• SeñorPinguino1987

    I dunno, but this is looking like some crossover is happening. Campbell? Descendant of Susie Campbell? Also, that recording sign. Looks just like the one from BATIM. if you guys have any other theories about that sign, comment here.

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  • Guineapigrace

    I literally just thought of this. What if the Bite Victim is Sammy Emily, the Foxy Mask brother has no relation to Michael, and Charlie has the empty girl's room?? Then Elizabeth and Michael are still William's kids. I don't think this is right, but just a thought. 

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  • RyanPuffs

    Boy oh boy things have gone to shit.

    My Depression has gotten way worse. I thought people I loved hated me, I heard voices of my loved ones berating me, and I had hallucinations of chopping myself up or tearing out my organs.

    I tried to kill myself in July this year. Two days later, my bf broke up with me since he was deeply concerned about my well-being. I was taken to a mental hospital later.

    I'm trying to recover. I'm taking therapy and mood stabilizers, which are pretty much anti depressants. I still have depressive breakdowns sometimes.

    When I picked up Catherine: Full Body and POSTAL 2, I tried asking someone out. They said yes! So we dated... for a while. I relapsed and broke up with him since I didn't want to drag him into my mental is…

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  • Guineapigrace

    I was watching MatPat today, I found an explanation for Midnight Motorist that fits with our understanding of the FNaF universe, but adds some of my theories into it. 

    Orange guy is Henry. The person sitting on the chair is Mrs. Emily. The runaway child is Sammy Emily. The footprint is the real life Glitchtrap suit. I think that the suit is real, because Phone Guy says that replacement suits are being made. Glitchtrap could be one of those suits. The man in Glitchtrap is then William Afton. 

    We see Springlock suits in use during 4, and the Springlock failure is the Night 3 easter egg, which places this after 1983, explaining why Charlie is gone from the household. Jr's is a bar. Henry has been drinking since the death of his daughter. After …

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  • TheOracleOfDelphi777

    Hello, fellow FNaF fans! I am The Oracle, and I'm here with my first theory!

    I've heard a lot of people's thoughts on Glitchtrap, and many of them said that Glitchtrap is William Afton, and that he came back to life. Although it is plausible, I feel like this is not true for many reasons, the main reason being this:

    William supposedly burned at the end of Pizza Simulator, and if Willhell is correct, then he is currently getting tortured by Golden Freddy. How could he have come back to life if he is dead at this point? Sure, many people have come back to life, even if they were in hell, but this is FNaF. FNaF isn't THAT paranormal.

    Another thing that doesn't make sense is how he was even brought back to life. We have no evidence that he even h…

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  • TheKingOfFNAF2019

    FNAF is on Xbox one!!! Tell me, how is it?

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  • SinFaz - X

    I need to keep myself calm, even though it's such a hard thing to do in a situation like this. I quickly entered the school, and went upstairs, to the first floor. I heard sounds of the closing doors, as well as...screams of pain. My class was just in front of me, so I immediately checked under my desk. I usually forgot my things there. Luckily, there were was a bottle of water.

    Now, I need to think how to get out of here. I am on the first floor, jumping out of the window is still a bad idea, but it's the best I have. The closest window to the wall of the garden is on this floor, so I guess I was lucky. I also took a plank from the broken chair in our class, to defend myself. And then, I headed towards the window.

    Just when I got there, I he…

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  • Guineapigrace

    I'm currently trying to figure out weather ShadowVictim or GoldenVictim is the right idea. I have lots of evidence for GoldenVictim, but then Cassidy shows up. Cassidy is implied in the new Freddy Files book to be Golden Freddy, and Dpowerful1 on Reddit found the name in the first place. But then I got thinking. What if Cassidy is a red hearing?? Could Cassidy be Shadow Freddy. It would make sense for her to be helping the other kids, as she was the 5th MCI victim. Golden Freddy has no kid to become, so BV takes the role. 

