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Blacklight Animatronics has not been given an official name; as such, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.

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The blacklight animatronics are recolored animatronic counterparts who appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, exclusive to blacklight modes.

Physical Appearance

Their appearance is exactly the same to the original counterparts, except reskinned with different textures to reflect the blacklight modes.


Dark Freddy

Shadowfred partsandserv3

Dark Freddy's jumpscare, animated.

Dark Freddy (also known as Blacklight Freddy) is the blacklight counterpart of the original Freddy Fazbear colored in pitch black saving for the white glowing eyes and teeth, reminiscent to the original Shadow Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

In the blacklight mode of Freddy's level from the Parts and Service mode, he serves as the original Freddy's replacement with same functions.

In the Night Terrors's Pizza Party level, he will also appear to jumpscare and end the mode if the player wastes enough time to progress the level. Curiously, in his jumpscare, his eyes and teeth changed from white to black with red aura.

Neon Bonnie

Blightbon partsandserv2

Neon Bonnie's jumpscare, animated.

Neon Bonnie (also known as Blacklight Bonnie) is the blacklight counterpart of the original Bonnie with trippy-looking neon colors.

In the blacklight mode of Bonnie's segment from the Parts and Service level, he serves as the original Bonnie's replacement with same functions.

In Funtime Foxy's Dark Rooms level segment from blacklight mode, Bonnie's endoskeleton has an extremely rare chance to spawn. Fully approaching this endoskeleton will trigger Neon Bonnie's jumpscare.

In the Night Terror mode's Pizza Party level, he will suddenly appear to jumpscare and end the level if the original Bonnie approaches the player in full contact.

Neon Chica

Blightchic partsandserv6

Neon Chica's jumpscare, animated.

Neon Chica (also known as Blacklight Chica) is the blacklight counterpart of the original Chica with trippy-looking colors (similar to Neon Bonnie), and Nightmare Cupcake replacing the original Cupcake.

In the blacklight mode of Chica's level from the Parts and Service mode, she serves as the original Chica's replacement with same functions.

In the Night Terror's Pizza Party level, if the original Chica approaches the player in full contact, Blacklight Chica will appear to jumpscare and finish the level.

Burnt Foxy

Burntfox partsandserv6

Burnt Foxy's jumpscare, animated.

Burnt Foxy (also known as Blacklight Foxy) is a blacklight counterpart of the original Foxy with a nearly charred-looking suit and eyes which lack pupils.

In the blacklight mode of Foxy's level from the Parts and Service mode, he serves as the original Foxy's replacement with same functions.

He is the only blacklight animatronic not to appear in the Night Terrors mode's Pizza Party level, due to the original Foxy's absence.


Maxresdefault (26)

Virtualtrap's jumpscare, animated.

Virtualtrap (also known as Blacklight Springtrap) is a blacklight counterpart of Springtrap with darker blacklight lighting and glowing irises.

He appears in the blacklight mode of Ennard's Vent Repair level from one of the sections of the breaker room. In this case, the player must repair the vent as fast as they can before Springtrap reaches them, as once he does, he will jumpscare them, forcing them to start over.

Virtualtrap also appears in the Night Terrors mode's Pizza Party level from his jumpscare, which occurs if the player idles too long in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3-themed Office.

Unlike all other Blacklight animatronics in the game, the only change in his actual colors compared to his regular counterpart are the glowing eyes, as the rest is done through the lighting.

Shadow Mangle


Shadow Mangle's jumpscare, animated.

Shadow Mangle (also known as Blacklight Mangle) is a blacklight counterpart of the original Mangle. It is a counterpart of Mangle who appeared similarly related to the shadow animatronics, colored completely with pitch-black tints, saving for the eyeball and teeth.

It serves as an extra antagonist in the blacklight mode of Mangle's Vent Repair level.

Dark Freddy

Neon Bonnie

Neon Chica

Burnt Foxy

Shadow Mangle


Warning: The audio clips from the following list are loud!
Audio Description
The XScream sound made by Dark Freddy, Neon Bonnie, Neon Chica, and Burnt Foxy when attacking the player.
The sound made by Shadow Mangle when attacking the player.
The sound made by Virtualtrap when attacking the player.

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