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Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon

Were you looking for his stronger counterpart, Snowcone?

Bouncer is one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World. He guards the path to the entrance to the sub-tunnel that leads to Lilygear Lake.


Bouncer has the appearance of a big, legless snowman animatronic with gatling gun barrels for hands and a smile that resembles Balloon Boy. He has two buttons on his torso, two red cheeks, a round carrot nose and a blue top hat on his head. His eyes are black in color with white irises.


Basic red bash attack Deals low damage to a single party member.
Fires a barrage of snowballs at all party members, dealing heavy damage.


  • A line said by Fredbear possibly suggests that he created Bouncer. However, it may also just be a joke.
  • If the player chooses to skip the Auto Chipper fight, Bouncer can be considered the first boss.
    • This is due to the fact that the Auto Chipper does not block any paths required for the player to advance through the game.
  • Bouncer's name may be a reference to his animation, as he looks like he is jumping.
    • His name may also be a reference to bouncers, people that typically work in clubs to provide security.


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