The Back Alley is a secondary location in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. It is where Scrap Baby, William Afton, Molten Freddy, or Lefty reside in. This location is also where the player can throw the salvageable animatronics back by choice.


The Back Alley is a grey-bricked alleyway with multiple garbage bags and trash cans. There are also document papers and posters ("The Legend of the Terrible Man-Wolf", "One Night at the Opera", "Spook Fest", and few unknown advertisement/show posters depicting a grinning clown) printing on walls.


In very rare occasions, there is a possibility that when starting, ending, or dying in a game the player will see a screen of either Scrap Baby, William Afton, Molten Freddy, or Lefty in the alley during a thunderstorm.

The Back Alley also appears in the Security Puppet minigame where the Puppet went after the assigned child with the green security bracelet.




Audio Description
The raining ambient for the Back Alley's rare screen.
A series of thundering noises.

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