    The FNaF 4 ending. The ending of this game strongly implies ShadowVictim, because The Golden Freddy plush is already possessed by Cassidy, and the kids are all there setting up GGGL. (Give Gifts, Give Life.) What about U…

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  • DocSlayingyoudown

    Its Been So Long

    November 20, 2019 by DocSlayingyoudown

    I dunno what I was thinking,
    Leaving my childhood behind,
    Now I suffer the curse and now I am blind

    With all this anger, guilt and sadness,
    Coming to haunt me forever,
    I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river

    Is this revenge I am seeking,
    Or seeking someone to avenge me
    Stuck in my own paradox I wanna set myself free

    Maybe I should chase and find
    before they'll try to stop it
    It won't be long before I'll become a market

    It's been so long,
    Since I last have seen my soul
    lost to this fandom
    to the man behind the fandoms

    Since you've been gone
    I've been singing this stupid song
    So I could ponder
    The sanity of your brother

    I wish I lived in the past
    With the gift of my present mistakes
    But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes

    Your sweet little …

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  • SeñorPinguino1987

    I’m really curious, what do you guys think would be on the menu of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza? I’m thinking Cheese, Pepperoni, white, and red pizza would be available, maybe Foxy Filler, basically a bowl of misshapen hash browns, Chica’s Cupcake, (original or lemon), Bonnie’s Rocking Smoothie, (made up of 1.5 cups pineapple juice, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and 1 tsp caramel and chocolate syrup for three servings) water, lemonade, Freddy Fountain Drink, and Vanilla, Chocolate, or Carrot cake birthday cakes. This seems like a decent menu, cannot lie.

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  • Seatro44

    Heyo I've been working on FNAF world twisted character design so far I have twisted foxy and Freddy

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  • Homura-chan

    Still Here

    November 7, 2019 by Homura-chan

    Hey guys. I'm sure a lot of you are new and don't know who I am, but I am a previous admin for this wiki. Because my health hasn't been super great, I don't really do stuff anymore. I also thought I had lost access to this account, but, clearly, I haven't! I'm not doing anything major, I just wanted to see what's up. Sort of poke my head in and say hi. It's just been so long!! So hello!!

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  • SinFaz - X

    I opened the door and entered the house. School today was very tiring. But I really want to read my history brouchure I just got yesterday. It's about the Aztecs. I really like history in general, I have already read books about the European Empires like Roman Empire, Byzantium, Vikings, Ottomans etc. And now I think it's good to take a look at the American ones. 

    The brouchure was made of 3 pages only. The cover had a picture of an Aztec, as well as a title: Aztec Empire. I quickly opened it, and get to the first page. Half of it showed a map of the Aztec Empire. It was in Central Mexico. 

    The Aztecs were a really rich and developed civilization. They had their own language, agriculture styles, alphabet and religion. They had a really develo…

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  • Guineapigrace

    I have no idea. I am big confused. It looks like Freddy's, but the people who made Fredbear's sold the rights to Henry and William after some bad thing happened, (Don't ask me where I got that from. I think it was said in the Freddy Files. Please just help me.) Help me.

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  • That1nightguard

    have a bad theory go to the fun and games board to get in on the badness,you can go off cannon or non-cannon things.

    untill next time my friends, bye bye!

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  • FollowerofBendy2022

    Howdy Ho!

    October 25, 2019 by FollowerofBendy2022

    Howdy everyone I hope everyone is doing good today. I hope you all have a good day. If anyone wants to talk just message me at will.

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  • Debonaircrowd2

    Fnaf UCN on console?

    October 23, 2019 by Debonaircrowd2

    In a steam post scott sayd that he is working on consol ports for previous fnaf games. 

    I am personaly exsited as a long time xbox user, are you? Oviously fnaf vr isnt included, but how do you think this will effect the games feel? My big question is "how mutch harder will this make 50/20 mode in UCN?" I know fnaf 4 will be mutch harder. 

    Speak your mind and mind my spelling(witch is horrid).

