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Not what you were looking for? See the story, or the book of the same name.

Our animatronic "the Blackbird"... will get you to confess your darkest secrets, and then when you do, it comes to punish you for your sins. It never lets you off the hook, never lets you rest. We can have the Blackbird basically hound some poor dude to death.
Sam, Fazbear Frights #6: Blackbird

Blackbird is the main antagonist in Blackbird of the Fazbear Frights series, featured in both the book and its story of the same name.

Physical Appearance

Blackbird is an animatronic costume, hand-made by Sam. It has black feathers covering its body, a small, orange, triangular beak and green glowing eyes, mostly covered underneath the thick layer of feathers. It's inspired by the Freddy's animatronics, various comments made about the length of Sam's legs reminding people about various long-legged bird species, and Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.


According to the story Nole and Sam make up, the Blackbird stalks its victims and punishes them for something they've done wrong in the past. They either must atone for their sins or suffer the consequences. When manifesting before Nole, they fill an identical role, trying to force Nole to atone through apologizing to Christine for his actions.


The Blackbird was created to serve as the main villain in a horror film college project by Sam and Nole after the pair remembered the creepiness of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza animatronics. They decided he would punish his victims because of their past acts after Nole brought up he had seen one while planning on not attending class, and its gaze had made him feel guilty enough to return. In their project, the Blackbird would stalk the main character Floyd for past transgressions. Sam created the costume of the character, scaring both himself when looking in the mirror and Nole when seeing a photo of it. During the creation of the project's bedroom set, Nole confessed something wrong he had done in the past: tormenting and bullying a girl named Christine. He bullied and fat-shamed her, put a dead mole in her locker, and threw burrs at her. Sam, a former victim of bullies, was angry at Nole for being so harsh, and left the room.

The next day, Sam was walking down the railroad tracks listening to music and presumably wearing the costume. He was grazed by a train, rolled into a ditch, and passed out from the pain of a broken leg. The feathers of the costume scattered in the impact, and Sam was presumed dead. For unknown reasons the Blackbird integrated itself with Nole's consciousness, becoming an extension of the guilt he felt for his acts, just like the character was intended to do in the project. The Blackbird began to appear in the corners of Nole's field of view, startling him as he went about his day, making various sounds to help frighten their target. During the night, as Nole tried to go to sleep, the Blackbird made various sounds as they were trying to enter his room, terrifying Nole into taking a softball bat to defend himself from his mysterious foe. As he falls sleep, the Blackbird appeared on top of him in his dream, paralyzing him as it aimed its beak at his heart until Nole swipes at it with the bat, exploding into feathers which quickly disappear. A few hours later, it watches Nole while he sleeps. When he next falls asleep, the Blackbird repeats the nightmare, making Nole make horrific noises that causes one of his frat brothers to break down his door thinking he was being attacked and murdered. Again, the Blackbird bursts into feathers.

After deciding to try and appease the Blackbird by apologizing to Christine, the Blackbird initially relents from appearing, but when Nole decides to try and forget about Sam, the Blackbird and Christine because the creature hadn't appeared in some time and get some sleep, the second he closed his eyes the Blackbird began another cacophony of noise. Accepting apology was his only chance, Nole set out to find his former victim, the Blackbird following once more. After minor appearances at Wilbur's Eats and the corridors of Christine's college, Nole apologizes, being forgiven by his victim and thanked for the apology. Soon after, he got a phone call from Sam and his family soon after, revealing Sam was alive and had simply been unconscious in the ditch since the morning of the day before. As Nole had hoped, after apologizing, he didn't see the Blackbird again.


  • Blackbird is the third original character to debut from the Fazbear Frights series, the first being Fetch, the second being Ralpho.
  • If Blackbird isn't an animatronic, then this would make them the second antagonist to not be an animatronic, with the first being the "Shadow Alligator Child" from The Man in Room 1280.
  • It's unclear if the Blackbird was a manifestation of Nole's guilt in the believed death of Sam or if the Blackbird had become sentient in Sam's absence, following the rules of its story set by Nole and Sam.
    • Nole hears a high-pitched ringing or buzzing during some of his encounters with the Blackbird, possibly hinting at Illusion Discs being involved.
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