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Paracosmiccc Paracosmiccc 11 hours ago


@1StarlightSparks1 @Mrmeowcles1234 @HimikoToga444 @Liam4ash

Can y'all see this? Thanks for letting me test this :)

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 15 hours ago

Evan's Log: Day 5B

"Well I'm a ghost now so I guess I can just fly wherever I want now. First things first, time to scare Mike a little. *Goes into Mike's room* Mike, Mike, it's me, your brother. just letting you know that I hate you for killing me. BYE! *Leaves Mike's rooom* He screamed like a little girl, what a loser. How was I ever afraid of him? Well my *ahem* "dad" William is taking Eli to Pizza Baby's Circus World so I'd better follow the car. They're going in now, better follow them. William is telling Eli not to go near Baby, I wonder why. Why does that old man with a fat gut not want my sister to go near Baby? I know why now. As I watched my sister walk towards Baby, the most horrible thing I ever saw happened. Baby offered Eli an ice cream cone, then …

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 17 hours ago

Evan's Log: Day 5A

"Well today's the day of my party and dad drove to Fredbear's and the whole way there he yelled at me not to cry around Fredbear and he was calling me words I didn't even know. And then Mike and his annoying friends were harassing me all the way inside. And guess what Eli did, she took a frickin nap for God's sake! I mean c'mon, is she that oblivious? Also Cassidy got me a Fredbear plush and I screamed like a girl, awesome (not). Well I should probably wrap this up because Mike and his friends are coming over here. WAIT MIKE DON'T!!!"

"I wake up, but I am not me. My hands are the same, my feet are the same but I can see my body below me. The last thing I remember is Mike and his friends carrying me over to Fredbear and then SNAP! I'm not a boy …

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 20 hours ago

Evan's Log: Day 4

"M- Mi- Mike just locked me in the storage room at Fredbear's and there was a creepy puppet thing in there. I don't even think it's part of the show so why did dad build another anim- ani- an- animatronic? If it's not part of the show then why use it? There were also red paint stains in the floor next to Spring Bonnie for some reason. Who would ever want to paint near that? And Eli was of course playing with Charlie and Cassidy for some reason. And dad had ketchup on his shirt again, but I don't care anymore. He already yelled at me for getting locked in the storage closet and I'm tired of it. At least my party is tomorrow, maybe it'll be fun but at Fredber's, you never know."

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 1 day ago

Evan's Log: Day 3

"W- we- well today I finally stood up to my dad and I asked him if he really loved me. *Sobs* He told me,"Evan you are the most worthless piece trash that I have ever seen in my whole goddamn life. I only had you and your sister because your mother wanted more children. You can still have your party but Mike is allowed to scare you for the rest of your miserable life." That was the meanest thing he had ever yelled at me. So why God?! If you exist then why am I in such a crappy family?! Why does my dad hate me?! Why does Mike scare me all the time?! Why is Eli so oblivious?! WHY!?" *Cries himself to sleep*

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Crystal Sea14 Crystal Sea14 2 days ago

Memory Logs Links

This is a collab with multiple users on this wiki. Here are all the links:

  • 1 William's Logs (Made by @The Nerdiest Fangirl)
  • 2 Michael's Logs (Made by Me)
  • 3 Elizabeth's Logs (Made by @Lolbits Life)
  • 4 Cassidy's Logs (Made by @Mrmeowcles1234)
  • 5 Evan (CC's) Logs (Made by FNAFNerd333)
  • 6 Charlie's Logs (Still waiting for a creator to offer)

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 1:

Day 1: https://freddy-fazb…

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 2 days ago

Evan's Log: Day 2

"Well I just got back from Fredbear's with dad after setting up for my party and Fredbear and Bonnie just kept staring at me with an empty look. Er, maybe I should stop talking about this, I'm getting scared just thinking about it. Well at any case, Mike and his friends were scaring me again, Elizabeth was making a card for something, and dad was yelling at me for crying around Fredbear. Gee, I hope my party will be better than this week has been going."

