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Beartrap is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is only encountered in Blacktomb Yard.


Beartrap has an identical appearance to a beartrap, only with an added set of eyes, ears, and nose. They all appear in a different set of brown.


Basic "Bite 2" AttackDeals medium damage to a single party member.


  • Beartrap appears to be a pun of the original beartrap, since beartraps are often used on large animals, especially bears.
    • This may be a reflection of the number of incarnations of Freddy there are, as they are naturaly all bears.
  • Beartrap's animation appears to be based on what an actual beartrap does when it is activated.
  • Beartrap's eyes and ears visibly detach in its idle animation.
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