• Lillyann1

    Ok, lets go see what we're dealing with. We have baby and Purple guy's daughter. Elizabeth.  ( watch these videos first. 1: ZAMASU FNAF - Cirus baby Analysis, 2: NeT_Bionic all voices of FNAF ) 

    If you look at Cirus Baby Analysis, you can see by Baby's blueprints a small little child body. Who could be that child? Elizabeth. Elizabeth is purple guy's daughter. Point one " daddy, why wornt you let me go play with her? " she also said something about her father making Baby for her. Who could have made baby? purple guy. Also, can I just point out Purple guy killed each kid one at a time. ...hmm, I wonder?

    ( " I would always count the children, I'm not sure why. I was always acutely aware of how many there were in the room with me…

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  • ThetrueSG

    How would the timeline look like would it completly change or nothing would happen?

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  • Glitch Grand Master1

    Before I start, I just want to say that this is all a theory, and nothing more. Everything I say might be wrong. So please don't get after me if I turn out to be completely wrong.

    Hello everyone! I have recently been thinking a little more about Ennard. I know almost everybody says he is the Fun Times combined, and later Molten Freddy, and I entirely agreed with that. For a while. Then I started to think outside the box. (In other words I watched to many Mat Pat videos). I think Ennard is Glitchtrap.

    Now, I know this sounds ridiculous, but they both have many similarities. Think about it. We know for sure that all of the original animatronics had the souls of dead children possessing them. We know who possessed almost all of the animatronics…

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    I have been busy with some stuff so i have not been able to help you guys out just awnserd all the comments thanks and keep asking away

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  • Glitch Grand Master1

    Scott code

    March 27, 2020 by Glitch Grand Master1

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to stay up to date with all the cool new teasers Scott has posted on his website. I recently watched an FNAF YouTuber who said that nothing inside the source code changed. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it has changed. It seems to be that this is a conversation with Glitchtrap and that girl whose name I can never remember. That's what it was in the beginning. The codded name: Name, seemed to be Glitchtrap, while: Content, seemed to be the girl. Slowly this has seemed to change. The lines are being mixed and it now looks as if Glitchtrap is losing control. If you look now it seems that the girl is giving Glitchtrap commands. This is just a thought, but it interested me.

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  • PMF11

    Although this series is basically finished (hopefully), a lot of people still claim that the second game is a prequel to the first game. I'm going to prove those people wrong with a few pieces of evidence:

    The first game's paychecks weren't given a year, this could boil down to two things, either Scott Cawthon was too lazy to give a year for the first game, or he wanted to keep it a secret as he was developing the concept for the second game right after he finished the first game. Or it could boil down to another thing. What if both of the games took place in the same year? This leads me onto my second point:

    A lot of people believed that the withered animatronics were taken into the FNAF 1 resturant and rebuilt to what they are in the first…

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  • FredbearGolden

    I decided to make an updated version of the current guide to uploading images to provide a visual guide of how to properly post images since I feel like most new users either don't even read the guide or just don't know how to do it/understand it.

    Anyway, here it is:

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  • Fakemannn2

    Does anyone remember this? Phantom bonnie. i think we should search more on that.

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  • Fakemannn2

    Should i make a page for st patricks day freddy or freddy frostbear?

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  • Fakemannn2


    March 17, 2020 by Fakemannn2

    Everyone gather 'round let me tell you a tale of mystery. 3 years back I played fnaf 3 for my first time. my friend had gotten me into the games so the least i could do was play one. 12 am Night 1. i started off by muting the call. i mean, it was night one nothing could attack me but then at 3 am still night 1 i was jumped by an all black no eyes no snout no mouth version of fnaf 1 bonnie. to this day my friend and i are still discussing what i saw.