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  • Debonaircrowd2

    Ok I know other people know this more than me but is Jack-O-Chica cannon? I know her page says no but what about her quote "The fire within me burns eternal and now you shall as well."  This hints to what we know is cannon, Afton in hell. So why is Jack-O-Chica non-cannon?

    Also this is my first time posting on this so plz no hate.

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  • AestheticLunar


    October 20, 2019 by AestheticLunar

    > be me

    > be on steam

    > see i blocked somebody

    > don't remember why i blocked them

    > looks like an ok dude

    > unblock him

    > comment on his profile

    > get msg on my profile

    > "you're a fucking fnaf fan, go away"

    > realize there's no hope for humanity

    considering getting a job at burger king, overthrowing the restaurant and proclaiming the establishment my own kingdom

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  • Jeffrey Penguin

    Hey all. If you can’t tell by the title, well, I want something to do.

    So, I decided I would hold this here. It’ll be fun, right?

    Ask me anything.

    (Within reason, of course. And nothing too personal.)

    Ask however many questions you want, and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

    Well I guess there isn’t a whole lot to add to something this... simple.

    So yeah. Fire away.

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  • Guineapigrace
    1. The chubby balloon kid says, "... Everybody is going to the party!" Funtime Freddy shouts at Michael, the bully, "OH BIRTHDAY BOY!!!"
    2. FT Freddy and the kid both have bonnie toys on one of their hands.


    Why the plush kid is Sammy Emily.

    1. Henry warns his kids about the springlock suits are tells them to be careful.
    2. The kid says that his father warned him about the plush toy. 
    3. This would put 3 out of 4 of the animatronics related to William. Ballora is Henry's Wife?, Baby is Elizabeth, and FT Freddy is Sammy.

    Everyone will tear this apart.

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  • NickF18

    Hey everyone, I wanted to another blog post explaining the whole FNAF Timeline (So Far):

    Event #1 (Cake Bear's Diner, 197X-198X): This event introduced us to Fredbear as a character in the series and it resulted in The Puppet being killed by William Afton.

    Event #2 (Fredbear's Family Diner, 1983-1985): This event introduced us to Springlock Suits that are designed/based on Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, plus the bite of '83 happened to Michael Afton in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

    Event #3 (Five Nights at Freddy's 4, 1983-84): The Crying Child suffers with the Nightmare animatronics in his house and he gets bit by Fredbear by the bullies during the events of FNAF 4.

    Event #4 (Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Generation l, 1984-85): Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, C…

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  • Tigerdev12
    1. I know Five Nights at Freddy's horror and Five Nights with 39 horror.  And Five Nights at Freddy's VR horror. 
    2. Bonnie the Bunny has named 39. 
    3. He thinks golden Freddy did killed Sam Clydeson died?
    4. Golden Freddy did not killed Sam Clydeson. And did not killed all Five kids dead. 
    5. Same Fredbear did not killed him little boy kid.  Michael Afton's little brother kid. 
    6. 39 remembered him named Golden Freddy and Michael Afton. I was read there from game Five Nights with 39 horror. 
    7. Five Nights with 39 have story. 
    8. Foxy worried about children kids. 
    9. Why  because Marionette did used with magical gave all robotics Alive turned evil with eyes Black and red then go how to haunted kills people, kids, guard... die or eating it. 
    10. Why because Bonnie and 39 Wanted …
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  • That1nightguard

    oh, H E double chica arms its happening. AHH WHAT DO I DO!?

    Ok calm down. j-just calm down...

    i still need to get for halloween is:

    • a fnaf offical button up shirt.
    • needs to finish my mask.
    • GET A HAT!!!
    • and a lot of blood sweat and tears.
      • falls flat on her face from stress from school and those items and as the time shes typing this is going to see the new Addams family movie. **


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  • AGuestOnHere

    On the article for the plushbabies, it says that the blue-green and orange variants are unused. This is only a partial truth. There are non-living plushbabies, and these two types are among them in blacklight mode. Yes, sure, they aren't enemies, but the model still made the cut. Just as a piece in the background. Can an editor please fix this? I know the page is focusing on the active plushbabies, but it isn't quite unused. Thanks for listening to my little rant.