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Marshall Hardesty Marshall Hardesty 4 days ago

The bite of '87 suspects and whom could have done it (My Theory)

So, we know that the bite happened in 1987, hence its name, but we do not know the suspects. I have theorized that the main 2 that could have done the bite are Mangle and Withered Chica. To explain why Mangle did it is very simple. Mangle has an aggressive nature towards children (because of them ripping her apart), so it would make lots of sense for her to bite one's head. To explain Withered Chica, it goes more with UCN voicelines and the look of her. Withered Chica's jaw is very large, and I think the reasoning for this is because of the bite of '87. Another thing going towards that withered chica would have done this is two of her voicelines in UCN, saying "Let me show you how to break your face", and "I was the first, I have seen eve…

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FNAFnerd333 FNAFnerd333 6 days ago

Evan's Log: Day 1

"I just overheard Cassidy telling Elizabeth that she hugged Fredbear. Ugh, I can't even comprehend why she would do this. I mean why would you hug an animatr-, anim-, animatronic? I mean they just stare at you and they can supposedly sing, but I'm not buying it. They're too scary to be that friendly. And Mike is always scaring me with that stupid Foxy mask and I'm sick of it. Maybe I should tell dad...err maybe not, he might yell at me again. Well at least I have my birthday party to look forward to...

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Jak-o the pirate Jak-o the pirate 7 days ago


i just think there neat

inserts marge simpson meme holding c.c and micheal.

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Test09REAL Test09REAL 7 days ago

FNAF: Springlocked thing

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Bluey22221bingo Bluey22221bingo 8 days ago

Fnaf security breach meme

Glamrock freddy: Gregory, do you know Candace?

Gregory: Candace? Who candace-

Glamrock Freddy: eyebrow raise

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AestheticLunar AestheticLunar 19 days ago

happy new year

it's been nearly a year since my last blog post in 2021; since then, i lost my ""boyfriend"", figured out my gender identity, and have been on a downhill spiral. hi everybody, hope 2022 is better for you.

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Green Creeper Green Creeper 30 December 2021


It's been a while.

Everything here has changed, huh?

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Garry that guy Garry that guy 29 December 2021

Blog post because we apparently have them.


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*Knifeyboi* *Knifeyboi* 25 December 2021

Hi? Ig

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Yu415 Yu415 24 December 2021


Hey y'all, this year has been crazy for FNaF. Security Breach has finally been released, Funtime Freddy has finally released to AR and we are close to 1,400 pages which is just awesome to see. Anyways, I just wanna thank everyone for helping out the wiki, it's been a ride. I will be taking a break from the wiki starting from today and will not be back until January cuz I'm going to spent time with my family. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas 2021 and a Happy New Year 2022! Take care everybody!! And happy holidays Scott!

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 15 December 2021

My take on a FNAF timeline (v1)

(Archived timeline that I've written pre-SB. Up-to-date version will be on my userpage)

Nothing wrong with thinking outside the box a bit considering how unpredictable FNAF's story has been 🤷

  • William had 4 children (Mike, FoxyMask, Elizabeth, Evan) with FoxyMask being the sole survivor
    • Vanny/Vanessa is an Afton, specifically FoxyMask's daughter (FoxyMask named Vanessa after Evan)
    • FoxyMask's name is Frederick/Freddy/Fred? Fredbear and Freddy may or may not be named after him. It parallels how Fritz Jr. possessed Foxy even though 'Fritz' is the German version of 'Frederick'
    • I initially thought Mike was the oldest sibling but now I'm not sure anymore... if Mike from Into the Pit (around 10-11 in 1985) is Mike Afton and the same age as game!Mike th…

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Risabom Risabom 2 December 2021

Welcome to my account

Feel free to ask me any questions.

hate is not allowed.

Cheese is required to enter.

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Starkjones82 Starkjones82 26 November 2021

My Timeline

1970- Fredbear’s Family Diner Opened

1972- Circus Baby’s Pizza World Opened

1976- Elizabeth’s Death & Circus Baby’s Pizza World Closes

1980- The Missing Children


1983- The Bite Of 83/C.C’s Death & Fredbear’s Family Diner Closes

1985- Fazbear’s Entertainment JR Opens


1986- Charlie’s Death

1987- The Bite Of 87/Jeremy’s Death & Fazbear’s Entertainment JR Closes

1991- Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Opens


1994- The Missing Children 2

1997- William’s Death

2023- Fazbear’s Fright Opens & William Returns


2023- Michael Burns Fazbear’s Fright & William Escapes

2024- Michael Made His Own Pizzeria

Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

2024- Michael’s Pizzeria Burns & Michael, Henry, William, Elizabeth And Charlie Burns (With Molten Freddy)

