• PoppleRookie2005


    September 17, 2019 by PoppleRookie2005



    SEND HELP!!!


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  • LandynGunderfan

    Hey Everybody GREAT NEWS, The Withered Animatronis have now appeared in FNaF VR: Help Wanted, all except for Withered Golden Freddy

    • They Only appear in Blacklight Mode
    • Normal Foxy still appears in FNaF 2 in normal mode

    I'm not so sure but i think this Model of Withered Freddy is just the one by Coolioart from SFM i could be wrong though

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  • Showtime von Party


    September 9, 2019 by Showtime von Party

    wasup im here to clean up my messes and not be an ass anymore (if i can take it. maybe. possibly. who knows? not me) anyway. LOVE this wiki. LOVE old me’s stupid blindness to the world. wish i could be as oblivious as that again sometime. well! if anyone wanna talk then your homeboy is back, and actually as a boy this time

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  • Terminator 22811

    (Warning: Unnecessary feelz, mushy-gushies, and philosophical crap ahead.)

    God, it feels weird typing this, but I couldn't find any other way to make it feel right.

    So... Yeah. Birthday and getting old and arthritis and whatever. Woo.

    But actually, I was surprised by how many people wished me a good one. Even outside of here. I didn't want to do anything this year, but a lot of people made me feel the happiest I've ever been in a long time, just by being there. And I mean you guys too when I say this. A fair number, if not all, of you really made me feel at home here, a place to fit in. I've gotten the chance to grow more as a person with some fantastic, interesting, and just plain fun people here. One could say it's almost like another famil…

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  • NightFox2001

    my is shine by spektrem it called spektrem - shine (Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix) [NCS Release].

    it's great whats ya'lls fav let me know i bet i might of heard some of the ones i'll might of heard.

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  • Nightwolf2001

    so the one i think isnt scary is golden freddy but my friend does cause of  him always crashing the game and my friends name is kyle so yeah but he is very funny.

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  • Nightmarewolfy1

    when ever your feeling down what kind of song and whats the songs name but what do you listen to help you feel better when ever your feeling down i listen to shm a.k.a. swedish house mafia cause i lost my dad but that song reminds me that hes always watching over me no matter what i still miss him though but it makes me feel a little better so plz dont bully me over me losing a family memeber that i loved with all my heart i cant help but wish i could see him again i give anything to see my father again.

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  • Guineapigrace

    The FNaF Timeline. (With evidence)

    1973: Fredbear’s Family Diner 1 opens.

    The year 1973 is found from FNaF 1. When Phone Guy mentions 20 years. 1993 minus 20 is 1973. The Fredbear’s Family Diner mentioned is seen in the Stage 01 Minigame. It has 2 springlock suits, Fredbear and SpringBonnie. Around this time,I think he is Fritz, due to the fact that Phone Guy says he will take the night shift after Jeremy, then Fritz shows up, and Phone Guy says he always liked Foxy, and the Older Brother likes Foxy. Henry makes the suits, and William runs the business. This and the rest of the series happens in Utah.

    1979: Fredbear’s Family Diner 1 closes.

    The first location closes.

    1983: Freddy Fazbear’s #1 opens.

    On the Faztoken in FNaF VR it says the the fir…

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  • Nightmarewolfy1

    The first one that scared me was freddy cause i wasnt expecting him to scare me cause after he played his song when you run out of power it stopped and i didnt hear him walk in or anything and it took a long time so i thought the game froze up and then after a long time he jumpscared me a made me jump out of my chair real quick and i ran like i never ran in my life before.yall can tell me if that is funny to yall just dont be mean about it ok cause if your mean about it i'll have to tell a admin and i talk with one alot so plz dont be mean plz and thx.

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  • LandynGunderfan

    In FNaF VR: Help Wanted, Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy are in the FNaF 4 House but it doesn't make any sense, why are they in the house with the Nightmare Animatronics? enters through in the original game]]

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  • LeTesla

    I know we have very vague knowledge about the game other than it's probably in the 80's, but the aesthetic is very Miami like, and new wave was very popular in Miami during the 80's. Also there are palm tree lights and such, that seem to suggest the series, or this one game, takes place in Miami.