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  • NickF18

    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a blog post, based on my favorite/least-favorite jumpscares in the FNAF series:

    My Favorite Jumpscares (First Gallery, listed below):

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  • Guineapigrace

    Michael woke up. He was stuck. A big black thing was infront of his face. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He heard nothing. He was in Freddy's. He managed to slide over and a huge mascot head blurred his vision. He was in one of the suits. Blood was on the floor. He shifted and locks clicked. The large metal pieces sliced through air. Michael's body was gone. He could walk. He got up and looked to the door. He pushed it open and limped over to the dining room. There was presents, set up for the next day. He looked over to the stage. The robots were moving. Freddy looked at him. Then Bonnie. Chica's oversized head slid over in Michael's direction with a scratch. "Hi." A child's voice came out of Freddy. "I'm Gabriel. He's Jeremy. That'…

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  • Megacute123

    "Can anybody hear me..." the child called out. then a mysterious shadowed figure popped out of it's place "nobody will ever hear you now" he groaned. the child screamed as to animatronics ate the child as her soul as departed

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  • H3yImAn00b

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to the lore, so forgive me if I mess up.

    The books were introduced by Scott Cawthon as:"just as canon as the games", and that's how people reacted. I see people taking the books' story and try to work it in the lore, but I think this isn't the way to go. I believe that the books interdused explanations to main components to the lore, as well as more insight on William Afton and Henry. The story in the books  might not be a part of the lore. 

    Since I've started looking at the lore, I've heard of 'springlocks' and that they are deadly, but it wasn't 'till I read the first book, The Silver Eyes, when I understood why. This is how I believe the books should be looked at.

    I could be wrong, I just wanted to show what I…

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  • Guineapigrace

    I am currently making a fangame. I need someone who is willing to model plastic, toy like animatronics in Blender. I have concept drawings of the animatronics along with their names and details to send to the modelers. You can contact me through discord @ Fazbear_Fright_Fan#1192 or comment on this post. Thank you for reading this.

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  • DiegoFire Network

    The tile already shows a lot. Everyone understood a lot by getting the “Trapped Ending” in FNaF VR, where GlitchTrap appears, shutting us off without saying another word. But while I was playing, a lot came to my mind, and well, you already know what I’m about to say... are we trapped, or is he?

    Let’s take the plush as an example. The plush’s green aura represents GlitchTrap’s malicious code (basically the entity), and the plush represents the area where the Trapped Ending takes place. With that in mind, we basically have a win.

    Another example is that we don’t have a “good” ending. This doesn’t mean that this could be a good ending. Not only because we’ve been tricked (another theory from MatPat; you’re free to check it out in his channel l…

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  • SinFaz - X

    Oh Look a Birthday Blog

    September 22, 2019 by SinFaz - X

    Yeah, some Years ago today, I was born.


    And that is about it-

    Anyway, this Wiki is a well place to chit-chat and share stuff, and I enjoy my time here, I am sure you do too. Hope I stay here for more Years!

    I doubt that someone will even read this, but If you do,well...I think you're going to celebrate my bday, well thanks.

    (Also, SFT 30 and TLH 4 is not coming-)

    Thanks for reading and good day/night.

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  • PoppleRookie2005


    September 17, 2019 by PoppleRookie2005



    SEND HELP!!!


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  • LandynGunderfan

    Hey Everybody GREAT NEWS, The Withered Animatronis have now appeared in FNaF VR: Help Wanted, all except for Withered Golden Freddy

    • They Only appear in Blacklight Mode
    • Normal Foxy still appears in FNaF 2 in normal mode

    I'm not so sure but i think this Model of Withered Freddy is just the one by Coolioart from SFM i could be wrong though

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  • Showtime von Party


    September 9, 2019 by Showtime von Party

    wasup im here to clean up my messes and not be an ass anymore (if i can take it. maybe. possibly. who knows? not me) anyway. LOVE this wiki. LOVE old me’s stupid blindness to the world. wish i could be as oblivious as that again sometime. well! if anyone wanna talk then your homeboy is back, and actually as a boy this time

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  • Terminator 22811

    (Warning: Unnecessary feelz, mushy-gushies, and philosophical crap ahead.)

