four kids and the real Charlie are alright. They said the children were alright, but with John to reply that they'll not find Charlie anymore.


  • In The Freddy Files, there is an image of the Puppet giving a gift to a redheaded child, possibly referencing how Carlton freed the children in the novels.
  • He's the only one of the group of teenagers that stayed in Hurricane.
  • Carlton is the only one who was able to directly communicate with Michael and the four spirits in The Fourth Closet, but this was only because of the remnant he was injected with.
  • Carlton had to experience two near-deaths in the trilogy, the first in The Silver Eyes where he was stuck in a spring lock suit. The second in The Fourth Closet, where William injects a hot liquid straight into his heart.
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