• MaleficiousVillain

    So I know im new to the wikia but I would still like to throw out my theory for what is happening in Ultimate Custom Night's story.  Alot of this is theory based around details and easter eggs, while quite a bit of this is speculation,  Would love to hear feedback and/or corrections if I accidentally misattributed certain facts given in the series so far.

    As I'm sure most of you have discovered by now, UCN (Ultimate Custom Night) at it's base is a game about you playing as the Purple Guy (William Afton ) being tortured by animatronics night after night for your lifetime of child murder all while being trapped in some form of personal hell.

    However, my theory is that this is not the "true hell" which Afton is trapped in, but instead it is all a…

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  • Ccarbe6062

    So get this:

    Blue Core Studios + Tony Crynight + Random Encounters + Warner Bros. Pictures + Scott Cawthon

    = the PERFECT HILARIOUS BAD@$$ PG-13 rated FNAF movie

    An ordinary 18 year old named Mike Schmidt (Christopher Carbery ) as a night guard at

    Freddy's Fazbear's Pizza after graduating from high school.

    He needed instructions from Michael Afton (Will Ryan *DAGames* ) on how to spend money by working there.

    Little does Mike know, he needs to find out what ever happened to the Afton family back in 1987.

    So with more help from Circus Baby (Sarah Vowell ), Freddy Fazbear (Ben Schwartz ),

    Bonnie (AJ Pinkerton ), Chica (Sarah Williams ), and Foxy (Patton Oswalt ),

    he'll have to find their corpses and then set them AND the animatronics free.

    Christopher …

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  • Vernanonix

    So I've been digging around and found the audio files for Fredbear when he kills through the Golden Freddy trick. But they're super distorted. I found a reddit thread here that had already pitched them up some but the distortion is still pretty bad. Here's their audio:

    After playing around with it in Audacity, I can hear "Please don't (take or hate) my children" in the first part (named audio2 in the files) and "Which part is too much work for you?" in the third (named audio4 in the files). The last part is just laugher (audio1). However, the second part is nonsense in that file. I've been playing around with the actual file but I can quite make it out. Here's mine:

    I hear…

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  • SirSalad


    In the penultimate Freddy vs Foxy cutscene for UCN Foxy says this to Mangle:

    "Feed the dog. Oh wait, you are the dog. Feed yourself"

    This can either be saying that Mangle is meant to be the funny villain sidekeck, or it is Scott trying to confirm MatPat's Mangle is a dog theory, what do you all think?

    EDIT: In FNAF 6 William Afton refers to the dog as a "he"  in the Fruity minigame so if this does confirm that Mangle is the dog then does this confirm Mangle's gender?

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  • Angel688909

    Hey guys, this is a phone call, not a tape message.  Send me a reply to help me move on. Admins and patrollers are allowed here too, but cannot delete a comment unless it threatens us. Before I end the call, you have to tell me what to do. Thanks for listening! End call. *Hangs up phone*

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  • S101010

    I want Scott Cawthon to make a game called Five Nights At Freddys Origins aka FNAFO. The Animatronics will be as listed below.

    • Fredbear
    • Springbonnie
    • Plushbonnie 
    • Withered Fredbear
    • Withered Springbonnie
    • Gold Chica 

    The gameplay is simliar to Five Nights At Freddys 1 except there is also a vent to worry about because Plushbonnie will be able to go through these vents. By the Way,Plushbonnie in this is based off of Plushtrap. anyway The Player will have to be careful with the power because it drains the more you use things. Fredbear and Springbonnie will try to get in from the right doorway while Withered Fredbear and Withered Springbonnie will try to get in from the left and Gold Chica tries to get in from both sides. 

    Withered Fredbear and Withered…

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  • Thuyenthegreat

    (just updated august/17/2018)

    Due to people requesting this, I've decided to bring back my comic series, The Wikia Contributor!

    See chapter 1 on my first blog.

    Chapter 2 and Chapter 2.5 AND Chapter 2.75 is in their own blog. check that out as well.

    If you want to see panels a few minutes before everyone else, join the Poope discord (warning: kinda fucked up.)

    Sometimes this comic will require commentor interactions.

    And without further ado...


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  • Thuyenthegreat

    A Few years back, i made The Wikia Contributer. A Comic series revolving around a wikia contributer who joins the FNAF wiki, and meets the messed up gang of users there, it was user commentary driven, so your comments would affect the story. And it was a hit! It's first blog scored 100+ comments!

    Then it kinda dissapeared then moved to discord.

    But since then, a lot of developments have been made, a lot of new panels have been added. Even a few more... Obscure faces is here. I added a few more regcognizable names too... Anyone remember Adam Fazbear? ;>  But my question is: Does anyone wanna see it here?

    For all these time, my comic has been updating near daily on the Poope discord. So...