    God, it feels weird typing this, but I couldn't find any other way to make it feel right.

    So... Yeah. Birthday and getting old and arthritis and whatever. Woo.

    But actually, I was surprised by how many people wished me a good one. Even outside of here. I didn't want to do anything this year, but a lot of people made me feel the happiest I've ever been in a long time, just by being there. And I mean you guys too when I say this. A fair number, if not all, of you really made me feel at home here, a place to fit in. I've gotten the chance to grow more as a person with some fantastic, interesting, and just plain fun people here. One could say it's almost like another famil…

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  • NightFox2001

    my is shine by spektrem it called spektrem - shine (Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix) [NCS Release].

    it's great whats ya'lls fav let me know i bet i might of heard some of the ones i'll might of heard.

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  • Nightwolf2001

    so the one i think isnt scary is golden freddy but my friend does cause of  him always crashing the game and my friends name is kyle so yeah but he is very funny.

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  • Nightmarewolfy1

    when ever your feeling down what kind of song and whats the songs name but what do you listen to help you feel better when ever your feeling down i listen to shm a.k.a. swedish house mafia cause i lost my dad but that song reminds me that hes always watching over me no matter what i still miss him though but it makes me feel a little better so plz dont bully me over me losing a family memeber that i loved with all my heart i cant help but wish i could see him again i give anything to see my father again.

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  • Guineapigrace

    The FNaF Timeline. (With evidence)

    1973: Fredbear’s Family Diner 1 opens.

    The year 1973 is found from FNaF 1. When Phone Guy mentions 20 years. 1993 minus 20 is 1973. The Fredbear’s Family Diner mentioned is seen in the Stage 01 Minigame. It has 2 springlock suits, Fredbear and SpringBonnie. Around this time,I think he is Fritz, due to the fact that Phone Guy says he will take the night shift after Jeremy, then Fritz shows up, and Phone Guy says he always liked Foxy, and the Older Brother likes Foxy. Henry makes the suits, and William runs the business. This and the rest of the series happens in Utah.

    1979: Fredbear’s Family Diner 1 closes.

    The first location closes.

    1983: Freddy Fazbear’s #1 opens.

    On the Faztoken in FNaF VR it says the the fir…

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  • Nightmarewolfy1

    The first one that scared me was freddy cause i wasnt expecting him to scare me cause after he played his song when you run out of power it stopped and i didnt hear him walk in or anything and it took a long time so i thought the game froze up and then after a long time he jumpscared me a made me jump out of my chair real quick and i ran like i never ran in my life before.yall can tell me if that is funny to yall just dont be mean about it ok cause if your mean about it i'll have to tell a admin and i talk with one alot so plz dont be mean plz and thx.

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  • LandynGunderfan

    In FNaF VR: Help Wanted, Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy are in the FNaF 4 House but it doesn't make any sense, why are they in the house with the Nightmare Animatronics? enters through in the original game]]

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  • LeTesla

    I know we have very vague knowledge about the game other than it's probably in the 80's, but the aesthetic is very Miami like, and new wave was very popular in Miami during the 80's. Also there are palm tree lights and such, that seem to suggest the series, or this one game, takes place in Miami.

    So what do you guys think about this? (I have not made an actual serious theory since 2016 as well)

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 17, 1973

    "C-Charlie?W-What happened to y-you?"

    "Just let me in, daddy. I will explain everything there."


    I entered the house. Dad sit to one of the single couches. I sit to the other one.

    "*Sigh*William killed me."

    Dad's face turned to white.

    "Didn't I told you-"

    "I didn't. Mari's box was closed, and I couldn't enter the place. Thsn...he was there."

    "*Sigh*So, you possessed Mari."

    "Yes, Mari told me the same thing."

    "Wait... Marionette is an AI-"

    "I mean,only I can hear him now."

