• Starmario552

    Hello again before I show the next part I need to explain  something the reason that this part is five and not four because I show four last time so with that here you go:

    "Hey Bonnie wake up it's Saturday time to go!" Jeremy yelled upstairs. Bonnie dashed down the stairs last weekend he barely got himself out of bed but today was different he was going to pick up his friends and going to Freddy's to fix the poor little fox Mangle. When Bonnie got to the bottom he almost ran outside if the door didn't stop him in his tracks "Slow down little bunny let me open the door first" Jeremy told him. when they got in and started driving Jeremy told him "So everything's good to go I got permission to take your friends for the weekend so we can do thi…

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  • RifleGirl298


    November 10, 2018 by RifleGirl298

    i think this place might be dead. no offence to anyone here but i was just browsing fandoms and found fnaf. i used to like fnaf but then sister location came out and there was just a downwards spiral od memes and regret then on. so i backed out and got hooked on steven universe and the sims. tbh im just some trashy gamer girl who binge watches the office way too much. but im just popping along this lakeline to say- does anyone remember the golden prime days of fnaf? the days when people all thought purple guy was phone guy and matpat was still on about the pink guy purple guy shpeil. anyways im off to go browse to tumblr where the dead memes are burried. see ya

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  • Umbreon The Serial Killer

    Holly Fuck One Year already?

    O n e y e a r...w h e r e t h e f u c k d i d i t g o ?

    Well, this blog is exactly what it says on the tin; a blog dedicated to me just being unable to believe that I’ve been apart of this Fandom for a year.

    This is tiny little achievement really matters to me because on all the wikis I’ve been on,I’ve never been able to say “I’ve been a active member of this community for a year and I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends.”

    Never, not even on the Gravity Falls wiki where I was well-known as that one ‘edgy’ kid.*inhales deeply* I regret that era.

    Anyways, I just want to let you guys to know that I’ll never be able to describe how thankful I am for your friendships, for those wonderful moments that you guys made me laug…

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  • DalySkywalker

    The Candy Cadet: Chapter 3: The 5 Puppies Story

    Chapter 3: 

    Cadet booted up, his servos starting with the usual humming noise. He was in a dark room. He tried to move, and rolled forward. Suddenly, he could see a blur, and then could see light. He realized he was at the end of the alley, and it was 6:00 AM in the morning. He could hear the voices of boys, so rolled forward, exiting the alley. 4 boys stood, talking to each other. They dressed in green and blue. 

    " Cake Night" Cadet suddenly uttered, remembering the night Charlie was killed. The night he had failed to save her...... The night that the Security Puppet took it's final steps.

    It was killed by the rain.

    Cadet checked the date: 1979. *Had it really been YEARS?*. Cadet observed his app…

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  • Flameygamer

    Nothing much more to say, the link on the Rockstar Foxy page is a dead link. Can anyone fix it?

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  • Freddy's-Doll


    October 21, 2018 by Freddy's-Doll


    I'm new here, one of my friends showed me the sight and I got curious. So here I am!! I'm looking forward to meeting new people, reading about your opinions and theories and seeing all kinds of art. Let me know if you're also on DeviatnArt, I'll check out your acount and maybe follow you .Hope I'm welcomed!

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  • Ccarbe6062

    A sequel for my movie idea for FNAF. XD

    3 years later after Mike (Christopher Carbery ) set the animatronics and corpses free,

    Ennard had no choice but to evolve those Fazbear Entertainment plushies

    (I'll bet you know what I'm about, something from FNAF4) into Nightmare animatronics!

    Meanwhile, Mike Schmidt noticed that Vincent *Springtrap* Afton (Kellen Goff ) was ashamed to his tragic past

    that happened from the Bite of 87. So they both had no choice but to team up and then rebuild

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. After making an initial investment (a small room, tables & chairs, and electricity),

    Mike then hired his sister, Michelle (Megan Burton ) as the new security

    guard is left with $100 to spend on a new restaurant.

