• Badtimepacifist

    Just want to know who else is excited for the new ff books + new game

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  • SpinelTheStretchy

    Magician Mangle....

    September 23, 2020 by SpinelTheStretchy


    Telekinesis and a glowing blue eye. 

    Did Scott play Undertale or something? 

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  • Dimansion rgg

    If you new in fandom and don't know what the FNaF lore is all about, then this blog is for you. I will help you to learn big story of this franchise. And don't be aftaid to do this, yea FNaF lore is complicated, but not hard to learn. 

    In first you should play game. It has on Steam. Play through the five nights (also you can beat six and seven nights but that not obligatory). If you don't get the important easter egg, then back on the night 5 and some times open camera on the easter hall corner, do it 'till you get the easter egg. Then come back here and watch some theorys.

    Theorys to watch: theory

    And still in first you should play game. It has on Steam. Play through the five nights (also you can beat six and seven nights but that not obliga…

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  • Popcornthepetty

    Hi there

    September 17, 2020 by Popcornthepetty

    Wanna talk about fnaf world 

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  • Assorted Chocolates

    Yeet so just a collection of all my headcanons and theories 

    In the event that anyone sees this please don't scream at me if you disagree I just wanna get these out there

    so here's my take on things:

    1. I headcanon Bonnie to be a polite and well brought up gentleman from a respectable family. like Jonathan Joestar lol

    2. My gender theories are: Mangle was originally female, but sometime during the process of becoming Mangle it got compromised and is now non-binary. I think Funtime Foxy is male and Lolbit is agender.

    Aaaand I gotta come back later there's a caterpillar on my blankets

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  • FunnyShut

    This is a Great wiki

    September 14, 2020 by FunnyShut

    It Really Is

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  • JustAFuuFan
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  • Mole-Krot

    Scott explains the FNaF plot

    September 14, 2020 by Mole-Krot

    It's no secret that the plot of FNaF is very confusing. What if Scott decides to explain it? It might look something like this: 

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  • Dimansion rgg


    September 12, 2020 by Dimansion rgg

    Fazbeartale-is my personal AU i made just for fun, and i let you enjoy it! 

    P.S.: I probably should post it on the Undertale wiki, but it here cause the risons.



    Dummy~Plushy Freddy.




    Nice Cream Guy~Toy Bonnie

    Snowdin Shopkeeper~Lolbit

    Grillby~Jack 'O Bonnie

    Monster Kid~Balloon Boy


    Mad Dummy~Plushtrap

    Gerson~Candy Cadet


    Boat Guy~Shadow Freddy


    Mettaton~Funtime Freddy

    Metatton X~Enard

    Burgerpants~Toy Freddy

    Bratty and Catty~Funtime Foxy and Funtime Chica

    Asgore Dreemure~Golden Freddy

    Asriel Dreemure~William Afton


    W.D. Gaster~Shadow Bonnie 

    Ruins~Old Pizzeria

    Snowdeen~Frozen Place

    Snowdeen Town~

    Waterfull~Folled Channels

    Temmie Village~Fan Vil…

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  • FunnyShut

    Freddy: He is not withered freddy due to him having no upper teeth while withered freddy does have some

    Foxy: idk he's just already withered

    Chica: She has no upper teeth like freddy while withered chica has upper teeth

    Bonnie: Bonnie looks purple to me but withered bonnie looks blue

    Golden Freddy: Same thing as freddy

    Tell Me If This Is Correct

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  • MichaelBiteVICTIM

    Hi people!!

    September 3, 2020 by MichaelBiteVICTIM

    Hey everyone! MichaelBiteVICTIM here, just wanting to post a blog because I feel like it TvT. I also don't feel like doing HPE so I secretly opened the Fandom page SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Okay, so before you want to be friends with me, yes I do believe Michael Afton is the Bite victim, and I love all FNAF games, although my favourites have to be FFPS (Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, FNAF 6) and FNAF 5: Sister Location.

    Yes, I do ship and personally, my favourite is Molten x Lefty. What do y'all think?

