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The arcade animatronics are video game-themed animatronics who appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery as limited time-only custom skins for the animatronics. They were introduced for the Arcade Mayhem event that started on May 7, 2020 for a limited time.

Physical Appearance

All animatronics are based on the toy and funtime animatronics. With the exception of 8-Bit Baby, the arcade animatronics are featured with neon skin textures and colors as some reminiscent to Neon Bonnie and Neon Chica from Help Wanted. Each one comes with few unique video game-styled traits.

The animatronics has a capability to switch two different forms, excluding System Error Toy Bonnie.

Standalone Animatronics

8-Bit Baby

Keep your eyes closed and nothing bad will happen to you.
8-Bit Baby, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Alpine ui plushsuit 8bitbaby

8-Bit Baby is a version of Circus Baby as well as the fourth and last arcade animatronic released on May 28, 2020. Unlike other arcade animatronics, 8-Bit Baby is a whole new character with her own CPU included.

Out of all arcade animatronics before her, 8-Bit Baby's appearance is completely blocky to look like a pixelated sprite as a 3D model. Her design is notably based on her original counterpart's Death Minigame appearance from Sister Location, but her eyes changed from blue to green. In haywire mode, her colors will utterly shift: Her skin turns shades of periwinkle, eyes glowing yellow, a pitch-black color for her hair, dress, and shoes, a toothy grin, and glitching with countless pixelated numbers and symbols.

When encountered, she will appear as more aggressive than her original variant. The player has only a split second to look away when she glitches, and using the flashlight is almost invalid to find her. Watch her movements, and once she decloaks, enable the Shocker to shock her.

8-Bit Baby's animation upon defeated is unique, as she will explode before disappearing.

Skin Animatronics

All arcade animatronics behave identically to their original counterparts except more aggressive and gives a less amount of time for few actions.

VR Toy Freddy


VR Toy Freddy is a version of Toy Freddy and the first arcade animatronic skin released on May 7, 2020.

In his Workshop mode, his appearance glows with dark purple and black neon color, which also applies to his hat, bowtie, buttons, and microphone. He is textured with few cyber-styled circuit lines and wears a virtual-reality headset.

In his attack mode, his neon skin color turns fiery orange, covered with several glowing circuit web textures, and his headset is removed to reveal bright yellow-green eyes with circuit-like "eyebrows".

Highscore Toy Chica

Alpine ui arcade daily gift

Highscore Toy Chica is a version of Toy Chica and the second arcade animatronic skin released on May 14, 2020.

In her Workshop mode, her appearance is pitch-black in color with glowing blue aura effects, and sports orange/yellow irises. Her forearms appear more bluer and contain poly-count textures. The "LET'S PARTY!" text for her bib is replaced by "HIGH SCORE" in pixelated font.

In her attack mode, the glowing aura effect's color is changed from blue to purple and red, her eyes are removed to reveal red sclera, and her bib text now reads as "GAME OVER". Like her original counterpart, her beak is also removed.

Highscore Toy Chica's cupcake, 8-Bit Cupcake, resembles Toy Cupcake although as a 8-bit sprite in 2D design. In Highscore Toy Chica's attack mode, 8-Bit Cupcake is changed with monochromatic purple tints and black eyes with purple irises and white pupils.

System Error Toy Bonnie


System Error Toy Bonnie is a version of Toy Bonnie and the third and last arcade animatronic skin released on May 21, 2020.

System Error Toy Bonnie's general color (including his bowtie) is mixed with orange and hot reddish-pink, and textured with scanlines all over him. His mouth and eyes gleam yellow, a red "SYSTEM ERROR" text printed on his stomach, and glowing white eyebrows, freckle spots, and a nose. His whole body also emits pixel-like particles.

Unlike other arcade animatronics, System Error Toy Bonnie has only one form.


  • When viewing the arcade animatronics in the Workshop, the background darkens.
  • Along with Freddy Frostbear, the arcade animatronics take no visible damage.
  • 8-Bit Baby is a second brand-new animatronic of the game to be not completely made as a custom skin, with the the first being Freddy Frostbear.
  • 8-Bit Baby is the only arcade animatronic to have her own music, which is "Turtle Crusher" from Sister Location.
  • Like all of Baby's counterparts, 8-Bit Baby is voiced by Heather Masters.



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8-Bit Baby

VR Toy Freddy

Highscore Toy Chica

System Error Toy Bonnie

8-Bit Baby

8-Bit Baby jumpscare.


I can hear you breathing, but not for long.


If you keep your eyes closed nothing bad will happen to you.


Soon you will be as broken as I am.


There is something bad, inside of me.


Skin Animatronics

VR Toy Freddy's Jumpscare.


Highscore Toy Chica's jumpscare.


System Error Toy Bonnie's Jumpscare.


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