    After the work week, they are enc…

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  • Starmario552

    FNATD part 3

    October 20, 2018 by Starmario552

    The next day Bonnie walked in to the Daycare expecting to go upstairs but saw that his friends with a few others were downstairs "Hey guys hows it going." he said as all of the kids turned their heads to him.He saw both old and new the girl with a headband with fox ears walked up "Hello there I'm Tulip.Mary's sister nice to meet ya" she held her arm out and Bonnie shock it he did notice that Anna was on the desk doing something on her tablet like the day he met her he walked up "Hey nice to see you again Anna" Bonnie said and Anna looked up and stared at him than went back to what she doing Bonnie expected as much and turned to see Izzy on his leg "Usually she only does that to me it looks like I was wrong" Mary told him and Izzy was stuck…

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  • CrescentBullcrap

    (it's not the end yet)

    Jamie woke in a FNAF 2 location she's at the dinning area sitting one of the chairs, she saw the children watching the toy animatronics perform from the show stage, the kids are very happy to see the toy animatronics, but for Jamie they look creepy to her.

    someone pats her shoulders from the back, when she look at her back, it was jeremy "so jamie, who's your favourite animatronic?" he asked jamie who's her favourite animatronic,

    Jamie responded with a young feminine voice "uh... freddy?" 

    "oh that's good, isn't that Freddy?" jeremy points at toy freddy from the stage

    "...that's not freddy, where's Freddy fazbear? he could've been here"

    "Freddy fazbear? oh don't worry i have Freddy in my...." Jeremy as he picks up the fred…

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  • Freddy Fanatic

    0 days until the party. Lucas’ birthday party.

    Inside the restaurant, Lucas was kneeling on the ground, while four older kids surrounded him, wearing masks. One of them was his brother Michael, who wore a Foxy mask.

    “Wow, your brother is kind of a baby, isn’t he?” One of the bullies uttered, teasing Lucas.

    “It’s hilarious. Why don’t we help him get a closer look!? He will love it!” Michael said.

    “No! Please!” Lucas cried, begging for mercy.

    “Come on guys, let’s give this little man a lift. He wants to get up close and personal!” Michael told his friends. They lifted Lucas up and started walking towards the stage.

    “No! I don’t want to go!”

    “You heard the little man! He wants to get even closer! Ha ha ha!”

    They stopped in front of Fredbear and Sprin…

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  • BlackDragonKid


    October 17, 2018 by BlackDragonKid

    Im there.

    You just don't see me. 

    Im in the background, watching.

    Happy Halloween, everyone.

    I never left, I just grew inactive.

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  • Starmario552

    FNATD story part 2

    October 14, 2018 by Starmario552

    Hello again it is that time so afew things this time before getting into this part is that I wanted to put the list of characters in where who would become which animatronic but decided aganist it because 1. some charcters won't be that easy to tell their animatronic 2. some characters aren't even in the main series of FNAF games 3. after they become animatronics they'll figure out their real names from the past and it wouldn't be right to give infomation that is already known and part of the story centers around that idea. now with that in mind you guys can say who you think is who in the comments but going to say this now Toy Bonnie is female along with Goldie and Rockstar Foxy ( By The Way the characters that aren't in the core FNAF ser…

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  • Citron Bomb Official

    I will be remaking this list again, this time using tabs.

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  • Doit67

    Scott should make a game called Five Nights at Fredbear’s where you play 5 nights at Fredbear’s family diner Don’t forget there also will be Plush Bonnie (to represent plushtrap’s original form).

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  • Akapvzchinamanto

    my blog

    October 6, 2018 by Akapvzchinamanto

    hi there fnaf lovers and fanf fan  today i have something to say .    i have already play all the fanf games but i just wandering if there will be any fnaf 7 ?     well i ready did play all the five  night at freddy games .