2025- Ca…

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TerrenceCool828 TerrenceCool828 14 November 2021

FNAF Games Ranked

Hi Everybody I Will Be Making A FNAF Games Ranked So Here’s The Rules; 1: No Spin-Off Or Mobiles But FNAF World And FNAF VR: Special Delivery Will Be The Exception 2: This Ranked Based On How Good The Jumpscares Are, How Their Story Went, And More 3: This Is Based On My Own Opinion And 4: I Made It For The Upcoming Release Of Security Breach So Let’s Start

10th: FNAF VR: Special Delivery (0/10)

This Is Obviously Last Place Because Special Delivery Is Literally a Pokémon Go! Rip-off There’s No Good About It Because You Just Run Over The Rooms Plus Special Delivery Doesn’t Have An Story Or Any Good Jumpscares I Hate This I Admit FNAF VR: Special Delivery Is For Fun Mobiles But Many FNAF Fan Games Like FNAW And FNAS Are Better Than This Manly S…

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1Fnafguy! 1Fnafguy! 9 November 2021

FNAF Tuesday

Fnaf Tuesday! WEEK 1

LEFTY: Hello and welcome to fnaf Tuesday! Where we talk everything about Fnaf! Hers how it works, Every Tuesday this show will air live on the FNaF wiki! Every show we will reveal a mystery fnaf Funko pop that I got over the week. Than I will say my favorite post of the day. OK so today's Funko Pop is............Nightmare Freddy! My favorite post of the day is.............This post is sponserd by SPRINGLES! Today was kinda short sorry, but next Tuesday we will have 2 special guests! Tune in next time on the fnaf tuesday show!

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Bobucc lord Bobucc lord 8 November 2021

i started to exist

the day i started to exist November 28th of a year i quickly learned! i was smart,flexible, and had SO MUCH ENERGY just a few years i turned 7 that's when IT happened my world went dull... dark... i hide behind a nice loving bright happy me but in reality i just want to sleep FOREVER life has limitations the dream world doesn't... the omniverse felt so small in my dreams compared to my LIMITLESS POWER!!! but my mind always had to awake to eat to use a bathroom...

giving me my limits again i still fell this way. i need help i FEED FOR POWER

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Ruebix675745 Ruebix675745 7 November 2021


  • 1 Why I Love fnaf
    • 1.1 The horror
    • 1.2 Exotic Butters
    • 1.3 The graphics

I like it because the horror makes you scared but for me... It makes me happy :)


It too good

More Coming soon!

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Bobux lord Bobux lord 5 November 2021


bobux i need more bobux i have 30.999 robux i need 1 MORE GIVE ME BOBUX

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Pokemon was better Pokemon was better 3 November 2021

Mega musician: possible audio

Just some concepts

  • Your blood is leak-ing at a hor-i-ble rate And I fear that a grave may-be your ear-ly fate
  • The cym-bols are crash-ing in-side of my head I hear them, so clear-ly now your noise is dead
  • Dark-ness is writh-ing, oh, why can't you see it? The evil you fear fears an evil be-neath it
  • Your life is so fleet-ing, you-'re fad-ing so fast If you don't keep on fight-ing , you sure-ly won't last
  • Your body is dy-ing, your bones are all bro-ken. Your spirit is freed, though, as now you've awo-ken
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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 29 October 2021

What if Source Filmmaker had schedules for FNAF and other franchises/2021

  • 1 January
    • 1.1 Week 1
    • 1.2 Week 2
    • 1.3 Week 3
    • 1.4 Week 4
    • 1.5 Week 5
  • 2 February
    • 2.1 Week 1
    • 2.2 Week 2
    • 2.3 Week 3
    • 2.4 Week 4
  • 3 March

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Lolbits Life Lolbits Life 27 October 2021

A Nightmare-ish Case (WIP)