    So? do you believe in what i saw. tell me your answer below

    My name has no bearing i just need a name

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  • Metvox

    game theory was wrong

    March 11, 2020 by Metvox

    Game theory said that UCN is william hell but why would springtrap and scraptrap try and kill him

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  • Lizzie008

    Lol bit

    March 9, 2020 by Lizzie008

    Hello! My favorite anaimatronic is lol bit! I love her so much! I would love to be her spirichal animatronic! Who agrees!?

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    March 9, 2020 by SPRINGTRAP90

    never mind

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    this is for anyone who needs to know about the timeline of fnaf just ask me im your guy

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    March 3, 2020 by SPRINGTRAP90

    ok so here is the whole story line for fnaf so william afton and his partner hennrey made fredbears faimly dinner as seen in the mingames in fnaf 3. so crying childs brother trows him into fredbares mouth which then crushes his skull and he is sent into a coma into a dream were he has to survive from the nightmare anmtronics. well cover that later so then william  afton makes fredbears family dinner were he kills kids to avenge the death of his son aka crying child he trows the bodies of four kids into the 4 animotroinc suites bonnie chica freddy foxy keep in mind this is fredbares fand frinds so theres all  the orignal charcters plus the fnaf one charcters but fredbares family dinner shuts down. so william afon proceds to make circus baby…

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  • Somerandomguy272

    There’s a bunch of debate who posses golden freddy and it’s really confusing especially since the evidence I mention is even confusing.

    1. In the second Game there the famous, Give Life minigame. We know at the end a fifth child briefly appears a frame before Withered golden freddy does his jumpscares which implies the jumpscare and child a frame before it ends posses golden freddy.
    2. Fnaf 3 has the *Kinda* Forgotten minigame which is Stage 01, The minigame Which depicts‘s fredbear family diner? *Since golden freddy has his black har and bow tie and it can’t be a desgin retcon in Fnaf 4 since in UCN Golden freddy in his Fnaf 2 form and the death coin shows fredbear with the purple bow tie and hat, and since the minigame says Stage 01 It’s probabl…
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  • FNAF da Best

    Springtrap isn't real!!

    February 26, 2020 by FNAF da Best

    According to the books, The Silver Eyes, The Twisted Ones, and The Fourth Closet, Springtrap was created by William Afton to fake his death. You find that out in The Fourth Closet, but it is good to read the other books before the last one so the whole story makes sense, also, like this post if you know what I mean by "their happiest day..."

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  • Trievel31

    Purple Guy is Innocent

    February 19, 2020 by Trievel31

    So i was watching a video where this guy was talking about FNAF theories, at a point he made one about The Purple Guy being innocent and that the real villian is actually his partner, (Who's name I forget.)

    I don't remember the full thing, I just remember it has a lot to do with Timeline, FNAF 4, and Sister Location. Since I can't remember click the one and 2 [1] [2] for links to the videos.

    After watching the, say Purple Killed The Children Again. The video practically prove it.

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  • AestheticLunar


    February 13, 2020 by AestheticLunar

    These other blogs were created by the horrid and idiotic Yakkorinio who ruled this account from November 28th to August 23rd? I don't remember.

    Anyways, please spit and trash up these blogs as much as you want. They're just stupid immature blabbers that don't represent m- I mean this account's views anymore.

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  • AestheticLunar

    Ask me Anything

    February 9, 2020 by AestheticLunar

    Ask me anything and I'll answer it. Do you want to know my deepest, darkest secrets? Do you want to know where I hide the bodies? This is the blog for you! It's just a pizza to enter and a soda per question.

    Q. Why did you change your name from Yakkorinio to AestheticLunar?
    A. Because the "Yakkorinio" and "King of Contributors" era of me doesn't reflect who I am as a person. I wanted something which reflected me as a person during the time, and AestheticLunar just resonated with me. I wish I could change it though...
    Q. Why were you so active from January - April?
    A. In those 4 months, I became extremely reckless and didn't care much about schoolwork, and SporeWiki was kind of boring and inactive so I turned to this forum. Now, I wanted to tal…

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  • RobTheRobber6620

    Reaping Chapter 2

    February 7, 2020 by RobTheRobber6620

    Welp I made chapter two. I did a little better than chapter one writing wise. I put it on a google doc because why not.