    So what do you guys think about this? (I have not made an actual serious theory since 2016 as well)

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 17, 1973

    "C-Charlie?W-What happened to y-you?"

    "Just let me in, daddy. I will explain everything there."


    I entered the house. Dad sit to one of the single couches. I sit to the other one.

    "*Sigh*William killed me."

    Dad's face turned to white.

    "Didn't I told you-"

    "I didn't. Mari's box was closed, and I couldn't enter the place. Thsn...he was there."

    "*Sigh*So, you possessed Mari."

    "Yes, Mari told me the same thing."

    "Wait... Marionette is an AI-"

    "I mean,only I can hear him now."

    "Huh... strange."

    Neither of us didn't talk for a while. Then dad said:

    "Alright, we're moving off."



    " He will come back. And will kill even more innocent kids."

    "So...what will we do, then?"

    "Can't you justreport him to the pol…

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 16, 1973

    I have opened my eyes...? Sounds like a normal thing, but... I am supposed to be dead.

    I was in the back alley of the Diner. There were Just some bins, posters and tire tracks. And... my body.

    I still can't give a meaning to it. Then I raised and looked at my hand.

    It was Mari's hand. I stood up, and looked at my body, I was inside Mari.

    "Charlie? Charlie?" It was Mari's voice.

    "Mari? Where are you?"

    "I am still here."


    "Just go back to the Diner, I will explain everything there."

    "Umm, okay." I was in shock, at that moment.

    I was able to fly a little bit, which is really helpful. It was still raining.

    I entered the Diner, the door was open this time. The previous boxes were on the ground. Springbonnie and Fredbear were performing…

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  • YanDere-Yan


    July 20, 2019 by YanDere-Yan

    Legend says if you have witnessed the almighty Miyonet (aka Me) wander around this forbidden kingdom with your own two eyes,you will either have a lucky or a really shitty day. peace out ladies. :^)

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 16, 1973, Fredbear's Family Diner

    "*Laughter* Marionette, you are the Best friend ever!"

    "So are you Charlie!"

    "Please, another one!"

    "Okay, okay. But this is the last."

    "Alright, come on."

    "Say, what will you call a yellow rabbit in season of Spring?"


    "Springbonnie of course!"


    I have laughed so hard, even I have slipped and falled. But Marionette Just got my Hand. I just felt something really...strange at that moment.

    Thus, I have caused something that I will be so glad with in the future.

    "That was a close one." said Marionette.

    "Indeed, thank you so much!"

    "Anytime, that's what are friends for!"

    "Haha, yeah. Uh-oh, I forgot my Toys in the house. Let me bring them back Real quick.

    "But it's raining."

    "It's fine. I do love rainy …

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 14, 1973, Henry's Garage

    I understood that I have entered the garage. Dad was closing my eyes. "Get ready for a surprise!" he said.

    When I opened my eyes, I saw it. It was covert with a covering. Suddenly dad's face became serious. "Now Charlie, I have a few questions for you."

    "Say, what's my partner's name?" he said.

    That's an easy one. "William Afton?"

    "Good job, now what's our Pizzeria's name and what robots are there?"

    That's easy too. "Fredbear's Family Diner, and there are Fredbear and Springbonnie."

    "Smart girl, now, I don't want you to stay close to that William Guy, or to the robots,okay?"

    "Okay." That man is a weirdo. I can understand my dad. Same goes for the robots, everyone say they are dangerous.

    "Now, we can see the surprise. Sa…

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  • Vernanonix

    So, the Discussions feature may be going away. As far as we are aware, there is no actual way for us here to turn these off. I have put in a request to Fandom to have them removed. So I wanted to give everyone a heads up that, if you use them, they may be going away. But, of course, if you've used them recently, you might understand why we’re trying to shut it down. Here is the request I sent to Fandom:

    I’m now writing Discussions off as a lost cause and they are going the way of Article Comments and Chat. Because people just can’t play nice.

    Side Note: The forums will still be around, as always.

