Boxbyte is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is encountered in Dusting Fields.


Boxbyte appears to have the appearance of a stone cube with a large square mouth that is constantly opening and closing. It has small rectangular arms and feet. On his head, there seems to be blockish hair, colored dark gray. He also has rectangle-ish cheeks.


Basic "bite 2" attackDeals low damage to a single party member.
Decreases the attack power of all party members and negates the effects of Gift Boxes and Neon Wall.


  • Boxbyte is one of the glitch forms of _!2222.
  • Boxbyte's appearance bears a stunning resemblance to the Whomp enemy from Nintendo's Mario series.
  • Boxbyte also bears resemblance to one of the Evil Box enemy from The Desolate Hope, a game also made by Scott Cawthon.
  • Boxbyte's name could be a bad pun or a play-on-words since the character seems to be biting in his animation and byte is a homonym of bite.
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