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  • Starmario552

    FNATD story part 1

    October 5, 2018 by Starmario552

    So I decided to give the story now the story is long and I mean very long so I'll only show 1 day a post this one an exception being 2 but this has been fun to type so far and I whould like to thank a few people but I'll get to that when the time comes so anyway enjoy the story

    "Wake up!" A voice called from downstairs, it was not a good day to get up or do anything at all. In one of the rooms upstairs, there was a rustle, and a boy got out of the bed. "Yeah I'm coming," the boy yelled while still half asleep. It was Monday, they were moving in and had to get done by Wednesday. "Bonnie come on! get in here and help me," someone called impatiently waiting for his little brother. "Yeah yeah, Jeremy give me a minute. It's also Monday, we still…

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  • PoTheRedTollitubbis


    October 5, 2018 by PoTheRedTollitubbis


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  • RobTheRobber


    October 5, 2018 by RobTheRobber

    I wont be very active anymore, as I have lots of school work I have to do. No I am NOT leaving the wiki. Don't think I will be any time soon either. Y'all are my friends. Now, about my inactivity lately, my grades have been going down. I have been studying in all of my freetime. I have had lots of homework. So, I am sorry for my inactivity.

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  • FreddyAndKirbyFan10


    Sorry I lost it just then. I'm just so, so upset right now. Why, you ask? Because I told you two days ago that if you didn't ask anymore questions by the next day or earlier, I would end our relationships. But it's WAY past that day, and STILL, none of you fools said anything to me. So here we are at this very moment where I delete my Ask The FNAB Crew discussion post as a consequence for your ignorance. You probably ignoring this post too, I can tell. BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS IGNORE ME! Sorry again. Still, this thread is closed, and you all owe me an apology. I'm not trying to be the enemy right now, but I've had it with being ignored al…

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  • Starmario552

    what should I do?

    October 2, 2018 by Starmario552

    So I've been doing things over at the fangame wiki working on a story and since I'm in a good mood because of recent things happening on youtube I decided I like to ask you guys something and the reason I haven't done this yet is because everything I do comment the thing I did comment on just disappears

    but that's really not what I came here to say. I came to say that since I have about two or three more plot points to go before I start the main story so I wanted to ask do you guys want to see it. Now it is fnaf based and I've been hinting at it for a while and it is the story for the fan game I was creating with my friend which I gave up on in favor of doing it on youtube but I'm working on backstory and soon the rest of it

    If you guys do s…

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  • Coiny01

    Mfa For Fnaf 2 Version 1.033

    September 26, 2018 by Coiny01

    Please Give Me The Fnaf 2 Version 1.033 MFA And the fnaf sl 1.121 mfa and post them on mediafire please

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  • Peridot09

    Make a Fnaf Oc

    September 26, 2018 by Peridot09

    Wolox9 1. Pick whether they are a human or an animatronic. NOT BOTH! and also their occupation.

    2. Pick a good name. Animal related names are best for the bots, but if it's a person, go crazy.

    3. BE ORIGINAL! Don't copy other people's ideas! I'm sure you have a wonderful imagination on your own!

    4. Make sure you can draw it. Don't go making an octopus OC if you can only draw horses or something.

    5. DON'T MAKE THEM OP! That's unfair to everyone. They can't shoot lazers out their eyes, nor can they have a bazooka in their ass or some stupid shit like that.

    6. What's their backstory? Are they a springlock suit, a toy, a nightmare, or something else?

    7. Post what you've come up with (minus the picture cuz it'll get deleted) with this handy templat…

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  • Mudkip57430Cool


    September 22, 2018 by Mudkip57430Cool

    wario and waluigi were just minding their own business until ...

    wario: WHAT'S THAT SOUND???

    waluigi: IT'S COMING FROM OVER THERE! ...