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  • Jordanb013


    June 22, 2018 by Jordanb013

    hi i am new here but i am dedicated to this game i have played every single one and beaten all of them. my favorite animatronic is mangle and foxy. tho the game is sometimes hard to play it amazes me when i beat the 20 20 modes any one want to see a game play let me know my name is Jordan and my favorite person that plays fnaf is the king himself MARKIPLIAR!!!!!

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  • Too Many Taken Usernames!

    I've been working hard these past few weeks to improve my health conditions, increasing the intensity of my work-out routines and making sacrifices. I'm in need and I ask for your prayers (or good-luck if you're gonna go there) for my blood work and health... Tomorrow morning will determine my "condition", and I'm scared, scared of failure that everything I worked for would not amount to anything. I pray that I turn out to be healthy tomorrow... I'll be gone for a while if needed, so you needn't worry if I'm absent. I just ask for prayers to be offered up.

    Thank you, Prince Darie (TMTU)

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  • Roket3754


    June 20, 2018 by Roket3754

    Is there a page on here about the plushie/toys?

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  • The Wiki hopper 2

    So, I was going through cryptogram ciphers and such, and I found out there is a reversal in RWQFSFASXC's name. Being me, I typed this into your average cryptogram solver, and found two rather intriguing names.


    By a process of elimination, I decided McDunnough was the most likely name, due to there being a Dunn in TSE.

    Sure, you could accuse me of being lazy and choosing the novel character, but McGalliard seems to be a rather uncommon name.

    Heck, the guy being helped into the Spring Bonnie suit even looks like Dunn.

    Here's the cipher which found the reversal:

    And here is the cipher which, after typing RWQSFFASXC, revealed it all:

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  • Roket3754


    June 19, 2018 by Roket3754
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  • FortunaFox

    FNaF Oc's? Anyone?

    June 18, 2018 by FortunaFox

    Fortuna (Fox) Fortuna (Me) is a light blue fox. Stomach color along with inside of ears is a dark light blue Purple lips, dusty skeleton mask, green eyes, and thats it :3

    Fortuna is outside the pirate cove to help kids if they have questions. :) Fortuna and Foxy talk in a pirate voice for entertainment for the children after they ask Fortuna a question. XD

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  • Speccyemerald

        Welp... here I go again!

    1. The animatronics are just robots that gained sentience in a way similar to Skynet awakening into full awareness of itself

    This is obviously non-canon for sure! Scott himself went and said things that don't match up with this.. Also, if they were just sentient robots, what about Golden Freddy? Robots usually can't become ghosts.

    2. Purple Guy is a Zombie

    Okay, this one might not be very popular nowadays, but seriously!? No evidence for this at all! supporters claim that he died while getting trapped in the old Bonnie suit and turned into a zombie, but how the hell did he turn into one in first place?

    3. Purple guy is actually female

    WHY!? Nothing in any of the games even hints at that!

    4. Bite of '83 not 87.

    This may …

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  • Too Many Taken Usernames!

    No need to be here. The title says it all... For games and series like this, you NEED to understand/comprehend the difference between symbolism and a coincidence...

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Just making this blog post to test out this article about the upcoming Ultimate Custom Night game if it was accurate enough to deserve being made or not.

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  • Ezorde

    Calling it now

    June 15, 2018 by Ezorde

    (Yes I am still alive)

    Chipper's gonna be in Ultimate Custom Night. I don't know if he'll be an actual enemy, or if there's gonna a reference or something, but he'll be there, I am a 100% sure.

    Given that this is gonna be the last FNAF game ever (At least made by Scott himself), it would only make sense for him to include all the characters from the franchise.

    If he does that, though, he needs to include Chipper. After all, Chipper is the character that started it all.

    In case you don't remember, Scott got the idea of making a game with murderous animatronics after he read a comment that said "Wow, Chipper is so ugly, he looks like an animatronic xD". It deeply hurt Scott, but that's what inspired him to make FNAF.

    That, combined with the fact …

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  • Sowhat2008

    Okay, so I am sure that Five Nights at Freddy's is still a dead game until Ultimate Custom Night comes out. However, I feel like we are missing something, something that nobody even thought of in the first place... WHERE IS FUNTIME BONNIE! We did see Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy in FNAF: Sister Location. Then we saw Funtime Chica in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. So, where is Funtime Bonnie? Well, the answer, well... I don't know. Put your suggestions here. Everything has a reason, you know?

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  • Umbreon The Serial Killer

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Anyways currently grounded for an infinite period of time.

    So I won't be around untill I'm not grounded or untill I find a way around it.

    I'm writting this  becuase I felt that it would be mean to disapear of the face of the internet for who-knows-how-long so I'm giving a heads-up.

    Untill then, Best wishes to you !

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  • YTP King

    Even Matpat thinks they are , they aint the same,Bite Victim is only 6 or 8 in 83 by he would been like 10 or something.also If Bite Victim did survive,we could see him again if there more fnaf games that is.

