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The blacklight animatronics as Mystery Minis.

Blacklight animatronics are blacklight-recolored animatronics that appear exclusively as Five Nights at Freddy's merchandise products. First adapted by Funko since 2018, these animatronics has never made any role in the series, but the four main blacklight animatronics were once originally planned to be included in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted.

Based on multiple pre-existing animatronics, the basic blacklight colors they have are: Pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple. Some animatronics comes with couple of different-colored variants.

The blacklight animatronic product types to collect are the figurine sets, Funko POP!, pens, Mystery Minis, plushies, and even a Funko cereal.

Common Animatronics

A list of most notable and marketable blacklight animatronics.

Blacklight Freddy

Blacklight Freddy is Freddy Fazbear's blacklight counterpart and has two variants:

  • Blue Model - The most commonly used model. He is mainly blue with yellow shades for ear insides, irises, and paws. His muzzles and stomach are green, and has pink colors for the top hat, bowtie, and eyebrows.
  • Pink Model - Only sold as a Mystery Mini. He is pink with yellow shades for ear insides, stomach, and muzzles. His irises, bowtie, and top hat are purple.

Blacklight Bonnie

Blacklight Bonnie is Bonnie's blacklight counterpart. He is pink with yellow irises, purple bowtie, and green color for the ear insides, muzzles, stomach, paws, and around the eyes.

Blacklight Chica

Blacklight Chica is Chica's blacklight counterpart. She is completely purple, saving for the yellow beak and legs, blue eyebrows, and pink irises. Her bib is unique with blacklight-colored texts.

Blacklight Foxy

Blacklight Foxy is Foxy's blacklight counterpart and has 3 variants:

  • Green Model - The most commonly used variant. He is green with purple pants, eyepatch, and nose. He has pink irises, as well as yellow muzzles, eyebrows, ear insides, and stomach.
  • Purple Model - Only sold as a Mystery Mini. He is purple in green pants, and has blue ear insides, eyebrows, muzzles, and stomach. He also has pink nose and irises, and wears a pink eyepatch.
  • Pink Model - Only sold as Bonnie's replacement for the collectible figurine set. He shares similarities with Blacklight Bonnie; being pink with yellow irises along with green muzzles, stomach, and ear insides. However, he wears blue pants and eyepatch, and has a blue nose as well.

Blacklight Cupcake

Blacklight Cupcake is Mr. Cupcake's blacklight counterpart and has 3 variants:

  • Yellow Model - The most commonly used variant. He has yellow frosting, with eyes and candle fire vinyl colored in pink, while the wrapper and candlestick has purple-and-blue stripes.
  • Green Model - Only sold as a Mystery Mini. He has green frosting, with purple eyes and candle fire vinyl. His wrapper and candlestick has pink-and-yellow stripes.
  • Purple Model - Only sold as a Mystery Mini. He has purple frosting, with green eyes and candle fire vinyl. His wrapper and candlestick also has blue-and-yellow stripes.

Blacklight Golden Freddy

Blacklight Golden Freddy is Golden Freddy's blacklight counterpart. He is completely yellow just like his original counterpart, only lighter. His appearance is a strong reminiscent to Fredbear, as he wears a purple top hat and bowtie, but his eyebrows, eye-sockets, and mouth share the same color.

Blacklight Springtrap

Blacklight Springtrap is Springtrap's blacklight counterpart. He is mostly blue with a pink endoskeleton/corpse and purple shades for the ear insides and stomach.

Rare Animatronics

A list of blacklight animatronics that has only few marketable products.

Blacklight BB

Blacklight BB is Balloon Boy's blacklight counterpart. He is yellow-skinned with purple hair and pink cheeks, a nose, and irises. He wears blue pants, pink-and-blue striped shirt and beanie (comes with pink propeller), and purple shoes. His balloon, instead of regular yellow and red, was green and pink.

Blacklight Toy Freddy

Blacklight Toy Freddy is Toy Freddy's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a Mystery Mini. His blacklight colors are strongly similar to Blacklight Freddy, colored in blue (main color), yellow (ear insides, irises, and paws), green (muzzles and stomach), and pink (top hat, bowtie, eyebrows, and cheeks).

Blacklight Toy Bonnie

Blacklight Toy Bonnie is Toy Bonnie's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a Mystery Mini. His body is green, with blue eyes, and yellow eyebrows, ear insides, and stomach. His cheeks and bowtie are pink.

Blacklight Toy Chica

Blacklight Toy Chica is Toy Chica's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a Mystery Mini. She is totally blue with yellow cheeks and shorts, purple irises and eyebrows, and pink legs. Like Blacklight Chica, her bib is black with blacklight-colored texts.

Blacklight Puppet

Blacklight Puppet is the Puppet's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a Mystery Mini. Its yellow head has purple eyes and mouth, pink lipsticks and cheeks, and blue tears. Its purple body has yellow-and-purple strips for the limbs, and included yellow buttons.

Blacklight Endo-02

Blacklight Endo-02 is Endo-02's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a figurine for the collectible set. It was completely blue in color with yellow irises and green shadings around the eyes.

Blacklight Rockstar Freddy

Blacklight Rockstar Freddy is Rockstar Freddy's blacklight counterpart and only sold as a mini Funko POP! included for Funko's cereal. Similar to Blacklight Freddy, Blacklight Rockstar Freddy is colored in blue (main body), green (stomach and muzzles), pink (top hat, bowtie, nose, cheeks, and eyebrows), and yellow (ear insides and star button).

Spring Colorway Animatronics

The Spring Colorway Animatronics are similar to the blacklight animatronics except with lighter "spring" colors. The only available marketable animatronics include: Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, and Mr. Cupcake.


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