    I know almost all theories and lore and am a theorist, but can't seem to figure out why there's no PhAnToM bOnNiE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You could call me a hardcore FNAF fan and can't wait for FNAF 9: Security Breach. I am not …

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  • Stanislav32

    Five Nights at Freddy's mimics the real world in a couple of ways, one of which being that the animatronics have jobs/occupations.

    Freddy Fazbear : Lead singer of Fazbear Gang and main mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

    Bonnie the Bunny : Guitarist of Fazbear Gang

    Chica the Chicken : Backup singer of Fazbear Gang

    Foxy the Pirate Fox : Pirate entertainer (Decomissioned, but don't worry, Foxy will be in his job to teach you how to be a pirate)

    Golden Freddy : He doesn't have a job:(

    Endo-01 : Inner skeleton

    Toy Freddy : Lead vocalist of 1987 Fazbear Gang and main mascot of 1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

    Toy Bonnie : Guitarist of 1987 Fazbear Gang

    Toy Chica : Backup singer of 1987 Fazbear Gang

    Mangle : Building toy

    Balloon Boy : Balloon vendor

    JJ : Balloon ve…

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  • NexusPikachu

    Uhhh stuff

    August 27, 2020 by NexusPikachu

    so this is le blog...

    I am probably gonna make the worst bloggs of all time

    I'm gonna be the very worst , the worst there ever was Too catch dislikes is my real test , the journey is my cause I will travel across the land being annoying at the max POKEMOM I WILL SUCK AT THIS REE I KNOW ITS MY DESTINY YOU HATE ME AND I'LL BE WORSE POKEMOM GOTTA GET DISLIKED ( gotta get disliked ) POKEMOM

    Yup I am a horrible blogger ._.

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  • Jakeplayz709

    1 Mrs afton is ballora 2 william was being controlled by glitchtrap when he killed all 6 children 3 vanny is talking to tape girl 4 micheal is not the crying child 5 crying child was the bite of 83 6 fnaf 2 is probobly just a dream 7 crying child is NOT shadow freddy 8 micheal is not springtrap 9 the souls of the children killed the wrong person 10 multiple souls are in golden freddy stunning the animatronic and thats why it can't move.

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  • BonnieDoanYT

    Hello whoever is reading this. My name is Mr. Doan. Welcome to my blog post/theroy. Hope you like it. It's a theroy about how The New VR Characters are connected in some way. And also, there is a side theroy that Ms. Afton name is Vanesa (not Vanny, Vanny is like a 20 year old). Please send me feedback on this theroy, thank you for reading, hope you enjoy, bye!

    Edited: I didn't read the rules earlier and broked them in this blog so I'll tell you the theroy:

    Glitchtrap > William Afton: 'Glitchtrap and Afton both are associated with Spring Bonnie. They also are associated with purple, it is also that Glitchtrap has purple eyes, even though it was green (shown in FNaF World). It might be because Glitchtrap is Afton.

    Grim Foxy > Older Brother Af…

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  • AestheticLunar

    update blog

    August 14, 2020 by AestheticLunar

    how are you guys doing? i just wanted to check up on all of you guys

    2020 has been a pretty mediocre year for me so far so i wanted to make sure that all of you are doing okay

    don't worry about me. i'm doing pretty okay so far so please don't worry about me :) worry about you

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  • Bumbear

    You must see this and say "your not that smart", I agree im not, but bunny call, fnaf fazbear frights 5 book, states that a man with burns is being kept alive by somthing evil and has an iron will to live I want to see other's thoughts on this. I also may belive it is william afton from the book series but game theory got to that first so please give me your thoughts on the issue, is it game will, book will, or something unrelated.

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    New background, logo, and theme. The background and logo are fine. I have some complaints about the theme but I won’t cause drama over a damn theme.

    You guys remember me? I’m assuming that everybody that was here before the ban of roleplaying would remember me. How are you guys doing?

    Anyway, uhh... yeah.