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  • Jeffrey Penguin


    I mean...

    Yaaaaaaaaay, one more year into the grave I go.

    Well, anyway...

    Big thank you to all my friends who've supported me for the last year or so. I don't need presents, you guys have given me enough just by being there for me. Love you all.

    And... that's basically all I have to say. So, stay classy, everyone.

    Toodles. 🎉

    (Credit goes to YanDere-Yan for the artwork.)

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  • Eggyeggster101

    We all know about the fnaf 2 death scream right?

    Or maybe not so much, I found where it came from. Its was from an old commercial if listen closely you can here it. I'll give you guys a link to the video, and where you can here it.


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  • LeTesla

    A final rant

    June 8, 2018 by LeTesla

    This will probably be my last blog on this Wiki, knowing that it is dead.

    Okay, so, let me explain something here to the administration, and this isn't a rant about the admins, but rather just things that are related to it.

    But let me first explain this main issue I always had: There is no administration/moderator signup. Yes, I know that this wiki was picky as a 4 year old with vegetables when it came to choosing admins or mods, but seriously, this never made sense to me at all. "O, BUT ITZ A BIG WIKI, OF COURZ DERZ NO SIGNUP" Steven Universe Wiki is also a big wiki, they also have a signup page. Malware Wiki is a dead wiki and they also have a signup page. So why does a big community like this not have a signup? Why do admins and mods have…

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  • AJSander2006


    June 5, 2018 by AJSander2006

    My school is having a day where you can dress up as what ever you want from a book you enjoyed reading. I have chosen to come as Charlie/puppet. i am going to be dressed as charlie and have half of my face look like her and then the other half be the puppets face so it is like a half and half effect. I am really exited and hope oit all ends out well.

    Sincerely Via

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    I always wanted someone to make this hack for FNAF 1, It's called "A Nightmare On Wellington." It has 4 new characters, the guard is female and her name is Emma Spreckles, some sounds are changed,

    File:Speedy The_Sanic_Rabbit.pngWellington and Julie will both have guitars, Julie's guitar will be red while Wellington will have a green guitar, Oinky Has A Turn Table (DJ Set), Speedy has an airhorn and is NOT out of order.

    Sounds: download soon

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  • ThePuppeteer13

    Make your own animatronic! Will you send me your own desighn idea!

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  • Henry No-Last-Name-Given

    Geez, that title was longer than I thought.

    I have decided to disclose this information, both in the hopes that you may begin to understand how I unwillingly created this monster, and in the hopes that you will not go looking for the information yourself.

    The design is relatively simple. Each section of the endoskeleton functions as a separate part of the suit, connected by magnets. These parts can come apart and put back together easily, but the whole endoskeleton must be present and in the right position for the animatronic to work.

    If an employee wanted to use the suit as a costume, they would first need to recieve a hand crank from the manufacturer. The hand crank would need to be firmly inserted into a small hole near the waist of the su…

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  • Jem-Bone

    the book

    May 28, 2018 by Jem-Bone

    When does Fnaf The Foruth Closet come out? Just curious

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  • Daturtle9

    ok i know this sounds weird but i think theres multiple springtrap suits.

    here is my evidence

    i dont know how to change the title or i would chage it to : How Springtrap Changed

    and it makes sense that is springtrap was damaged after the fire he would try to look for another suit. and what if the springbonnnie suit above scraptrat was outside fazbear fright

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  • GrandTheftAutoFanatic

    I may or may not get Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 when it’s active. Even though I’m not really into the series anymore, I might go back to the first game. The rabid fans are non-existent nowadays, so there is no shame in doing it. And besides, I think the first game is arguably the best one. But as I said, I may or may not.

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  • LollipopWut


    May 25, 2018 by LollipopWut

    Who knows? Will I be active again?

    Anyways, how's the wiki now?

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  • Darlaimernr

    Quick! The CIA is watching us, so we have to encode our FNAF characters! Otherwise, they'll shut off the FNAF Franchise forever!


    "Fozzie Bear"

    "I thought you were female but I was wrong"

    "I thought you were male but I was wrong"

    "The scariest fucking animation in Hall 1"

    "Spooky secrets"

    "You don't exist you fucking dog"

    FNAF 2

    "Toy Fozzie"

    "I still thought you were female until now"

    "Okay, that's one way to correct me"

    "Suicidal transgender fox"

    "Withered Hugger"

    "Faceless Blowjob?"

    "I'm still not sure if she can or can't lower her arms"



    "Laughing at my pain"

    "Shadow Gamecrash"


    "Nonexistent endoskeleton"

    "Nonexistent feminine laughing at my pain"


    "Weepy …

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  • YTP King

    Does William Afton have a sister?