    So here ya go.

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  • Manglethefox872

    Back ( well sorta)

    February 6, 2020 by Manglethefox872

    Hey guys, so it’s been a while huh? Wait.... when did I make this account? - checks the date that I made this account- 2016? Holy hell is this account old! Honestly I was immature when I first made an account on here, I harassed people over mangle related subjects and honestly I was a complete idiot. A lot of people here probably don’t even remember me because it’s been so long... heh... this is so awkward... I’ll probably not be active after this post is made as I no longer even enjoy five nights a Freddy’s anymore and have moved onto other fandoms. I also no longer harass people over stupid subjects and have matured quite a bit. Another thing is that I lied about my age when I made these accounts, I was about 10 when I made these account…

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  • Homura-chan

    cursed thoughts

    February 5, 2020 by Homura-chan

    here's a list where i will document my cursed thoughts regarding fnaf

    what if mangle was pronounced manglé

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  • Kaitlynfazbear2020

    charcters i love

    February 4, 2020 by Kaitlynfazbear2020
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  • Calibri-Chan

    Am I the only one that's had this problem?

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  • RobTheRobber6620

    I am postoning the Reaping for now. For now, I have a different fanfic I want to write. I have had the characters and events and such for about 2-3 years, so I decided to finally finish it and write it into chapters and make a (hopefully) decent story. Don't worry, I am not abandoning the Reaping, just postoning it.

    Edit: Changed by mind. I'ma do a pro gamer move and work on both.

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  • Small-soul


    February 3, 2020 by Small-soul

    hmm this was on scott games --> 

    its a cool picture

    gives me the "mind control" vibes.. 


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  • NotMuch,You

                                                                   YOUR PROBLEM


             Mark would have weird dreams of hearing a person yell and shriek at him for help but it was hard to make out if it was his name being called or someone else was being called. His dreams would be dark and shown blurred of mostly seeing a man in fear and being grabbed by many random plastic and fur arms or a strange child smiling at him. While at work one of his coworkers said that they found something in the evidence locker room with his name on a name tag reading [for Mark *Blank*, from a Friend] and bring him to the evidence lockers. Showing something that he has never seen befor…

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  • ScarletKitti

    The blog post works like this: You just put up something wrong with the game (Not glitches, or game know what I mean.) and post. (Silly game plot errors, silly quirks, etc.)

    Before making a reply, read what is above you so you don't do the exact same thing they say. Anyway...

    The animatronics being stuck in the pizzeria since 1987  can literarily just duck and walk casually out of the door- ;-;

    Why didn't they think about that before...

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  • Guineapigrace

    I've noticed some pages need to be made, here are the pages:

    Nightmare Cupcake

    Freddy Frostbear

    XOR's page needs to be added to the little bottom part of every animatronic page. 

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  • DeathtimeFoxy

    What I'm up to!

    January 26, 2020 by DeathtimeFoxy

    Hello guys! I recently started on this wiki, and I want to work towards being a FNaF theorist! I've been working on some theories, and also I would like you guys to give me any questions about the FNaF universe that haven't been solved (MATPAT), and give me lore information that hasn't been put together yet (again, MATPAT)! I'll post on my blog when I'm working on new theories, right now I'm working on a Shadow Bonnie theory. Stay tuned!DeathtimeFoxy (talk) 19:27, January 26, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Pugsley the Pug Animatronic

    Hey everyone! You all have been invited to a new RP I made in the RP wiki, "FNAF: The Secret Facility"! I hope you all like it, and have fun! Please read the rules first.