    ...loud feet could be heard

    • stomp stomp*


    wario and waluigi: WHAT

    bowser: YEP! EVEN MORE THAN MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    waluigi: what are you gonna do about it!?

    bowser: KILL YOU OFC!

    wario and waluigi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bowser begins to kill wario and waluigi

    wario: noooooo! we're almost dead!!

    waluigi: have mercy!!!!!!

    bowser jr comes

    bowser jr: what are you doing?

    bowser: killing wario and waluigi!!!!

    bowser continues to kill wario and waluigi

    bowser jr: HAHAHA!!! KEEP KILLING THEM, PAPA!!!!!!

    wario: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    waluigi: PLEASE STOP

    bowser: NO!!!!!!!…

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  • CrescentBullcrap

    FNAF: TSAA Chapter 1

    September 22, 2018 by CrescentBullcrap

    June 6, 2017

    The nightguard always remember being bullied by his classmates, he was always dreaming and daydreaming about it... despite all of that, he appears to act like a normal person which he was used to be. when he entered the pizzeria at 11 PM the place seems to quiet... however he saw Jamie and Michael having a conversation, He then gets closer to Them.

    "oh hey I forgot, welcome to your first shift... and You are?" asked by Michael

    the Guard responded "how about you call me "Night Guy" instead?"

    "alright Night Guy, this is Jamie, She'll be your partner in your one week shift, and Jamie, this is the night guard, He'll be your "friend" for this week" Michael as He introduces Jamie and the nightguard to each other

    in 12 AM, Michael decided…

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  • League Fighters

    There where Two People about 18-20's in the Office with a Police Office named Bobby Don, The Kid's where Thomas Ylone, and Betty Jaine, they where both shocked and trembled at the same time, Betty spoke.
    "I swear I saw it, he chased us and we were running fast, and when we got to a corner there was a Robotic Humanoid Dog that was burnt and melted on the bottom and it got to its knee's and started tr-tr-TRANSFORMING into a robot dog and it freaking chased us, i-"
    The Police Officer Bobby interrupted, for he wasn't amused, he merely thought it was a prank or a fake.
    "And who was this guy you said did this last week," The Police officer said.
    "His name was Mr.Afton" Thomas spoke.
    "Mr.Afton as in the Owner of Fazbear Entertainment" Bobby spoke as h…

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  • DalySkywalker

    The Candy Cadet: Just Little Children...

    Chapter 1: Freddy:

    June 26, 1975

    Gabriel had waited with the other children, giggling and laughing, waiting for Springbonnie and Foxy's surprise. But then, Springbonnie came in, with no cakes or anything he had promised in hand. Gabriel had been the first to run over, instantly waving her arms while yelling, " Springy, where is my cak-". Her sentence ended with a shriek. Springbonnie's arm was covered in blood. She slowly backed away, turning around to run, but Springbonnie grabbed her, holding her up with 1 hand while he used the other to slam the door. She wriggled, shrieking and crying as she tried to get away. The other children began to cry, and huddled in the corner with Susie, who had been cryin…

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  • Michael Afton97

    hello everyone

    September 20, 2018 by Michael Afton97

    Hi! Myname is Michael Afton97 um, i live in MountDora,FL.i have 13 pets ; 3 birds and 10 cats. i enjoy many things i love to travel from place to place. i love learning new things ,i enjoy reading, drawing ,writing and i also love animals my most favorite animal is wolves . and i also enjoy learning and watching anime.

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  • CrescentBullcrap

    FNAF: TSAA Prologue

    September 20, 2018 by CrescentBullcrap

    (alright then...)

    1 month earlier...

    In the underground facility of the Afton Residence, William Afton created His first advanced Animatronic, Her name is Baby, He decided to add a hand-size Dagger on Her right hand to make Her even deadlier. Afton heard the news about the newly established Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria... He decided to throw Her in the alley of the Restaurant that is about to be opened, he then later goes on creating other Animatronics and does the same thing as He did to Baby, he later disappears and was never seen again.

