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Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon

Were you looking for Bouncepot's stronger counterpart, Graveweed?

Bouncepot is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is encountered in Fazbear Hills.


Bouncepot has the appearance of a onion-like plant creature with a spiraled stem, two vines waving around that appear to act as its arms, and flies that swirl on either side of it. Its eyes are black with white pupils, and it's entirely tinted green. It is seen inside a pot shaped like a beehive, but has a wooden texture. On the top of its head, it has two leaves that are constantly bouncing around.


Basic white bash attack Deals low damage to a single party member.




  • Bouncepot is often considered the easiest enemy in the game.
  • Bouncepot also has the lowest Hit Points in the game, at estimate of 20 Hit Points.
  • In the Mobile Version, at the end of the Clock Ending, Bouncepot reveals itself as the alleged perpetrator of the Bite of '87. This is most likely a joke by Scott about the wild theories that fans have created to explain the Bite.
  • Bouncepot is one of three characters that make a rare chance to appear on the desk of The Office in Ultimate Custom Night; other two characters that do this are Tangle and White Rabbit.
    • Bouncepot's idle animation is reused from FNaF World.
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