    "Huh... strange."

    Neither of us didn't talk for a while. Then dad said:

    "Alright, we're moving off."



    " He will come back. And will kill even more innocent kids."

    "So...what will we do, then?"

    "Can't you justreport him to the pol…

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 16, 1973

    I have opened my eyes...? Sounds like a normal thing, but... I am supposed to be dead.

    I was in the back alley of the Diner. There were Just some bins, posters and tire tracks. And... my body.

    I still can't give a meaning to it. Then I raised and looked at my hand.

    It was Mari's hand. I stood up, and looked at my body, I was inside Mari.

    "Charlie? Charlie?" It was Mari's voice.

    "Mari? Where are you?"

    "I am still here."


    "Just go back to the Diner, I will explain everything there."

    "Umm, okay." I was in shock, at that moment.

    I was able to fly a little bit, which is really helpful. It was still raining.

    I entered the Diner, the door was open this time. The previous boxes were on the ground. Springbonnie and Fredbear were performing…

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  • YanDere-Yan


    July 20, 2019 by YanDere-Yan

    Legend says if you have witnessed the almighty Miyonet (aka Me) wander around this forbidden kingdom with your own two eyes,you will either have a lucky or a really shitty day. peace out ladies. :^)

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 16, 1973, Fredbear's Family Diner

    "*Laughter* Marionette, you are the Best friend ever!"

    "So are you Charlie!"

    "Please, another one!"

    "Okay, okay. But this is the last."

    "Alright, come on."

    "Say, what will you call a yellow rabbit in season of Spring?"


    "Springbonnie of course!"


    I have laughed so hard, even I have slipped and falled. But Marionette Just got my Hand. I just felt something really...strange at that moment.

    Thus, I have caused something that I will be so glad with in the future.

    "That was a close one." said Marionette.

    "Indeed, thank you so much!"

    "Anytime, that's what are friends for!"

    "Haha, yeah. Uh-oh, I forgot my Toys in the house. Let me bring them back Real quick.

    "But it's raining."

    "It's fine. I do love rainy …

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  • SinFaz - X

    May 14, 1973, Henry's Garage

    I understood that I have entered the garage. Dad was closing my eyes. "Get ready for a surprise!" he said.

    When I opened my eyes, I saw it. It was covert with a covering. Suddenly dad's face became serious. "Now Charlie, I have a few questions for you."

    "Say, what's my partner's name?" he said.

    That's an easy one. "William Afton?"

    "Good job, now what's our Pizzeria's name and what robots are there?"

    That's easy too. "Fredbear's Family Diner, and there are Fredbear and Springbonnie."

    "Smart girl, now, I don't want you to stay close to that William Guy, or to the robots,okay?"

    "Okay." That man is a weirdo. I can understand my dad. Same goes for the robots, everyone say they are dangerous.

    "Now, we can see the surprise. Sa…

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  • Vernanonix

    So, the Discussions feature may be going away. As far as we are aware, there is no actual way for us here to turn these off. I have put in a request to Fandom to have them removed. So I wanted to give everyone a heads up that, if you use them, they may be going away. But, of course, if you've used them recently, you might understand why we’re trying to shut it down. Here is the request I sent to Fandom:

    I’m now writing Discussions off as a lost cause and they are going the way of Article Comments and Chat. Because people just can’t play nice.

    Side Note: The forums will still be around, as always.

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  • That1nightguard

    (this will contain spoilers but I am going off of what I've seen game theory do.)

    there are two sides to this theory... the dream part and the real-life part, this is the dream part

    as you know there is the current fnaf 4 "nightmare" animatronics, and as they say in their death dialog in U.C.N (ultimate custom night) with nightmare Freddy saying: "We weren't real...but somebody made us real...and we where built to kill" (or something along the lines of that :P ) but that puts a point onto the dream side...but as well onto the real-life side (somehow) as the bold in the dialog states that they where made real...not designed real...and another point I have to add to this is: why is the toy chica missing her beak at the beginning of night mini-…

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