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Kids, for your eating enjoyment, we present to you the Birthday Gummy!
Announcer, Fazbear Frights #8: Gumdrop Angel

The Birthday Gummy is an inanimate entity in Gumdrop Angel, the first story of Fazbear Frights 8: Gumdrop Angel.

Physical Appearance

The Birthday Gummy is a large statue the size and shape of a human girl completely made of candy.


The Birthday Gummy is the final event of a birthday party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The statue is released from its box and slowly descends down to the stage, while flailing its limbs around. The birthday child takes the first bite from a foot, then the rest of the children enter the stage to devour the statue entirely starting from the legs upward. The gumdrop nose is saved for the birthday child.

There seems to be a curse or a cycle with the statue. If one eats the gumdrop nose, they start to turn into a Birthday Gummy. They eventually return to Freddy's where they are put into a box and served to another birthday party, where the cycle repeats.



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