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  • That1nightguard

    (this will contain spoilers but I am going off of what I've seen game theory do.)

    there are two sides to this theory... the dream part and the real-life part, this is the dream part

    as you know there is the current fnaf 4 "nightmare" animatronics, and as they say in their death dialog in U.C.N (ultimate custom night) with nightmare Freddy saying: "We weren't real...but somebody made us real...and we where built to kill" (or something along the lines of that :P ) but that puts a point onto the dream side...but as well onto the real-life side (somehow) as the bold in the dialog states that they where made real...not designed real...and another point I have to add to this is: why is the toy chica missing her beak at the beginning of night mini-…

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  • FredCat100

    Here's the small humor story of the reason why Ballora was absent in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted;

    Room 1, where Ballora sits in the comforting chair:

    Circus Baby: walks in the room, seeing Ballora sit in the chair attempt to hide something by hutch her back over - "Hey, Ballora. It's time for us to go. Hey, are you alright?"

    Ballora: glances at Circus Baby then leads her back onto the chair, revealing six months pregnant - "Nope, I can't. Just go."

    Circus Baby: glances at Ballora's belly

    Room 2, full of other Circus/Funtime animatronics, included Ennard:

    Circus Baby: walks into the room in hurry - "We are going without her. She get a baby due soon."

    Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon: facepalms using their left hands

    Funtime Foxy: cues the jumpscare mus…

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  • FnafFanBoy111

    So the (disambiguation) page for freddy is not  has some brokin links. the Novle vrsions of freddy and FT freddy are not brokin, becous the novel part of the link is not capitalized. Can so one fix that plese.

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  • Fanf 2.0


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  • LoomingLak3

    This might be important.


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  • RobTheRobber6620

             July 18, 2025, Exeter, Great Britan
    I turn on the radio of my blue SUV as I drive down the road, just a few blocks from my house. A news report cuts on first.

    "The radiation is closed to being fully cleared from the United     States! However, most of the former civilians of the U.S.A. will be brought back, but not in a good way."

    The man's loud voice sounds worried. "The world's overpopulation has caused the United Nations to decide that the War Games will be held in the wasteland of the States." I shut off the radio as I pull in my concreate driveway. I turn the sliver key, shutting off the engine.

    I step out of my car, slightly worried about that news report.
    "It will be fine, just calm down Rob." I tell myself.

    I push the key throug…

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  • King of tim tams2

    good news

    June 16, 2019 by King of tim tams2

    keep an eye out on scottgames or twitter for this new update

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  • Jeffrey Penguin

    It is my birthday my dudes. aaa-

    Oh, joy and happiness, another one.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. 🎉🎉🎉

    Big fanke to all the nice people I’ve met here for however long it’s been- I would list y’all, but quite frankly I’m too lazy, so hopefully you know whether you’re a good guy or not.

    Okay bye I’m going to Whit’s.

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  • Jacksepticeyefan3160


    June 12, 2019 by Jacksepticeyefan3160

    (WAPOOSH) Top of the afternoon to ya all

    plz be nice to me i am new to this website okay

    i love all the fnaf characters including jacksepticeye's fave fnaf character witherd bonnie

    have fun chatting to me ppl

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  • DigitalOriginal

    Hello Everyone.

    June 10, 2019 by DigitalOriginal

    It has been a long time since i was last online, back at the time when i was being a jerk and being blocked real times. I was trying to fix something, but it won’t work as being a whole circle jerk. I just wanted to come back here just to say sorry, but it was too late since i was last online here last year in the beginning of that time. There were a few mistakes and dumb things i did while being an unhealthy meme person. Now i just turned into a calm person for now on. If you are reading this, i am proud of you. So, welcome back

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  • Vernanonix

    Stub Awareness

    June 9, 2019 by Vernanonix

    Hello everyone!

    So today I'm here to bring your attention to the Stub Category. See, all these Stubs are pages that, for better or worse, need attention. Some may be short and need fleshing out. Some might be missing photos. Others are simply an infobox I just threw on a page just so it would exist. However, there's a lot of work that gets done and there's still a lot. So I'm bringing awareness to the stubs, especially in regards to novel pages. If anyone is willing, would you kindly help fill out those pages?

    Thank you very much for you help!

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  • FnafFanBoy111

    Ok, to my knowledge, Helpy mostly appers in 2D art dring the game modes selection screens. It whold be nice to have those for the game modes pages.

