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BB's Air Adventure is one of the accessible minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It can be also played from the Extra menu.

Access Requirement

BB's Air Adventure is not a Night-specific minigame. The player can access the minigame on any night by going to Hall (CAM 08) and double-clicking on the drawing of BB on the left wall.


First Ending

In this minigame, the player takes control of BB to collect balloons. The balloon count at the top starts at 8, but in the first room, there are 7 balloons to collect. Once these 7 balloons have all been collected in this room, an exit will appear in the form of a door. Touching this door ends the minigame, though in doing so, the player will leave 1 balloon uncollected. There is no penalty for neglecting the last balloon, but the secret portions of the level are important for unlocking other minigame aspects later in the Nights.

Second Ending

Another way that this minigame can end is if the player exits the starting room by jumping out of an invisible exit at the top left corner of the room. Once the player does this, they will fall to a black-and-white area, in which they can proceed to the left to enter another area. The next area contains three crying, silhouetted Balloon Boys near a large silhouetted structure. If the player proceeds left, they will encounter an exit in the form of a door. Touching said door ends the minigame.

Third Ending

A third way that this minigame can end is if the player collects the 7 balloons in the first room, then exits the starting room by jumping out of the invisible exit at the top left corner of the room. If the player has already gone through the second exit door, red balloons should appear as static platforms underneath where BB is falling, leading to a blue platform with a child that appears to be dead. If the player walks off the right edge of this platform, they will land on another "room" with a color-changing balloon. Important: Enter the room from the bottom-left corner, otherwise the player may get caught and need to restart the game. Collecting this balloon is necessary for full progression in this minigame.

Cake Ending

Once the player has visited the "Mangle's Quest" minigame, returning to this minigame will unlock another path. Following the same path taken to obtain the third ending up to the platform with the child will lead to the player successfully completing the full minigame. A cake will appear once the child is approached, and the minigame will end. The child then awakens, and one of the children in the Happiest Day minigame will be unlocked.


Balloon Boy's exclusive McFarlane construction set.

  • From the original mobile port, the minigame is slightly different and easier. The player's character can only slide to either left or right, simply collecting all 7 balloons through the rectangular area.
    • To get to the secret area, obtain all of the balloons and move to the left until the player's character clips out of the map. When in another area (where there is only one Shadow BB sprite instead of three), move to the right and obtain the eighth balloon at the end.
    • For the cake ending, after completing "Mangle's Quest", go back to the minigame and repeat the same previous strategy but make sure to land on the balloon platforms. Now move forward and reach the child to give them a cake.
  • BB's minigame sprite appears as one of McFarlane's collectible 8-bit construction sets.
  • The "BB's Air Adventure" minigame also appears on a Five Nights at Freddy's trading card, except the phrase is changed to "Balloon Boy's Air Adventure".
  • The background music box is "Faites Lui Mes Aveux" by Charles Gounod.
  • The Freddy Files referred the Shadow BBs as "terrifying dead Balloon Boys".[1]



Audio Description
Music box.


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