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Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon

Were you looking for the boss Chipper's Revenge, the playable character Mr. Chipper, or the ending sharing Chipper's Revenge's name?

Be careful though, our wood-cutting Auto-Chipper has gone haywire! It has been jumpscaring me all day!
Fredbear speaking about Auto-Chipper.,

Auto Chipper is one of several bosses encountered in FNaF World. It is the first boss in the game, and guards gray chests in Fazbear Hills and Choppy's Woods.


Auto Chipper's body is similarly shaped to a barrel. It has a large, carved-out face that takes up the entire front side of the body, similar to that of a beaver. It has two small paws with sharp spikes for claws and has large, circular ears sticking out from the sides. There are wooden gears protruding from the top of the barrel and the sides as well.


Basic "hook" attack Deals low damage to a single party member.
Stuns all party members for a few seconds.


  • This character is likely based on one of the Lumberbot characters of Scott Cawthon's previous game Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.
    • Same applies with Chipper's Revenge.
  • Auto Chipper is one of the six bosses that Fredbear specifically mentions, the five others being Seagoon, Porkpatch, Bubba, Security, and Bouncer.
  • Auto Chipper is one of the two bosses to appear in more than one location; those being Fazbear Hills and Choppy's Woods. The other being Mad Endo, who appears in Deep-Metal Mine, but also appears in a hidden location in Choppy's Woods.
  • Fredbear's saying about Auto Chipper "Be careful though, our wood-cutting Auto-Chipper has gone haywire! It has been jumpscaring me all day!" is a reference that he has the 'Jumpscare' attack.
  • Auto Chipper is one of the five bosses that are considered optional bosses, since it simply guards chests, and the player doesn't need to defeat it to complete the story. The other four being Eyesore, Seagoon, Mad Endo and Gold Endo.
  • Sometimes when Auto Chipper was battled, the background will turn black and the party members couldn't be accessible. It is advised to exit the game or press F2 to return to the main menu and fix the error.
    • This can also happen to Mad Endo.


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