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  • Maddi036

    why special delivery

    July 27, 2020 by Maddi036

    why is that ar special delivery not for all phones! finally a free fnaf game & it didin't work for my ios WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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  • PokemonRay66


    July 27, 2020 by PokemonRay66

    Happy birthday, Scott Cawthon! I know he probably won't see this but I had to make some sorta tribute. 😅

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  • OttoTheHedghog

    Ok so what's wrong is that the FNAF fandom has been raiding the Chuck E. Cheese fandom by posting on Cec YouTube videos saying this is fnaf and they created a fake five kids go missing at Cec Story witch is fake. That's all I had to say have a great day!

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  • ToyBon66

    Why because don't know how to type good write a sentence

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  • Oiboomerzahando

    FNAF 1-7 are still canon. People seem to think FNAF vr cucked almost every game. Thats wrong. It cucks the normal game. The gameplay, surviving the night could have been based off of real events or not. The secrets in the game are still canon. Also, FNAF vr shows that FNAF 1-4 and aspects of sister location are actual games. The lawsuit being filed against the "astranged developer" is against all the secrets found in the game, such as hinting at haunted animatronics, child murders, etc. Pizzeria simulator is canon, as it doesn't make an appearance in both the main game and the dlc. Hell, maybe sister location is a game, that was published by the developer, but Fazbear Ent. had no idea it existed until The vr game was starting production.

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  • Oiboomerzahando

    This is my theory about FNAF VR's easter eggs. If you didn't know, having the Vanny Rabbit mask and the glitchtrap plush together will cause a conversation to spark between the two. Glitchtrap asks Vanny if she has selected one, he means selecting a child to prey on. Many have theorized that he is controlling vanny. But I think instead, he has invaded her subconcious, and he has slowly convinced her to follow him. The line "Don't let anyone lead you astray" is him saying don't let anyone try to convince you to not listen to me. You may be wondering, (You Probabaly aren't) Why does he want more children to die. Remember how in the final book he talked about "soul power" or remnant. That parts of dead souls can be used to power things, speci…

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  • Einarly

    Ranked by looks

    July 14, 2020 by Einarly

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  • Sonic fast 123456

    theory 2

    July 11, 2020 by Sonic fast 123456

    did you know.......that the endo from fnaf 1 was possed!? well it was becasue of the muerderd children from the FNAf 1 place well i dont know why but maybey it was a easter egg.....

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  • Heihogamer0001


    The truth about my headcanons


    Remember when I tried doing a continuation of that first headcanon thread? This is my continuation of the continueation that I made (Yes, I'm Shyguyfan, Just my new account.)

    This applies for a sort of comedy like south park or family guy (IMO)

    They basically all are just petty idiots except BB, JJ, bidybabs, Minireenas, Plushtrap, and non-possessed animatronics. I looked at what I wrote previously and found it cringy, everything was just terrible, plus I did take some ideas from others for ones who were so boring, I couldn't think of anything (I.E: toy chica, the funtimes, circus baby, toy freddy, ect) and just copy/pasted them from the …

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  • Einarly

    Arts and arts

    July 10, 2020 by Einarly

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  • Btidkmob

    Rust 010

    July 9, 2020 by Btidkmob


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  • Theme Park Archive VHS

    Five Nights at Freddy's also known as FNaF is one of the most popular fan base out there with fan art, fangames and a movie in the works.

    I want to do a review on the original fnaf game Five Nights at Freddy's 1.

    The game play is simple look left to right to see if animations at at your door and close the door if you see them and also check the cameras, simple.

    The graphics are fine. It's just the way it ages so quickly

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  • Einarly

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  • Einarly

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  • Endermangames8

    so ive been wondering... what  is the font for the Fnaf World loading screens, ive been needing to know this for a while and have searched everywhere but cannot find it, i know this blog thing is'nt very "professional" but please help me! 

    example image of loading screen-

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  • Einarly

    First day

    June 30, 2020 by Einarly

    Visited this wiki before but nerves contributed, now I'm here with new people idrk so yee.

