Were you looking for Bidybab's counterpart, Electrobab?
I'm gonna get inside!
— Bidybab telling the player in anger that she will get inside upon completion of 'Dolls Attack!"

The Bidybabs are a pair of small animatronics and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. The duo are only active during Night 2 and one in the Custom Night.

The duo appear on stage from the Circus Gallery with Circus Baby.


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Graphic designed animatronic bald child with nude and tan accents.
— Scott Cawthon's page,
"Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)"[1]

The Bidybabs are small, baby-like animatronics with a pale tan colored exterior. Each of the two have different colored eyes - one has light-purple eyes, and the other has blue-green eyes. They feature a triangular-shaped orange nose, squarish teeth in a similar style of a classic nutcracker, an orange-colored lower lip and eyelids, five-fingered hands, smaller ears, and a single metal button in the middle of their chest. They seem to wear light-brown, vest-like shirts and shorts. They are also barefoot.

Bidybabs talk in a feminine, quiet voice never raised using a southeastern British accent, but is only raised in the Custom Night.



Bidybab jumpscaring the player.

Bidybab with light-purple eyes is only active in Circus Gallery on Night 2. While the HandUnit is rebooting the power to Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, the player must hide under the desk until the power is restored. While under the desk, Bidybab will enter the room and proceed to look underneath, peering through the holes that riddle the door that protects the player. After she does that, Bidybab will attempt to pry open the door and pull it open to get inside. The player's job is to try and hold the door shut to keep the enemy out. If the player fails to keep the door shut, Bidybab's jumpscare will trigger, resulting in a game over.

Custom Night

NightmarionneJumpscare "Non-canon"
The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the series.
Bidybab will always be in the vent ahead of you. When she gets too close, close the vent door until she retreats.
— Description from the Custom Night.
Bidybab CN Jumpscare

Bidybab jumpscaring the player.

A single Bidybab will progress through the vent. The player must hear sounds from the vent to tell how close she is to the office. When the player hears her talking, it indicates that she has started moving. When the player hears the sound of Bidybab crawling through the vent, they must shut the vent door to avoid certain death. After closing the vent door, the player will hear a knock on the door, signaling Bidybab's retreat. Failure to block the vent door in time will result in her jumpscare.

Night modes where Bidybab is active are listed as follows:

  • Dolls, Attack!
  • Girls' Night
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Golden Freddy


  • The Bidybabs are one of the few known animatronics in the series to speak in a different accent which is British. Others seen in Ultimate Custom Night being Rockstar Chica and Nedd Bear with Southern accent, Withered Bonnie with Hispanic accent, etc.
  • From the fourth teaser for the game, there are seven Bidybabs. In the final product, however, there are seemingly only two of them. It was originally meant that there will be more than just two Bidybabs.
  • The Bidybabs are one of the few animatronics from the game not to appear in the Extra menu on their own, the other two being the Minireena and Bon-Bon.
    • Even though they don't have an entry of their own, they still can be seen in Baby's image.
  • Bidybabs are some of the shortest animatronics from the entire series, others being BB, Plushtrap, Nightmare Freddy's Freddles, Minireena, Bon-Bon, Electrobab, and Bonnet.
  • On rare occasions, the player can see a Bidybab appear in the window of the Elevator for the entire trip down. This can also happen in Circus Gallery on Night 3.
  • In one of the cutscenes taking place inside the living room of the house while watching the "Immortal and the Restless" show, there is a very rare chance to find Bidybab staring at the player from the far right.
  • Like the Minireenas, it is unknown what happened to them during Night 5, where all animatronics are scooped to create Ennard.
  • While not physically appearing in the trailer, Bidybab's voice can be heard saying "Don't hold it against us" continuously, as well as adding on "You don't know what we've been through." at the end of the trailer. Her first line is also used for her teaser's tagline.
  • Bidybab is one of the five antagonists in the series to have one set of teeth, the others being BB, Electrobab, Circus Baby, and Nightmarionne.
  • The Custom Night challenge "Girls' Night" reveals that the Bidybabs are female.
    • Also, the description for her tag calls her a "she".
  • Bidybab is the only animatronic from the entire series to have at least one counterpart, who is Electrobab.
  • Bidybab is the only animatronic from the Custom Night so far to fully expose her endoskeleton face while jumpscaring the player.
    • She is also the only animatronic from the Custom Night that keeps her original jumpscare with the difference in lighting, and the only animatronic in the Custom Night to keep her original jumpscare sound, therefore being different than any other animatronic in the Custom Night who has a jumpscare.
    • Additionally, she is the only animatronic in the Custom Night to open her faceplates outside of a jumpscare, and the only one in the game (with the possible exception of Funtime Freddy in Parts/Service on Night 3).
  • In Custom Night, Bidybab says her lines in a pattern of her views on the camera.
    • When she first enters the vent, she says she doesn't want to play hide and seek.
    • When she's halfway to the office, she says she's going to find a way inside.
    • However, only the vent sound is heard when she's at the doorway.
  • At the end of Dolls, Attack! and Bottom Shelf, Bidybab is heard saying "I'm gonna get inside!" in a rather aggravated tone.
  • Bidybab is the animatronic from the Custom Night with the least amount of appearances, as she only appears in four modes.
    • She is also one of the two animatronics to have an exclusive number of appearances in the Custom Night; the other one being Funtime Foxy, who has six appearances.
    • Oddly, her counterpart, Electrobab, has a greater number of appearances, that being five.


  • In her jumpscare, Bidybab's lip is not connected to her endoskeleton.
  • Bidybab's belly rises when she jumps in during her jumpscare.
    • This is especially noticeable in the Custom Night.


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UNC SisterLocation Office

Bidybab on the far desk (center).

While Bidybab does not appear in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the selectable characters or Dee Dee's spawns, she appears in the Sister Location stylized Office skin as one of the environmental decorations.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location


Custom Night



Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location


Bidybab's lines all occur when hidden under the desk in Night 2.

No. Quote Audio(s)
Hello in there.
Bidybab Dialogue 1
Is it the same person?
Bidybab Dialogue 2
Knock, knock.
Bidybab Dialogue 3
She's watching us.
Bidybab Dialogue 4
Someone is inside.
Bidybab Dialogue 5
We always find a way inside.
Bidybab Dialogue 6
*gasp* We have to leave now.
Bidybab Dialogue 7
We will see you again soon!
Bidybab Dialogue 8


No. Description Audio(s)
#1 The sound Bidybabs emits when attacking the player. This scream is shared with the Minireenas.

Warning: Loud!

Scream op5-9

Custom Night

No. Quote Audio(s)
I don't want to play hide and seek...
I'm going to find a way inside...
I'm gonna get inside!
Going to get inside 2