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Balloon Boy, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones

Balloon Boy is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones. Unlike in the games, there are multiple Balloon Boys, used to distract Charlie and her friends.

Physical Appearance

The Balloon Boys are about four feet tall. They have round heads, blue eyes, triangular noses, and rosy pink cheeks, and propeller beanies. They also have round bodies with arms as long as their legs. Most have red and blue striped shirts, but some have differently colored ones. Their hands carry a balloon and a wooden sign that reads "BALLOONS!"


The Twisted Ones

The Balloon Boys swarming Charlie and John, The Twisted Ones: Graphic Novel.

In the underground pizzeria, Charlie hears a voice calling out "Hi" and "Hello", and believes at first that it is a real child. She moves deeper into the pizzeria until a horde of Balloon Boys begin swarming her, their appearances altered and distorted by the illusion discs to appear as real children. The lights and sounds created by them and the environment overwhelm Charlie. She later is saved when Jessica, John and Clay come in. Clay shoots the lights that are creating the illusion, reducing the Balloon Boys to plastic animatronics.

When William Afton (as Springtrap) sets his animatronics loose on Charlie and her friends, the Balloon Boys act as a distraction. The original animatronics arrive to rescue them, with Freddy destroying a hoard of Balloon Boys with a charging tackle.


  • In the novel, it says that there were multiple Balloon Boys, all different colors. This could be hinting there are several characters such as JJ and Dee Dee, and possibly even Ballboy and Browboy could have also been there.
    • However in the graphic novel of the Twisted Ones, the Balloon Boys all have the same colors.
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