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  • FnafFanBoy111

    Never mind

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  • Fnaf unbunked\
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  • Vernanonix

    So, we've been working on cataloging the game and coin locations have been a bit of a pain! If there is anyone with access to the game, would you be willing to personally check in the areas? I've personally seen or heard of all these in videos. But according to Actual Dawko, some of our stuff is false. So if anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated!

    Our current coin locations are listed under the spoiler. Those in bold are confirmed:

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  • Tender Engines Do Not Shunt Only Tank Engine Shunt

    Ok I think the rabbit is actually Spring Bonnie/Spingtrap, if you side by side of Spingtrap and the the Glitch Rabbit, there have 5 fingers, same smile (but different teeth), same colour (I need to double check the colour) and chance the person in the suit possibly it's Jeremy as the Purple Guy but I need to listen to the tapes when someone post them on YouTube or on this Wikia but this is just a theory but when someone finish the game and Game Theory do a video about the glitch rabbit i will make new discussion when someone do a better theory for the Glitch Rabbit.

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  • Variety of frightening demeanors

    Okay, this will probably be a perilous journey that involves risking your virtual life, but...

    Does anyone own VR? Does anyone own the latest FNaF game? If so, we're gonna need a boatload of screenshots, and we need to explore the ins and outs of this very game. 

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  • Crusty Musty Ugly Toes

    Ok so...Everyone is saying "phone guy is purple guy" but the thing is..Phone guy dies on the 4th night while purple guy is still alive and you might say "but purple guy died in the springtrap suit and-" cut the shit. Purple guy does that because he was getting chased by animatronics. Phone guy got killed as soon as the animatronic(s) got to him. And I know in the death minigames purple guy is holding what seems to be a phone and phone guy has a phone but, they are not the same person

    Ok so I need to do more explaining on how the purple guy thing sprang to life. Alright so what happened is supposedly he lured 4 children to the back room of freddy fazbears pizza and killed them all. After a 5th child came in and he killed him/her to. Thats wh…

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  • The Wiki hopper 2

    FNaF 1 Hard Mode will have Golden Freddy, or possibly stuffed suit variants of the characters.

    FNaF 2 Hard mode will have Withered Golden Freddy or maybe the Shadows.

    FNaF 3 Hard mode will have the place ablaze, or maybe worse versions of the characters, like a suitless Afton.

    Dark rooms Hard mode will likely have off putting lighting to make things more difficult.

    Vent Repair Hard mode will be utter chaos, with random stuff everywhere.

    Night Terrors Hard mode will have Nightmare as the final antagonist.

    Or it will just be harder. 

    But from what I've seen in the repair sections I doubt it.

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    Uh this is just a statement that i will be gone for a really long time and won't be back untill sometime in the fall

    I hope I can come back to a somewhat less curssing wiki

    Bye for now!

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  • TheRogue12

    It is Official.

    May 23, 2019 by TheRogue12

    Well, I tried out UCN a few months back. Mm, I found the game stupidly hard and thrived on the most utterly ridiculous combinations I could make. Truly was pure madness.

    Therefore I officially declare that I am obsessed with this franchise. All it needs now is my seal of approval. Sad.

    Shame I didn't play it earlier.

    P.S. I shall NOT rest until I have found the most stupid combo throughout the whole game.

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  • Vernanonix

    Heyooo! I know it's been so long since I last made the announement about the FNaF World Portal. But I have another portal to tell you about! Introducing...

    The FNaF Book Portal!!!!

    We're working on getting pages created for this stuff. However, unlike when we were moving the FNaF World pages over, we don't have a lot of pre-made pages to work with here. (Yes, I'm aware of other wikis with this stuff but we're not stealing.) So, users, if you see a book page and feel like sprucing it up, it would be greatly appreciated! We're approaching something like 400 pages so it's impossible for just a few people to keep check on that many. So please consider helping out and making everything great!

    Also, remember, fanart is still a no-go, so make sure y…

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  • Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 (Talk/Work) 23:10, May 13, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Vernanonix

    HELLO EVERYONE! About a week and a half ago, I announced that we would be merging in the pages from the FNaF World Wiki and become the wiki for all things FNaF. And now, I present to you...

    The FNaF World Portal

    This new page is indicative of the direction we're moving with this wiki. Some of you may have seen it lurking under the Games menu on the navigation bar (which the placement is only temporary until the dust settles from the renovation here), but from here, you can find all things FNaF World.