Bottles littered the ground as Wallis stepped over them. He looked around, just your average teen party. Bottles, a truck and a radio. Music wasn’t playing from it, he didn't know how it would be able to after being shattered. “Any ideas?” A young voice sounded from behind him. Collin is his name, he had just started working there. Wallis scanned the area again, nothing changed though. “No.. maybe they all just ran away?” Collin nodded. “Not much to see except the radio.” Collin said, looking down at it. “Have you checked inside?” Wallis said, not knowing what to expect. Collin shook his head. “No, the families wouldn’t allow it. An invasion of privacy they said.” Collin stepped over more bottles to the door. “I’ll have a talk with them, m…

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MOONLITE61 MOONLITE61 24 October 2021


Ally suddenly heard the loud alarm wake her up to get ready for the difficult day ahead of her, a day consisting of yelling teenagers and their college-aged partners with them, something Ally has grown tired of over the past 2 years. Due to the lack of sleep, Ally’s grades had been decreasing with time, meaning Ally wasn’t to get a scholarship to a decent college that would help get her a job along the way of adulthood.

Ally looked at her head and reached her hand out onto the bedside table that had probably been beaten up by a raging middle schooler. Ally felt her hand touch the screen of her screaming phone before the phone fell onto the carpeting.

“Oh my god..” Ally said, pushing herself out of the comfort of her bed and onto the suspicio…

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MOONLITE61 MOONLITE61 22 October 2021

Theory 1

I once discuss the concept that Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy might represent the 2 known forms of Remnant and soul. I find this theory likely due to behavior and known facts. I had a post about this a few days ago, but I didn't add on as much as i'm doing now!

I think the Dark Remnant found in Special Delivery is a form the Fury Side. The Fury Side is the side of a soul that is highly aggressive and furious after death or long after death. Shadow Bonnie is associated with this form of Remnant due to him coming to kill you if you collect too much. Shadow Bonnie is also aggressive because of this. Shadow Bonnie is also black in color, color can be considered coincidental evidence though.

I think Light Remnant, or just Remnant, is a represen…

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FNAFpro52 FNAFpro52 17 October 2021

"A monster can be a victim too..." A FNAF/Creepypasta story

Changed the FNAF and Creepypasta lore a bit.

Freddy: Gabriel

Bonnie: Jeremy

Chica: Susie

Foxy: Fritz

Golden Freddy: Cassidy

Jeff the Killer: Jeff (duh)

(Might add more later)

Gabriel woke up, and turned off his alarm clock. He got out of bed and got dressed. It was time for another, boring day of school. Once he finished getting dressed, he heard a knock on the door.

"You awake, Gabe?" Cassidy's voice called.

"Yes." Gabriel replied, before walking out of the room. Cassidy noticed Gabe's sleepy expression.

"Let's get some breakfast, sleepy head." Cassidy said, before turning to go walk downstairs. Gabriel followed.

Once the two had finished breakfast, they got ready, and walked out the door, where Jeremy, Susie, and Fritz were waiting. After some chit-…

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Kassuallyiskassidy Kassuallyiskassidy 16 October 2021

Why not make blog

Hi! I'm Kassidy Why not make blog , keep fun fun go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I'll make funny fnaf blog posts

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Lolbits Life Lolbits Life 24 September 2021

Micheal's Log Posts - Everyday -

Likely all the EVEN numbers of Micheals Log were deleted. Please ask or use the other logs to learn what happened.

  • 1 Chapter/book 1, Sister Location
  • 2 Chapter/book 2
  • 3 Bonus Parts
  • 4 Chapter/Book 3

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:…

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TNB93 TNB93 19 September 2021

writers blok cyur

Dear Miss NØNØ,

I have always felt Sus living near to you. You are the most Sus neighbour a person could ever meet.

Therefore, you must understand how difficult it has been for me to approach you with this matter.

I'm afraid I can no longer stand your habit of constantly sussing around.

I lay in bed last night, trying to sleep, and all I could think about was how your soumdproofing is too sussy and your 🅱 e d g e way too sus. I had a nightmare that you burst in through the window brandishing a hedge trimmer

I have to insist that you take action to stop your habit of constantly sussing around from upsetting me. I demand that you STOP VENTING then C O N S U M E the 🅱 e d g e.

And while we're on the matter, I'm finding your yard long yard increasin…

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TNB93 TNB93 16 September 2021

Ep 2: M.E.M.E.


