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I heard there was some kind of accident. Where's Charlie?
Arty, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones

Arty is a minor character in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones.

Physical Appearance

Arty is described as being cute in a goofy way, with a pleasant face, dark eyes, and curly brown hair that seemed to have a life of its own.

In The Twisted Ones: The Graphic Novel, Arty has reddish brown hair and wears a purple jacket, a yellow shirt, and blue jeans.


Arty is an awkward person who cares about Charlie, as he goes to Hurricane after hearing about an accident that occurred there. Arty is also insensitive as he seems sad about Charlie's apparent death because he thought she liked him and can't date her anymore, even though there was nothing romantic between them.


The Twisted Ones

Arty attended the same college as Charlie and was in three of her four classes, including Dr. Treadwell's robotics class and a chemistry class. He followed Charlie around the whole semester "like a stray duckling," a trait that Charlie did not mind.

It becomes apparent that Arty has a crush on Charlie, made evident by eagerly wanting to team up on a chemistry project and deflating when she mentions meeting another guy. After mentioning the murders at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Charlie becomes obviously disturbed and ends their post-class conversation, running off to her dorm.

Arty later asks Charlie if she can review the notes they took for chemistry after class. Charlie agrees to help him, and they both leave to the library to study. During their study session, Charlie leaves after fixating on the rectangular-shaped doodles she drew on her notebook that reminds her of her twin brother Sammy.

In Chapter 14, Arty meets up with John and company at a diner after hearing about an accident in Hurricane. Upon learning about Charlie's apparent death, Arty claims that he and Charlie were dating but backtracked and says that they were good friends. A woman then drives up to the diner and gets out. As soon as she arrived at the door, the woman was revealed to be Charlie. Marla and Jessica rushed to the doorway to meet her. Arty seemed confused, and John watched for a steady moment. John didn’t speak until Arty met his gaze. "That's not Charlie."

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