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  • Pugsley the Pug Animatronic

     Chapter 2: Sleeping with a Bunny

    8:16 at night, Dorm

    I got in the shower, trying to get a quick shower to look good. “Cancel the date.” my corruption said. “Why should take orders from you?” I said. He sprouted out of my arm, turning those veins black. “Because I can kill him.” he growled. “I’ll protect him!” I yelled. “Remember, I am your creator. You answer to ME.” he sneered. “I’m tired of you orders!” I yelled. I grabbed the creature by the base of my arm. I started ripping it out. I screamed out in pain. 

    Shadow POV: 

    I’m sitting downstairs, waiting for the big reveal. I heard Pugsley screaming. “What the fuck is going on up there???” I walked up, and opened the bathroom door. I discovered Pugsley in different clothes than usual, but sti…

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  • Anime Funtime Foxy

    Hi there

    January 22, 2020 by Anime Funtime Foxy

    My discord sever

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  • Twinoxx


    January 20, 2020 by Twinoxx


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  • Kanderson2900

    My night

    January 20, 2020 by Kanderson2900

    Most people go out on the weekend but im staying home on this wiki page eating popcorn looking at fnaf night ever

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  • Sandra K. Sloan

    Oh, hi there. Here's the Most Logical Fnaf timeline.

    Before the chronologically first Fnaf game

    ·After putting on a Spring Bonnie suit, a man named William Afton lures away a girl named Susie telling her, her dog died.

    ·Susie and four other children whose names are Cassidy, Fritz, Jeremy and Gabriel gets taken and stuffed into suits.

    ·Freddy Fazbear's location close as a result of this.

    ·With no pizzeria to serve as his murder den, Afton tries to launch a new restaurant: Circus Baby's Pizza World.

    ·After the restaurant opens, a girl named Elizabeth, who is Afton's daughter, finds herself alone with Baby, and gets herself clawed.

    ·In the aftermath of the tragedy, he buries Baby, and most the other humanoid characters underground in a facility. The…

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  • Jeffrey Penguin

    Well, there it is. Five fives. Holy hell.

    For being my last milestone blog, I guess it would only make sense to make it a callback to my first one. I’ve already referenced the title, but now for the contents. And by that, the dedication.

    Like the first time, we of course have to start with the Main Three: Star, Nam, and Yan. Everyone saw this coming. Wonderful users, really helped me grow as a person and a user back in my first few years on this wiki. I couldn’t have made it this far without you. You guys are the best.

    And of course, everyone who kept me going in the threads. Whether we be friends or not, there’s no denying that these users gave a sufficient boost to my activity, let alone keeping me here at all. Term, Fred, Hopper, Trica, Si…

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  • Pugsley the Pug Animatronic

    Chapter 1: True Love

    8:27 in the morning, Dorm

    *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* went my alarm, annoyingly. “Ughhhhhh….. Just one more minute…” I groaned. I smashed the snooze button on the alarm and went back to sleep. Oh, by the way, my names Pugsley, and i’m just one more teenage animatronic at Animatronica Community College. “Cmon, get up! Were gonna be late for class!” said my BFF and roomate Shadow. “Nooo….” I said. She started playing Mi Gente and I had to get up. “Okay, fine.” I said. We started getting ready for the day. Shadow took a shower while I cooked breakfast, and then we switched. While I was showering, I heard the evil side of me talking, my nightmare side. “Why are you taking a goddamn shower?!” it said. I just sighed and flushed him …

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  • Pugsley the Pug Animatronic

    Ok, just so you know, I am listing the names first. Here they are.

    Pugsley: Female, Cute, 19 yrs. old, Single

    Shadow (Shadow Bonnie): Female, Pugsley's BFF, 17 yrs. old, in relationship.

    Bon (Bonnie): Male, Cool, Single, 21 yrs. old

    Freddy: Male, Evil, Pugsley's arch enemy, Single, 27 yrs. old

    Chica: Female, Kind, Freddy's servant, 21 yrs. old

    Foxy: Male, Twisted spirit, Freddy's mercenary, 24 yrs. old

    Goldie: Male, Reluctant follower of Freddy, Kind, 20 yrs. old

    Principal Glitchtrap: Male, Serious, Keeper of the Glitch, 57 yrs. old

    And of course... A villian.