Thoughtful Playgroundee ARCHIE "NOTFA" DON is arguing with happygolucky nurse ACEEHK CANAO NíJKü. "NOTFA" tries to hug CANAO but she shakes him off.

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TNB93 TNB93 16 September 2021

Ep 1: The Voices

Archie Don looked at the rock in his hands and felt anxious.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his quiet surroundings. He had always hated grand Don's Playhouse with its mutated, mammoth memes. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel anxious.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Sonia Mikedottir. Sonia was a loving gamer with beautiful elbows and pink fingernails.

Archie gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a considerate, clever, squash drinker with sticky elbows and blonde fingernails. His friends saw him as a powerless, plain painter. Once, he had even revived a dying, baby bird.

But not even a considerate person who had once revived a dying, baby bird, was prepare…

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Frostmoon5000 Frostmoon5000 14 September 2021

Fnaf Origins Freddy's:Tryouts

So here is the page for the Tryouts where you will post the if and as what you want to participate or simply extras. If position taken I will simply tell you that. But if not then you will need to show something at least simple to what you do, depending how does it go you will have your answer. If you are new doing it then I will take still you can qualify by doing the same just tell me you are new to doing it. The extras thing is you can appear as Easter eggs or just in credits.

Ocupations: 1. Modler X 2. Coder 3. Voice actors (optional) 4.Extras (optional) 5.Texture guy thing. Ok that's all.

Edit 11/7/2021: Im still open.

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Lolbits Life Lolbits Life 10 September 2021

Story 3: Glitchtrap or something

The snow was falling gently as the wind howled by. The trees naked in the wind and the leaves hidden beneath a cold blanket. “Bye mom!” Carol kissed her mom goodbye. Walking down the empty hall, her footsteps squeaking, thought. “Come on mom. . .you have to get better. . .” Nearing the exit, she heard footsteps behind her. “Carol? I need you to sign out.” The secretary said loudly, snapping Carol out of her trance. “Huh? Oh, sorry.” Her shoes walked across the floor, her reflection walking by her side. “You seem tired, are you sure you should be driving?” The secretary said, looking at the bags under Carol's eyes. “Yea. . .I’m fine. I’ll sleep once I get home!” Carol scribbled her signature. “Hey, this may seem like a bad idea and against …

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LilyIsSus LilyIsSus 9 September 2021

Rain And The Gang's adventure!

Hi Welcome to the first post of this new blog. It will feature my OCs and if anyone want to have a post with their OCs send me a message on my message wall!

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Lolbits Life Lolbits Life 8 September 2021

Story 2: CB and whatever

When the day started out, everything was normal. The day shined bright, Anne and Jacky playing in the yard. As bee’s whizzed by Jacky let out, “You can’t catch me!” Jacky laughed as she jogged away from her little sister. Anne let out a little giggle as Jacky fake fell. “Kids, it’s time to come in.” They must have lost track of time as the sun was going down and the birds quieted. “Awww~ Okay!” Anne attempted to drag Jacky inside but stumbled back. “Sorry!” Jacky crawled to Anne. “I’m okay! No need to worry!” Anne’s elbow was bleeding.

“You sure?” Jacky lifted her up onto her shoulders. “Yep!” She let out a laugh. The smell of salad dressing danced around the house as they changed into clean cloth. The moon was bright and the tree’s dark. W…

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Lolbits Life Lolbits Life 8 September 2021

Story 1: White Rabbit

Walking down the hall, Sam looked left and right for her sister. “ Joan?!” Sam cried out. “Joan where are you?! Come on…. Look I’ll get you a Roxanne figure!” Still nothing. She started to freak out, Joan has never strayed too far from her. “Joan?! This isn’t funny. Come out now!” Nothing. “The one day I was told to stay with her.” She thought while looking at the Glam Rock statue. A muffled cry came from Glamrock Chicas room.

