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Description: This article details a topic that is deemed canon to the spin-off FNaF World.

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Browboy is one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World that is encountered in Pinwheel Circus. He guards the path to the entrance to Pinwheel Funhouse.

Physical Appearance

Browboy bears much resemblance to Balloon Boy, but has a purple and black striped shirt, a prominent unibrow (hence his name), pink/red eyes, jet-black hair, short legs, and enlarged fists. He bears a orange propeller with a black stem. He also has total 8 teeth. His skin color is a light orange.


Basic white bash attack Deals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
Launches an amount of balloons that deal a random amount of damage (launches 4 instead of 3).


  • Browboy first appears in FNaF World: Halloween Edition as an enemy.
    • However, his name was oddly changed from "Brow Boy" to "Browboy." And he was simply a recolor of Ballboy.
  • Oddly, there is an animation of Browboy recolored from Ballboy, without the juggling balls. It wasn't used anywhere in the game.
    • This could because Browboy could've been intended to be reused as Ballboy's recolor but it was changed later on.
  • Unlike DeeDee and JJ, Browboy does not have holes in his hands. This also applies to Ballboy.
  • In Browboy's 3D overworld sprite and fighting sprite; his eyes are what appears to be red, while in his 2D overworld sprite, they are brown. However, in the Halloween Edition, they are green.
  • Browboy appears in the "Gravity Vortex" minigame from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator as one of the obstacle enemies.
    • Therefore this is the first time that a FNaF World boss has made a cameo in the franchise.


  • If one looks closely to Browboy, one can see his pants clipping into his shoes.
  • Before the 1.10 update, Browboy's 2D overworld sprite is missing a propeller.
  • When leaving Pinwheel Funhouse then returning, Browboy will reappear.
    • However, this might not be an accident, since all bosses seem to do the same.


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