    June 5, 2017

    In 1 PM, when Mike was talking to one of His Employees, an Unnamed Nightguard knocking from the entrance asks if He could take the job. Mike looks at him, He appears to be wearing a Gray Hoodie Jac…

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  • League Fighters

    William Afton walked across a little small park in a lonely area toward's the Hospital "St.Myer's", He made his way past the Hospital and down the street where "Afton Robotic's" was located, he knew what he was going to do' but what he didn't know that Mike was in trouble' not just trouble, big trouble.

    Mike was struggling to get The Ennard, Abombination of Part's of him when it finally resorted to biting him deep in his frontal lobe, for it was for throwing Ennard out his body, but for him it was more than throwing up Ennard, It was PAYBACK! for what he did to his Little Brother, chomping his little brother's frontal lobe and now Mike got he chomped deeper than his brother's, he couldn't move nor ask for help for he was dead...or was he!

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  • O175HayStacksO

    URN: Extras

    September 19, 2018 by O175HayStacksO

    Plushies can be used to give you exclusive powerups.

    The three plushies are:

    Lefty Plushie: Temporarily soundproofs the office

    Foxy Plushie: Stops vent animatronics for a short time

    Chica Plushie: Prevents Mendo from appearing, the new version of the DD repel. 

    Prices are:

    Lefty Plushie: 100 fazcoins

    Foxy Plushie: 250 fazcoins 

    Chica Plushie: 1000 fazcoins

    Secrets (WIP):

    If you set Scott to 1 without any other animatronics and don't click him, you will end up in a bossfight with him based on the one in FNAF World. Winning the bossfight reveals a secret cutscene about how Scott created FNAF.


    These Power-ups are obtained randomly after beating 5 nights in a row. One will be selected randomly.

    They are:

    Undying battery: Scared of the dark…

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  • O175HayStacksO

    Candy Cadet: what he does that he randomly activates and you must shut him down or you must listen to his story (by looking directly at him) and if you look away he will jumpscare you with a loud beep, attracting sound sensitive animatronics.

    Nightmare Foxy: If you hear a growl in your office, nightmare foxy will be hiding somewhere. you must find him and shine your flashlight where he is, or you will get jumpscared.

    Withered foxy: he climbs through the vent on the wall and when he reaches the end you won't be able to close it. shine the flashlight on him to stop him from jumpscaring you until he is gone.

    Bonnie head:

    He will appear on your desk for 45 seconds (a minute in fnaf) and make the bonnie animatronics harder

    Scott Cawthon: he will app…

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  • AdrianC385
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  • RobTheRobber

    The Reaping
    Chapter One - The 18th Game
    I sit back in my chair, holding a black Xbox 360 controller while waiting for my freind, Jeff, to tell me what game he wants to play. I look at my phone. I tap the yellow text app. I type "Come on Jeff, pick game already." He responds, "I can't, I was choosen." "What?" I text, confused. Then my phone beeps. "Hold on I got an Email." I text to Jeff. I check my Emails, to see a Email that says ' You are Choosen '. I tap on it, and I see that the Email is from the Untied Nations. I shrug my shoulders as I mumble to myself "Probably spam." before even reading it.

    I hear a large roar outside. I open my curtains to see an helichopper with a black square on it. In the middle it has a yellow circle, and on the …

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  • League Fighters

    Afton Robotic's II

    Mike had finished everything he was supposed to do, he accomplished thing's more than just surviving Circus Baby's but he had accomplished Soul Remnant Removing, he knew there was some good in Baby, mostly his sister, Mike had went home to see his father, his father knew he would come and he spoke.

