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By diving into the pit and staying under for one hundred seconds, Oswald is able to travel back in time. Interestingly, things from the past are also able to switch places with something in the present.
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The Ball Pit is an object that first appeared in Into the Pit, the first story of Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit, and is a crucial object that plays a role in the epilogues of the Fazbear Frights series.

Physical Appearance

The ball pit resides in a building that was formerly a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and was kept inside the building as many owners opened their own business ventures over the years, such as Papa Bear's Pancake House and Jeff's Pizza. The pit itself is filled with red, green and blue balls. Some of the balls have a strange sticky substance that smelled like copper on them, which is later revealed to be blood. The ball pit is closed off by rope and yellow tape stating "DO NOT USE." Having been closed out for many years, the pit eventually started filling up with dust and mildew.


Into the Pit

Oswald is an ordinary customer at Jeff's Pizza. He comes there every day because the prices for pizza and soda are cheap. One day, Oswald snaps at his father due to how repetitive and boring the summer had been. In an act of spite, Oswald hides in the closed off ball pit, going inside of it. After some time, Oswald comes out only to see the pizzeria filled with arcade games, kids running around and animatronics singing on stage. The ball pit had sent Oswald back in time to the year 1985.

Oswald meets two kids from the era; Chip and Mike. After hanging out for a while, Oswald heads back into the ball pit which takes him back to the present. The ball pit could seemingly take a person 30 years into the past to the day. Oswald spends the next few weeks time travelling to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to hang out with Ben and Mike, seeing someone in a yellow rabbit suit standing about. One day, Oswald comes to see people screaming and running out of the pizzeria. He is horrified to see that the man in the bunny suit murdered 6 children out in the open.

Oswald immediately jumps back to the present. His father came to pick him up, only for the yellow rabbit to grab his father and throw him into the pit. For the next few days, the rabbit replaces his father and everyone else sees him as his father, rather than a walking rabbit. After a talk with new girl Gabrielle during his first day of middle school, Oswald gains the courage to face the rabbit and save his dad. He returns to Jeff's Pizza and finds his father unconscious in the pit, and after a fight with the evil bunny, the creature ends up hanging itself on the pit's rope from above. The two reunite and leave the restaurant, as Oswald decides to never use the time travelling ball pit again.


Detective Larson, a man investigating an animatronic named the Stitchwraith, had suffered an injury from a stab wound and a deadly infection; both of which were burnt away. The unique properties of the infection and the subsequent burning of it gave Larson lucid visions. He could see, hear and smell the fake environment around him. One of the things he always saw as he transitioned through the random memories was the ball pit of Jeff's Pizza.

Wanting to seek answers, Larson travels around town until arriving at Jeff's Pizza. Jeff allows him in, and Larson sees the pit. It was in the exact same condition as he saw in his visions. Larson steps into the pit, but doesn't go directly under it. Instead, he notices spurts of blood on the balls. Thirty samples of blood were collected, and after DNA examination, were revealed to belong to the same person.

The strange part was that each blood spurt came from a different year, and they all coincided with dates that of incidents involving a strange female animatronic with red pigtails, gray skin and a silver heart shape pendant; Eleanor. It can be assumed that the blood belonged to her, and that she wanted to use the ball pit and its powers to house the souls of all the people shes killed for the past thirty years.

Larson visits Dr. Talbert, an expert who had been called in to study multiple of the cases involving the missing children. When he walks in, he discovers both the Stitchwraith and Eleanor inside his house. Despite Eleanor being in a human disguise thanks to the heart shaped pendant, Larson sees through her and realizes that she is an evil being made from pure negative emotion. Larson is overwhelmed by visions before he can do anything, and is sent to Eleanor's memories to see some of her killings first hand.

Eventually, Larson figures out that he can use the ball pit within Eleanor's various memories to hop between them. Larson kills Eleanor multiple times in the memories, weakening her in real life. This gives the Stitchwraith an opening to absorb Eleanor and dumb her down to nothing, leaving her animatronic body inanimate and the bits of her trapped inside of her worst memories.

After everything that happened, the Stitchwraith, possessed by a young boy named Jake, begins to have visions of the ball pit as well. Jake is eventually able to find Jeff's Pizza and can feel all of Eleanor's victims souls still trapped in there. He decides to go into the ball pit himself, and bring all the souls to peace. He meets Millie, another one of Eleanor's victims who only remembers the events before her death in Count the Ways. Jake leads her back to her grandpa's house, so that they can celebrate Christmas together. Jake is able to put all the souls in a happy space, within the balls of the ball pit. The balls glow to show an image of the souls living happily. While everyone's trapped inside the pit, they can all rest in peace.


The ball pit has displayed some strange abilities from its appearances.

  • Time Travel: The ball pit has the power to send someone back in time exactly 30 years into the past. It's unclear how the process is done, but Oswald is sent back when he dips his entire body underneath the pit. Strangely, Oswald ends up immediately after he left when he returns to the present.
  • Stasis/Incapacitation: When Spring Bonnie took Oswald's father into the pit, he replaced him while the real dad was trapped in the pit. Oswald's dad didn't travel back in time, but instead remained unconscious within the pit for weeks on end until Oswald came back to rescue him. Despite not having any food or water for weeks, Oswald's dad didn't die and remained in perfect condition throughout his time trapped. It's likely the pit had put him in some form of frozen stasis, pausing him completely.
  • Vision Connection: Larson can see the ball pit in his visions, and it's quite prominent as it's the transition point to the various memories he sees of Eleanor's victims. It's unclear how the ball pit is able to appear in the vision, especially since Larson never knew of the ball pit beforehand. It can be assumed that this has something to do with its supernatural presence.
  • Memory Hopping: The ball pit still works within the visions themselves. Since the ball pit is the transitioning point between memories, Larson uses it to travel through Eleanor's memories while he's still stuck in her head.
  • Soul Housing: Eleanor had put the souls of thirty people inside of the ball pit, presumably trapping them using her blood. The souls remain trapped in the ball pit, unaware of where they are. Jake is able to put these souls at ease, but the ball pit remains their resting place.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • It's unclear how, why or when the ball pit was given it's time travel powers, although the most likely explanation was that the ball pit is charged with Remnant and/or Agony.
    • The charge in question is most likely Eleanor's blood put inside the ball pit, given that it's the only remotely off thing about the pit. It also couldn't be caused by the murders in the pizzeria, given that Oswald could use the ball pit to head back to the present weeks prior to the incident.
  • It's possible that the "time travel" Oswald experiences when he jumps into the pit is actually diving into someone's memories and being able to affect them, similar to how Larson hops through people's memories using it.