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You look at me and you see a soulless monster; how ironic. How twisted. How backward. How unfair.
Baby, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

Baby, originally named Elizabeth Afton, is an animatronic in the novel series and serves as the secondary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet.

The Freddy Files Description: "This sleeker, humanoid animatronic serves William Afton, who calls her "Elizabeth." The true origins of this animatronic are shrouded in mystery, but today she serves only the interests of her twisted "father," and her own bloody, vengeful interests."

Physical Appearance

Baby is a humanoid clown animatronic that looks elegant and feminine. Jessica also notes that Baby looks like a mannequin. Her hair is tied into two silky orange pigtails. Baby has rosy cheeks, a red nose, and red lips. She also has big, round eyes with long, black lashes. Her split face is also said to appear exquisitely sculpted. Her limbs and body are segmented plates, along with other metal segments that look like a red outfit. She has a red skirt at her waist. Her stomach can split open in the middle and shoot out an enormous mass of wires and prongs.

Baby's endoskeleton is described as a malformed metal skeleton. It has contorted metal limbs and "burning" silver eyes.

As Circus Baby, she is described as a gigantic, cartoonish child with bright orange hair tied up in two pigtails. Her face is painted white, has a painted garish pink nose and cheeks, and large green eyes. Her pins are described as thin, sharp spines, each capped with a red knob that sticks out of her face, her body, her arms, and her legs.

As Charlotte Emily, she has some notable differences from the third Charlie robot, the Charlie from the previous novels. John notes that her nose is too narrow, her cheeks are too hollow, her eyes are too far apart, her hairline is too high, and her eyebrows are at the wrong angle[1]. She now wears makeup, form-fitting dresses, elegant clothing, and combat boots with heels. She also now has confident and sophisticated gestures.


The Twisted Ones

As Charlie's friends mourn over her death at a diner, Baby, disguised as Charlie, drives up and gets out. As soon as Baby arrived at the door, Marla and Jessica rush to the doorway to meet her. Arty seemed confused, and John watched for a steady moment. John didn't speak until Arty met his gaze. "That's not Charlie."

The Fourth Closet

Appearing in Chapter 3, Baby is helping the weakened William test on Funtime Freddy by raising the temperature, this was because William Afton wanted to keep rising the temperature. However, Baby warned William Afton that rising the temperature will destroy the endoskeletons, only for Afton to respond to Baby wish, “They will become more, just like you did."

Baby later appears disguised as Charlotte Emily asking Jessica to help her get ready for her date with John, after having a talk about a few of her near-death experiences but not questioning about Jen. John and Jessica drive to an abandoned mining town named Shining Star, Silver Reef to look for Aunt Jen. After finding and meeting Jen, they soon find the real Charlotte in a chest. Baby disguised as Charlotte shows up to Jen's house and kills her while saying "I love you too, I really do."

It is revealed to Charlie by Baby (aka Elizabeth), that she isn't human. Rather, she was the third of four planned robots made by her father Henry to mimic her growing up. There were four robots planned, each simulating a stage in life. However, Henry committed suicide before the fourth one was finished. That fourth unfinished robot became Baby and revealed to Charlie that all her memories of her with her father were just recordings made by a camera on a tripod. Baby was the scrap robot in the corner of Henry's workshop in some of Charlie's "memories".

During the final battle, Baby fights with John and Charlie who then stabs herself and Elizabeth through the chest with the suicide robot's knife.


Five Nights at Freddy's Collection

The Twisted Ones: The Graphic Novel



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