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Baron von Bear is an animatronic that appears in The Puppet Carver, the first story of the book of the same name. He is seemingly the mascot of the Pizza Playground.

Physical Appearance

He's never physically described in the story. The only thing said about him is that he's an animatronic bear.


While there is no descriptive details for Barn von Bear's functions, but he is programmed to sing for performance like a regular animatronic.


Baron Von Bear is one of the animatronics performing on stage at the Pizza Playground. When a little girl enters inside the pizzeria with her parents, she sees Baron Von Bear in his dormant state. She asks Porter if he's gonna sing, and he informs her the show would begin in 15 minutes. Towards the end of the story, after Jack lowers the prices allowing more clients to come in, a large batch of children watch a stage performance by Baron Von Bear and an unspecified bird animatronic, which they seem to enjoy.

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