    After all,it's called Sister Location

    If he don't have one,it would have been called Daugther Location

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  • YTP King

    I think Nightmare or Shadow  Freddy is Bite Victim

    Why Nightmare?

    He dont't appear until Night 6 after Bite Victim dies(If there is 2 bites)

    Nightmare is the Opposite of Fredbear since Bite Victim hates Fredbear

    and If you look close at His head,you see a brain,who else has a brain? CC/Bite Victim

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  • YTP King

    Remember the Guy thta appeared in the minigame in pizzeria simulator?

    but who is he?

    Theorys who the  Yellow/Orange guy is

    Wiilaim's father

    Willaim Himself

    Michael Afton

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  • Fazbear2475

    Sorry I was gone guys, go ahead put as much hate mail as you want. I don't care. After all I've seen worse hate than that.

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  • TheMidnightBlade

    Who remembers the first time I did this?

    Also, <insert name here> is a fucking trash heap.

    Chaos is love.

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  • Greengamez3464

    New Book

    May 14, 2018 by Greengamez3464

    Yeah New Book im Makin!

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  • AdrianC385
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  • YTP King

    Dumbest Theory

    May 11, 2018 by YTP King

    According to Youtuber BlackFootferret

    this is who he says the characters are


    I think that's dumb

    cause Henry is Puppets Father,Foxy Mask is Teen,Guy inside Fredbear Is a Adult,the kid with a pink shirt and green shirt with Toy spring bonnie 

    and There 2 purple guys

    Bite victim can't be Micheal Afton 

    cause in 1983 he is around 8 in 1987 he would be around 13 or 14

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  • Jeffrey Penguin


    Um... I can only do one person?


    Too much? Okay then...


    Alright fine, random selection.

    I dedicate these edits to... .

    So, yeah. Congrats, you.

    But seriously, big thanks to all the people crammed into that name (I don't need to list them all off, you know who you are). You guys really did make my time here a nice experience for me, and I'm grateful for that... even I didn't think I would get this far. So, again, thank you, love you all, and have a day.


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  • Hollyleaf107

    Ok, since I haven't seen anyone say this yet, I'm posting my own theory on it.

    When you get the"bad" ending in FFPS, the Cassette Man says that you have failed to meet the obligation under paragraph 4. That must mean Paragraph 4 is you have to "have them all in one place" because to get the bad ending you need to throw out at least one animatronic. Since nearly every animatronic is in Ultimate Custom Night, I think there might be some sort of special lore cutscene after beating the night with every animatronic active. 

    Paragraph 4 is also mentioned in Molten Freddy's blueprints.

    This implies even more that Paragraph 4 is to have all of the animatronics in one place, because there are several inside of Molten Freddy.

    Please let me know what you…

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  • YTP King

    Many Fans theorized that they are the same

    however its one of the dumbest theories

    Proof:Golden Freddy was already posseded 

    Golden Freddy has a girl laugh

    Phone Guy said Bite Victim lived

    Golden Freddy is one of the 6 victims of William killed

    Golden Freddy says it's me likely means it's me,Fredbear

    FNAF 6 Grave Ending shows 6 graves of the victims,confirming GF is not CC

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  • YTP King

    Remember how the killer Used the Spring Bonnie to kill the  5 missing Children?

    Like how Michael Afton was scooped and posseded by Ennard,Could Have William suffered the same fate? He was scooped and  possibly posseded by Bite Victim,this could be the reasen why olny kills kids.

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  • Emmykitty56666

    holy crap that theres a new book looks cool huh. i am so stunded

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  • Fnafan97

    Theory: Two Springtraps

    April 28, 2018 by Fnafan97

    So I recently was thinking if there was two Springtraps, as the most recent one looks completely different. I personally think there is two Springtraps, but what does everyone else think?

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  • The Wiki hopper 2

    So uh, this is kind of a random blog, but it's more far out, so I can think about things without being too crowded.

    If anyone wants to use this, credit me first or I will get T R I G G E R E D.

    Okay, let's check the drawing board!

    Night 1, 3, 5 and 6 mechanics:

    • Equipment available:
    • Portable Monitor: Use this to check your surroundings and adjoining vents and ducts, however, you may have to charge it from time to time at one Fazbear Entertainment's "Care and Repair" stations.
    • Flashlight: Use this to scare anything away or temporarily disable any animatronics who get too close. Like the monitor, it may need charging from time to time.
    • Snare: You are supplied with two of these per night, use them to trap any animatronics who are too close for comfor…
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  • Thereal1x1x1x1

    people dont get mad bout this one too its just theory going around im just proving fnaf theories right or wrong...

    "take me with you"

    well it isn't bidybab because she has a british tone in her voice, its not freddy for obvious reassons...and its not bonnet because her voice is way higher and pitched so yeah ft.foxy's pretty much not silent...

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  • FreddyFaz704
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