The bright pink room didn’t surprise Sam as Joana loved girly stuff. “Hello? Joan. Are you there?!” Sam ran inside the room. “Joan?” She saw movement in the corner. “Joan?” Sam sighed in relief. “Come on le-” reaching out to hold her sister's shoulder, something felt off. “Joan. Is that you?” Yanking what was in her g…

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 7 September 2021

Fazbear Frights 11 (and 12) predictions

tbh I never even actually read the books I've only read the summaries on this wiki

  • Toy animatronic mention pls
  • "Four Afton siblings" reveal
    • Also maybe FoxyMask name reveal (Freddy/Fred/Frederick?)
  • Jake is an Afton and a McNally, the latter being a fake last name that Evan and Mike started using after cutting ties with William (though Mike could be going by "Schmidt" instead)
  • Eleanor is possessed by someone who died in the ball pit: Pigtails Girl
  • Elizabeth is Renelle's mother/Dr. Talbert's wife (so he knows about remnant bc he learned it from his wife who learned it from her father)
  • Elizabeth was the owner/one of the owners of Fazbear's Fright (FoxyMask possibly being another) and was killed when the attraction was set on fire (probably by Eleanor)
  • The…
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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 30 August 2021

What if Source Filmmaker had schedules for FNAF and other franchises

So here is what would happen if Source Filmmaker had schedules.

  • 1 2005
  • 2 2006
  • 3 2007
  • 4 2008
  • 5 2009
  • 6 2010
  • 7 2011
  • 8 2012
  • 9 2013
  • 10 2014
  • 11 2015
  • 12 2016
  • 13 2017
  • 14 2018
  • 15 2019
  • 16 2020
  • 17 2021

User blog:/2005

User blog:/2006

User blog:/2007

User blog:/2008

User blog:/2009

User blog:/2010

User blog:/2011

User blog:/2012

User blog:/2013

User blog:/2014

User blog:/2015

User blog:/2016

User blog:/2017

User blog:/2018

User blog:/2019

User blog:/2020

User blog:/2021

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Glitchfredbear Glitchfredbear 24 August 2021

Fazbear pizza

Go look at the nightmare theory please!

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Galaxyprimeyeet Galaxyprimeyeet 24 August 2021


This is about my FNAF oc: Galaxy The Wolf, she is a large animatronic way larger then a human, she is 20.FT.

She has 4 sisters who are her quadruples, and only has one brother.

she is based of Roxanne wolf, but her metal is different.

she has Purple and pink as her metal colours.

her eyes are ocean Sky blue.

she is mostly able to k!// someone/A random Animatronic.

she is possessed, from her past form.. She was a SCP (Oc).

I’ll prob make more of these

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RolePoleCoyote678 RolePoleCoyote678 30 July 2021

A FNaF RPG by me

I would put these characters in:

FNaF Core series:

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, and Endo-01. (six characters)

Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, Withered Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Puppet, Balloon Boy, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Endo-02. (fourteen characters)

Springtrap, Phantom Mangle, Phantom BB, Phantom Puppet, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, and Phantom Foxy. (seven characters)

Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare BB, Plushtrap, Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare, Spring Bonnie, Nightmarionne, Jack-O-Bonnie, Jack-O-Chica, Fredbear, and Nightmare Mangle. (fourteen characters)

Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Ballora…

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Crystal Sea14 Crystal Sea14 20 July 2021

Michael's Log Remake Links

Here is the links to all Michael's Log Remake Days in the Series! It's a collab between me and Lolbits Life.

Edit: This series is canceled.

Book 1: Sister Location

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9: https://fredd…

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1FnafFan 1FnafFan 11 July 2021

Hey there fnaf fans

  • Hey there fnaf fans, my name is vanessa. if you are interested in talking to me about fnaf, you can email me at Or you can message me here.
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Eilzyaftnkitty Eilzyaftnkitty 7 July 2021

chris afton

he for five nights a freddy sorry im week

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FriendlyGrim FriendlyGrim 3 July 2021

FNaF 3 Phone Call Promo

Heya! I had a question to any og FNaF fans, more specifically around Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

I had a VERY vivid memory where Scott had released a phone number to which you would call. I remember I called it when I was younger, and I got a recording back. Lookin back, I realize it was Springtrap talking. I've scoured the internet for this promo. And Ill give the dialogue. (Of what I can remember anyways)

Springtrap: I came back. I will always come back. I killed them. Those little b[ad word]. (He then laughed menacingly) I swear, one day, Ill crush those buckets of bolts. I got crushed by those little brats. They came for me, they were haunting me. I just need one of those (springlock?) suits. I will find you. I will- (a loud beep was hear…

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