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  • PiggyIULITMfan


    June 27, 2020 by PiggyIULITMfan

    Anyone talk

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  • Sonic fast 123456

    FNAF theory

    June 26, 2020 by Sonic fast 123456

    if you played the FNAC a.k.a five nights at candy's in the 1 phone call it said *freddy fazbears pizza just got closed down yesterday*well that was the FNAF 1 or FNAF 2 place it could be the pizzaria before fnaf  2 before the toys were born from scott (fun fact my dads name is scott) yeah bye!

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  • Rogerio980Pizza

    What happened to the Bidybabs and Minireenas after Ennard scooped Michael in the Sister Location ending. Are they part of Ennard? And what happened to Lolbit, Yenndo, Bonnet and Electrobab, they were scooped too?

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  • PiggyIULITMfan

    I Like

    June 23, 2020 by PiggyIULITMfan

    • SMG4

    • FNaF

    • BATIM

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  • PiggyIULITMfan


    June 23, 2020 by PiggyIULITMfan

    Wats up anyone wana talk

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  • HawksKeigoTakami

    FNaF Cosplays

    June 21, 2020 by HawksKeigoTakami

    So, today I cosplayed Lolbit. Well, I tested out face paint and makeup. It went well. I need a much lighter orange though. Anyways, I still need a white wig. White wig could be used for MANY characters. Like Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Puppet, Lolbit, and Ennard. I would like to make Bon Bon puppet. I just need the fabric.

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  • Chaoticbeing
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  • Chaoticbeing

    The Performer

    June 20, 2020 by Chaoticbeing
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  • Facefun

    fnaf ar boxes

    June 16, 2020 by Facefun

    are just chinese take out boxes all painteds on

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  • AestheticLunar

    Should I return back to being Emperor of the Forums? Or King of Contributors? Maybe something like that

    My end goal is to just have enough contributions by the end of the week to be #1 contributor. Then I'll be king of contributors for like, maybe a few days. I dunno. I haven't been the King of Contributors in like, a year, so... I guess it's my time to shine?

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  • YTBluuMangoo
    • Well, ye know that teaser that Scott posted a few months ago . When is that game coming out. Is it even coming out?
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  • JetS720

    A small break....

    June 13, 2020 by JetS720

    Hello... welp.... this is a bit hard for me to say but... I'm taking a break from Fandom... I feel a little down and cooped up a home... I'm pretty sure we all feel cooped up... Well, I have no idea when I may come back... but I hope I come back.... I'll try to keep happy and postive... well, goodbye for now...! 

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  • Alfiessssss

    fnaf movie 6

    June 11, 2020 by Alfiessssss

    the fnaf movie 6 it not out and not real and the fnaf movie is not out so wait and the game he is working on it now is five nights at freddys help wanted 2 or freddy in space 2

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  • Sonic fast 123456

    As Golden freddy Stays in the shed the trash man takes the trash out (BAM BAM)all good Fred"the trash man says"the garbage truck speeds off at 56 miles per hour while in the buliding mangle says"well chica hows it going?"(terming to toy chica)"theres this robot that blushed at me and i almost blushed back"toy chica says Foxy is at the prize corner siting sharping his hook toy freddy and freddy are talking in the party room bonnie is siting in the parts and service room toy bonnie is taking a nap but chica walks to toy chica"so tell me about your past"chica says"well we were bulided after you and we just performed for children mangle was torn apart from old kids ages 13 to 18 and thats when 5 kids got murderd and we all went to check to see…

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  • Sonic fast 123456

    Freddy is ready to attack"Wait no please!"toy freddy shouts puppet hits freddy at the last second "freddy do not do it"puppet says Freddy stops"but....BUT IM BROKEN!!!"freddy shouts in a fit of rage"there new robots of you!"puppet says bonnie looks at toy chica blushing"hi,,,,"bonnie says chica turns away an goes to the party stage to sit and take a rest.meanwhille in the back of the freddy fazbear buliding a old yellow robot in the dumpster comes to life"system error place freddy fazbears roaming mode on"the yellow robot dissapears into the darkness into the matniese shed here goes nothing the old yellow robot says.

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  • Facefun

    but fnaf 6 happened after fnaf 2

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