    "I knew you would do it, but this time, in order for us to become a Father & Son Business, in The Old Afton Robotic's (Afton Robotic's I) There are a few other Animatronic's that I might have left there, you see the thing is -"

    William Afton (Purple Guy) had got up to show what looked to be a Futuristic Funtime Toy Freddy, It was only the head, Mike moved the side he was not amused, he didn't want to go to place's like that anymo…

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  • RobTheRobber

    War Games Backstory

    September 17, 2018 by RobTheRobber

    Backstory for a story about the people on the wiki I am making.

    This is a backstory of the war like games that I will have during this story.

    It all started in the middle of 2025, around July, when the population start rising a great amount. By 2029, the population nearly doubled. Poor countries when into complete madness, and rich countries start to go hungry and poor. The United Nations decided to take action. They released a every other month War Game, which a select amount of people are forced to fight to the death in one of the three fractions, Hupomone, Akera, and Seva. Each fraction would have to plan attacks, try to survive, and kill off the other fractions to win the games. By 2031, it started becoming successful.
    The low amount of m…

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  • Mushroomsalad

    As you would know, Fazbear Co. burned down, and here is how it all happened. it all began with it almost being showtime.

    Funtime Foxy: Ugh, when will it be showtime? It fells like I've been waiting FOREVER!!!!!!

    Funtime Foxy shouted that last word so loudly that the entire Funtime Cove shook. The time was 3:59 with showtime at 4:00. The fox didn't have much longer to wait.

    Funtime Foxy: I might consider locking up my servos at this point, this is taking FORE-

    Just as the fox was finishing his last word, the clocks hit 4:00

    Funtime Foxy: (Gasp sounding sound) DOES THAT MEAN,




    After the fox was finishing his words, he sprinted as fast as he could to get to Parts & Service, despite there was no nightguard, and if there wa…

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  • Mushroomsalad

    "Uh, hello? Uh, unfortunately Fazbear pizza had to close because of uh, a fire that happened overnight. Luckily, security cameras witnessed the whole thing, and somebody wrote a uh, thing about it. I have the last copy, so i'm sending it to you. Happy reading! (Beep)"

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  • LapisLazuliisthebest

    This is an updated version of my previous Timeline Theory. It's mostly the same except there are a few changes, notably my CC = Funtime Freddy theory that was very controversial, but I've now changed it to CC = Shadow Freddy instead.

    So here it is If there are any plot holes please tell me.

    The Timeline

    Early 1970s:

    Henry Emily opens Fredbears Family Dinner, staring Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, animatronics Henry Built himself.

    William Afton founds Afton Robotics.

    Due to the success of FFD, another company sets up Chicas Party World.

    William is hired by CPW to create animatronic characters better then Henrys.

    William creates Funtime Chica, Music Man, Lolbit, Magical Puppet (pervious name for Security Puppet), Yenndo (a ripoff of Fredbear) Egg Baby …

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  • DalySkywalker

    The Candy Cadet: Chapter 2: The 5 Kittens Story             

    July 13, 1975

    The purple car sped down the highway, passing multiple cars. He was going over the speed limit. *Why are all the cars going in the opposite direction?* The drunken man wondered. A collision quickly occured, smashing the man's windshield, and wrecking the entire hood of the other car. The man's car went skidding across the road, turning in circles as it bashed into another. The man crawled out of his car, coughing up blood. The murdered spirit unknowingly seeped into an arcade game, changing it's appearance internally, and corrupting it's name to be " Later That Night"

    The Cadet slowly booted up, making a loud, stretched out humming noise. It's vision was black, at first,…

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  • Freddy Fanatic

    December 17, 1993

    On Friday night, Violet Hartmann lunged awake from her bed, after experiencing a nightmare where she was with her sister at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, in front of Chica singing while holding her Cupcake. Susie was laughing and cheering while in front of the stage, but then the stage started to fade away, transitioning into a dilapidated room with nothing except for a few arcade machines, and the battered corpse of their dog covered in dirt and tire tracks. One of the animatronics within the pizzeria - a yellow rabbit named Spring Bonnie - stood in front of Susie with its actual animatronic eyes missing from its sockets and replaced with human eyes, as well as an ominous grin before pulling out a knife and plunging it right in…

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  • Jeffrey Penguin

    It seems to me that as of now we're going through a time of fanfictions on this wiki. A handful of users have been presenting their AU concepts, telling us about what they think for their own stories and the such. And I think it's great to see the creativity come to life, see how people take these FNaF ideas into their own hands and mold something interesting with it. I like it.