    Corruption: Male, A Parisite, Hosts in Pugsley and Freddy 1,000 yrs. old

    Whew, thats a lot of people! Enjoy Chapter 1!

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  • That1nightguard

    cruddy thing i did.

    January 13, 2020 by That1nightguard

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  • Pugsley the Pug Animatronic

    Okay, so I didn't even know that the easter egg existed, but I triggered the Fredbear jumpscare in UCN. It completly took me by surprise! I triggered it and it wasn't the jumpscare that scared me, It was the sound. Its just so LOUD.

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  • SinFaz - X

    As I was about to turn around, I heard a man voice:

    "Get down!"

    And I did. Just after that, the last Aztec in front of me got hit by a crowbar. And then I stood up, and turned around.

    There was a guy with a purple sweater and brown pants and blue sneakers. He has black hair and blue eyes.

    "Uhh, hey there..."

    He didn't answer me and walked past. Then he started to look for something in the Aztec he hit.

    "Thanks for the help there, I guess."

    He stood up and came in front of me, looking straight at my face:

    "Help? More like saving your life, y'know?"

    "Eh, whatever you say, I guess."

    He stared at my face for a while, and then went back near the body. I wondered what he was looking for.

    "What is it that you are looking for?" A quick response came out:


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  • Ethannumberblocksfan5

    dont ask how i made it

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  • XxFreddyTheBearxX

    For some reason, i shocked Baby on FNAF AR and the game didnt end. Did this happen to anyone? Just wondering.

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  • YTP King

    Yellow Guy's Identity

    January 2, 2020 by YTP King

    During the end of the Midnight Motorist mini-game in Freddy Fazbear: Pizzeria Simulator, a character wearing a gray shirt watching TV can be seen, who tells the "Yellow Guy" to leave the other kid alone, since he had been through a rough day. It is speculated that this character is the older brother, due to their resemblance and the color of their text voices being gray, and the Yellow Guy, is actually the Crying Victim. This scene also seems to confirm that Michael is the older brother since Michael watches a lot of TV between the nights of Sister Location,and this could Explain why Yellow Man said he ran off to that place again,possibly refering to a pizzeria, and that BV was bitten at a pizzeria and possibly reason why Yellow Guy hates …

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  • FnaFideas

    Fnaf 4 Christmas Update

    December 24, 2019 by FnaFideas

    Ok, Scott Cawthon made a Halloween Update but no Christmas. Ideas-

    Freddles: Evil Elfs

    Nightmare Bonnie: Frosty Bonnie

    Nightmare Chica: Frosty Chica

    Nightmare Cupcake: Nightmare Nutcracker

    Nightmare Foxy: Bloody Rudolph

    Nightmare Fredbear: Santa Claus

    Nightmare: Christmas Demon

    Plushtrap: Nightmare Elf on The Shelf

    BB: Plushtrap Fredbear

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  • Nclearsphinx

    I know this might be weird, but I have a small amount of lore behind the FNAF 4 chest. Somebody told me that inside the chest was the fredbear suit. So the lore is when something happened (can't remember), the chest opened, and inside was the fredbear suit. The Freddy company thing took the suit and put it in the kitchen as storage (He had no idea how the kitchen is storage), and that's ALSO probably why the kitchen's an audio-only camera in FNAF 1.

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  • SeñorPinguino1987

    I dunno, but this is looking like some crossover is happening. Campbell? Descendant of Susie Campbell? Also, that recording sign. Looks just like the one from BATIM. if you guys have any other theories about that sign, comment here.

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  • Guineapigrace

    I literally just thought of this. What if the Bite Victim is Sammy Emily, the Foxy Mask brother has no relation to Michael, and Charlie has the empty girl's room?? Then Elizabeth and Michael are still William's kids. I don't think this is right, but just a thought. 

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