    But, I also need your help! See, I've moved a TON of stuff. Like, 140+ pages and probably close to 1000 files. As such, there could be things I've missed. So I'm asking, dear users, that you follow up on the work done and make sure everything is …

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  • YanDere-Yan

    Welp. PART 2

    May 7, 2019 by YanDere-Yan

    YOooOOooOOooo wHat'S uP!!! what'd i say? told y'all i came back- huh,don't remember me much? 

    How's This? Ring Any Bell? Yeeep,That's Me. this is me now though. :P came back after being blocked! for a year! XD

    now i don't think i've ever,ever made a complete and clear introduction of myself lmao,so let me try that so you can catch up with me too. note that i can never give myself a full on description because i have trouble expressing my self.

    hello everyone,i'm Miyonet. and a lot of stuff happened to me while i was away. yes it says a different name in my username but i plan to change that. -.- Yan was another persona so i decided about being more honest to myself. you can call me that starting now or whatever. i was also banned for being und…

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  • Funtimeboniie

    You know what would be cool and Five Nights at Freddy's days will you play One Love many animatronics saluting the nightmares also a special animatronic fixed ennard

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  • Dragonify

    I realised that none of the people involved in this franchise, like voice actors, composer, co-authors etc, have their own pages in this wiki, which is weird because they are pretty well known in the fandom too. I'm kinda surprised that no one did those. Is there some kind of rules restricting this, or I can actually make pages for them?

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  • Jon825lazery7

    Audio Dialogue

    May 3, 2019 by Jon825lazery7

    To my first blog on this website, I've come across the pages to find audio cues belong to the characters and rooms and systems, however, they are many left without, particularly the ones in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

    The dialogues for the five nights, including the daughter at the beginning and end you hear. That goes for the HandUnit with the dialogue but with no audio, as well as the different voices in you hear, Angsty Teen. Also, the audio for the Elevator hasn't been added for many years. When is it gonna be inserted?

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  • Vernanonix

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY! So, it's been a while Fredheads. Like, what, I founded this thing like four and a half years ago? It's been a while so my wikia expertise (or fandom now) is a little rusty. So excuse me if I mess something up. But hi, I'm officially back for the time being.

    And while I'm here, I've decided a slight change should occur for the betterment of this wiki. And by slight, I mean probably really big. And by decided, I mean I talked to the team here and there was a consensus that this was fine.

    In the background, I've somewhat been keeping watch over the FNaF World Wiki. But as FNaF World has more or less faded from relevance, so too has that wiki died. But it's an important part of FNaF history and thus should not be …

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  • Bendy the ink demon 2

    Hello welcome to the daily chat the only rules are no cussing memeing or posting fan art and no surprise attack allowed

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  • WitheredFoxy24

    Ive found the most butiful picture of all time! Its for the new game Help Wanted 

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  • Santademon

    New (Old) Owner

    April 30, 2019 by Santademon

    Okay, so this is probably a little unexpected, for some of you. As you may have heard, I've decided to step down as this wiki's owner. Basically, this position is getting to be too stressful for me, and it's starting to affect my mental health.

    I'll still be an active admin, here. Just not the owner. Simply put, it's easier for me to be a member of the team, than the leader.

    As a temporary solution, vernanonix has agreed to be the owner, once more. It's probably only temporary, but it'll work for now. By the time vern decides whether to stay or leave, we'll likely have found another candidate.

    Now, this doesn't mean I'm leaving the wiki. I still plan on being an admin. I may even keep my bureaucrat status. I'm only stepping down as the owner. …

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    Well if your reading this then you found a really good blog post

    This is my first blog post so i am not entirly sure what the rules are, but if i break any in advance i apologize.

    First off this is an actual hacking guide for the FNaF Franchise Featuring Codes There will also be a vesion of this soon on the fnaf world wiki

    (Note: all of this was done off of a windows 10 hp laptop)

    Now let's start with something simple how to skip nights in FNaF 1 and 2. An extended keyboard is required for this.

    In FNaF 1 When you are in the office simply put in C, D and +. This will instantly make it 6 AM on ANY night. (Note:It won't work if you hold shift and press the equal key) FNaF 2 is the same thing but you need to first click on toy freddy's nose and th…

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