    That being said, most people who know me here probably have heard of my AU, Unbroken Misery (UM), which I've been writing for a long time. Now it's my time to share about it... right?

    See, as I just said, people have gotten really creative with their stories here. Be it giving an already established character new purpose, to showing a side of FNaF we didn't get to se…

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  • LapisLazuliisthebest

    Here it is, the theory you've all been waiting for. My FNaF World theory. It started with a draft version where I would post my basic idea an then read comments and throw in new ideas. But now I have taken these things and made a (n almost) full theory.

    But before we start, you should read these pieces of Fan-fiction I wrote. It will help set the stage and make the theory less confusing.

    Read them? Good. Now we can begin.

    Remember, certain elements of this theory may sound silly, but FNaF World is a very silly tong-in-cheek game so yeah.

    Henry Emily was the creator of loads of animatronics, he loved his creations so much that …

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  • O175HayStacksO

    Other Infoboxes

    September 7, 2018 by O175HayStacksO
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  • O175HayStacksO

    New Bonnie Infobox

    September 7, 2018 by O175HayStacksO
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  • RobTheRobber

    FanFic 1

    September 5, 2018 by RobTheRobber

    (Warning: Cringe) (I used some parts from a youtube video as I am uncreative.)

    FIve Nights At Freddys: The Beginning?
    Written by: OOPS forgot to remove this in the old version!
    Credits: Scott Cawthon, anyone that took the screen shots.
    A short story based on the best selling horror video game series, Five Nights at Freddys.
    William Afton / Purple Guy: A child murderer and owner of Freddy Fazbears Pizza, Afton Robotics, and Fredbear's Family Diner.
    Phone Guy: Micheal's guide as a nightguard.
    Micheal Afton / Mike Schimt : Son of William Afton and nightguard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
    Freddy Fazbear: A bear animatronic and lead singer of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza band.
    Bonnie the Bunny:  A rabbit animatronic and guitarist of Freddy Fazbear's P…

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  • Exl111


    September 4, 2018 by Exl111


    (Ali-A's intro plays)

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  • RobTheRobber

    FanFic annoucement

    September 1, 2018 by RobTheRobber

    I have wrote a small FanFic, but it sucks. Badly. I don't think I will ever put it on here, but I might one day after I edit it and clean it up. It's not gonna be anytime soon. Just wanted ya'll to know.

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  • O175HayStacksO

    Test Blog

    August 30, 2018 by O175HayStacksO

    Test Link

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  • DalySkywalker

    Chapter 1: The 5 Keys Story

    " Now I will tell you a story. A story about a playful puppy". The Candy Cadet told a placeholder story to 5 children who had noticed him in a corner. Each of them had bracelets of many different colors, and laughed at his childish story. The cadet took note of the 2 girls of the 5 children, their black and brown hair in pigtails.

    The little robot checked the date: July 13, 1975. He observed his surroundings: It was dark and raining outside. The room was very blank, but there was a stage that stood in it's center. A blue rabbit stood on the stage in front of many tables and seats, chldren sitting in them. The rabbit held a red guitar and a red bowtie rested on it's chest, it's mouth wide open as it appeared to smi…

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  • Moncon

    FNaF fan game 2019-2020

    August 29, 2018 by Moncon

    I am attempting to make a FNaF fan game in 2020 and plan to release a demo in 2019. However I need someone to help develop the game as I am not the most skilled programmer. If anyone has any ideas or models that you want to have in the game I would be glad to add them. That is all

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