Now I will tell you a story.
— Candy Cadet when beginning to tell his stories, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Candy Cadet is a robot-like animatronic who first appeared in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

Physical Appearance

Candy Cadet appears as a bluish-grey robot with two yellow beaded antennae (the left with an orange orb and the right with a pinkish-red orb), two long arms ending with claws, two coin slots at the bottom, and two big wheels. His body is covered with several constantly changing multi-colored lights, and at the center of his torso is a slide where the candy comes from.


Candy Cadet's personality is that of a knowledgeable storyteller, as well as a stereotypical sales product shill. He also speaks using a monotonous, robotic voice.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

He is one of the attractions usable for the pizzeria. Candy Cadet is located in the "Stan's Budget Tech" section of the Catalog. In the "Very Good" item condition, he is priced at $310. His stats are as follows:

  • Atmosphere: 0
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 3
  • Bonus Revenue: 3
  • Liability Risk: 0


When interacted with, the player plays a small minigame where they click the area where Candy Cadet dispenses candy to receive candy. After these attempts, Candy Cadet will say that if the player returns to him, he may tell them a story (a total of three stories to be exact), but the chances of hearing these stories are randomized.

Ultimate Custom Night

Candy Cadet returns in Ultimate Custom Night as a background object, albeit in a decommissioned state. He appears slumped over in the default skin for the Office, in which he will occasionally activate for brief seconds and spout a few random lines from one of his stories.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Ultimate Custom Night

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

I am Candy Cadet, come get your candy here. I have candy all day, everyday. Candy. Candy. Candy.
Return to Candy Cadet again and maybe I will tell you a story?
Now I will tell you a story about a young woman who was sealed in a small room. In the room was a furnace and five keys. She was told that each of the five keys would unlock one of five doors outside her room. Inside each room was a child that she could take with her as she fled the building. But she was only allowed to leave her own room with one key, not all five. Desperate to find a way to save all five children, the woman melted the five keys together in the furnace to create a single key, hoping it would unlock all five doors. But, of course, it did not work that way. Now her key opened none of the doors. Rather than leaving her room with a key to one life, she had taken with her the key to five deaths.
— Candy Cadet's The Five Keys story
Now I will tell you a story. A story about a kind man who would visit five orphans and bring them toys and gladness. The man lived alone and lived in fear that someone might break into the house of one of the five children. So he adopted all five and brought them together in one place in his own home. He promised them to never leave them, and they promised to always come home and never stay out too late. He left one day to buy food, his heart being filled with gladness, but returned to find that the burglar had chosen his home and killed all five of the children. The man could only afford one coffin, so he stitched the five bodies together to make one, and buried the child. That night, there was a knock at the door.
— Candy Cadet's The Five Orphans story
Now I will tell you a story about a little boy. He had a red snake that he kept in a metal cage whose hunger could not be satisfied. One day, the boy found five baby kittens outside his house. He brought them inside and kept them in a shoebox. He knew that the snake might kill them, but could not bring himself to get rid of the snake. He knew that if he chose one kitten to feed to the snake, it might be satisfied, but he could not choose. So, he went to bed, leaving the cage open. The snake went to the shoebox, chose a kitten at random, and ate it. After five nights had gone by, the boy was full of regrets, and cut the snake open. He pieced the remains together and put the kitten back into the shoebox.
— Candy Cadet's The Five Kittens story

Ultimate Custom Night

He promised them to never leave them.
Now I will tell you a story.
But he could not choose.
He pieced the remains together.


  • Candy Cadet's voice is just an IVONA text-to-speech, namely Brian.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

  • Candy Cadet has two coin slots, each requiring quarters (25 cents). Although, the player is not able to insert the coins to Candy Cadet for story-telling upon interacting.
    • Additionally, every time the player interacts with Candy Cadet, they only use up one coin.
  • Candy Cadet's design is faintly similar to Class B-9-M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot (or simply Robot), a character from the science fiction television series Lost in Space that aired between 1965 and 1968.
    • The overall shape of Candy Cadet's head also bears an uncanny resemblance to Alpha 5, a robotic character in the popular 1990's television show The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • CandyCadet-UCN

    Candy Candet as he's introduced in one of the pre-updated versions for the character menu selection teaser, before the next further updates.

    Candy Cadet was originally intended to be part of the roster as one of the customizable characters along with Adventure Endo-01 from FNaF World, but was scrapped and replaced with Withered Chica and Withered Bonnie.
  • Oddly, Candy Cadet was called "CadetGhost" in the game's sound file folder.
  • Due to simply being an overlay, Candy Cadet does not move with the Office when the player is jumpscared.
    • This could also be an animation error.
  • Within the Office, a clipping error shows that one of Candy Cadet's claws will clip through his wheel when moving on occasions.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted


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