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All animatronics (excluding JJ, the shadow animatronics, and the phantoms) from the first four games in the "Thank you!" image.

It appears this animatronic has suffered a malfunction.
HandUnit, Five Nights at Freddy's AR

The animatronics are electro-mechanically animated robots appearing in all various shapes and sizes, as their physical characteristics can be based on animals, humans, foods and even inanimate objects. The animatronics are created and established by robotics companies (mainly Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. and Afton Robotics, LLC), excluding the ghost-like counterparts (phantoms, shadows, etc). They served as main antagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

Five Nights at Freddy's

In the first game, the classic animatronics are the first original counterparts, consisting of the titular Freddy Fazbear, as well as Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and additionally, the mysterious Golden Freddy.

Endo-01 and Chica's Cupcake are the only minor animatronics from throughout the game.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

In the second game, they consist of the previous aforementioned incarnations in a damaged state (Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy and Golden Freddy) as well as their "updated" versions called the toy animatronics: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica and Mangle along with two newer characters: Balloon Boy, and the Puppet.

New minor animatronics include: Endo-02, Shadow Freddy, RWQFSFASXC, JJ, and Toy Cupcake.

All of the withered animatronics' returning original counterparts (except Foxy) made cameo appearances in the end-of-night cutscenes.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

In the third game, there is only one true animatronic capable of killing the player: a yellowish-green, deteriorated, rabbit-like animatronic named Springtrap, later revealed to be William Afton after his gruesome death by springlock failures seen in the end-of-night minigame after Night 5. Some of the animatronics from the previous titles also make appearances as visions of the older characters, and are known as phantoms: Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Phantom BB, and Phantom Puppet. They are only capable of jumpscaring the player, but this can still prove to be a major obstacle in the player's progress.

Shadow Freddy and RWQFSFASXC returned for another brief role, along with new but minigame-exclusive shadow animatronics who appeared only once but was never seen again in later games of the series, and a "golden" version of Chica's Cupcake appears in a Rare Screens. Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie appears only in Minigames as well.

The classic and toy animatronics returned but were used as props for Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction: All toy animatronics (excluind JJ, Dee Dee and Puppet) are found in the box with Withered Foxy within the Office, Freddy and Bonnie are used as "dress forms", Chica's and Foxy's head are used as lanterns, and the Puppet's mask is found hanging on the wall from CAM 08.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Minigame Exclusive

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

In the fourth game, the original four animatronics do not return, however their monstrous and more mangled counterparts appear, and are referred to as nightmare animatronics, including Nightmare Freddy (with Freddles), Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica with Nightmare Cupcake, and Nightmare Foxy. Additionally, the game introduces a smaller "nightmarish" counterpart of Spring Bonnie (known as Plushtrap), along with two new animatronics, Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare, the latter replacing the former on Night 7. In the Halloween Edition, three new nightmare animatronics were added, replacing some of the original nightmare animatronics, including Nightmare Mangle, Nightmare Balloon Boy, and Nightmarionne, as well as a retextured Nightmare Bonnie known as Jack-O-Bonnie and a retextured Nightmare Chica known as Jack-O-Chica, with her cupcake being replaced by a jack-o'-lantern. However, the nightmares' role from the Halloween Update are non-canon with the only exception being Nightmare Balloon Boy. Fredbear appears in the last minigame from the game along with Spring Bonnie.

Basic Animatronics

Excusive Animatronics

Minigame Exclusive

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

In the fifth game, the newer, "upgraded" animatronics take the original cast's place, known as funtime animatronics. These newer animatronics include Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy with Bon-Bon, Funtime Foxy, Bidybabs, and Minireenas. An animatronic made out of all animatronics' endoskeletons, Ennard, made its debut on Night 5. Two minor animatronics, Yenndo and Lolbit, briefly appear in the game. With all animatronics' appearance (except Circus Baby and Ennard) in Custom Night, the said night also include two animatronics Bonnet and Electrobab that both do not appear in the main game. Two toys presumably based on unseen animatronics are seen in Circus Control: Little Joe and Magician, in Primary Control Module others minor animatronics are seen: Gypsy and mysterious animatronics heads.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Exculsive Animatronics

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

In the sixth game, a group of animatronics from the previous installments return in heavily damaged forms, consisting of Molten FreddyScrap Baby, William Afton, and the mysterious Lefty. These characters appear completely different and are essential for achieving the Completion Ending. The original four don't return; in their places are the newly-built Rockstar animatronics, which includes Rockstar Freddy, Rockstar Bonnie, Rockstar Chica, and Rockstar Foxy with his parrot. There is also a set of new animatronics introduced as well, such as the Mediocre Melodies (Mr. Hippo, Happy Frog, Pigpatch, Nedd Bear, and Orville Elephant), Helpy, Security Puppet, Candy Cadet, Egg Baby, Fruit Punch & Lemonade Clown, Prize King, Gumball Swivelhands, Neon Jukebox and Trash and the Gang. Furthermore, it is revealed that some animatronics were found in the "Rare Finds Auction" location: Funtime Chica with Funtime Cupcake, Music Man, and El Chip.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Non-Animatronics Robots

Ultimate Custom Night

FFPS Custom Night

A set of sixty-one characters from across the entire franchise have been included in Ultimate Custom Night as threats to the player.

NOTE: Phone Guy, Trash and the Gang, Helpy and Old Man Consequences are not true animatronics and thus not listed.

Selectable Animatronics

Name Image Description
Freddy Fazbear FreddyProfilePic He approaches from the left hall. Keep track of him on the monitor and shut the door when he is standing in the doorway. He moves faster as the building gets warmer.
Bonnie Bonnie UCN He shares Pirate's Cove with Foxy, but whereas Foxy will hide himself when viewed on camera, Bonnie will do the opposite, and become more agitated. View the figurine on the desk to see who is active in Pirate's Cove.
Chica with Cupcake Chica UCN While Chica doesn't care if the music box is wound up, she can grow tired of the selection playing. When you hear the pots and pans, Chica is content. If she stops making noise, however, you only have a short amount of time to change the music.
Foxy Foxy UCN He will gradually leave Pirate's Cove if you don't check on him regularly. Once he is out, he will enter your office piece by piece.
Toy Freddy UCN Toy Freddy He sits in the Parts and Service room playing Five Nights With Mr. Hugs on his big screen TV. Click the cams on Toy Freddy's monitor, then be sure that the appropriate door is closed to prevent Mr. Hugs from jumpscaring him.
Toy Bonnie ToyBonnieProfilePic Put on your Freddy Fazbear mask quickly when he sneaks into your room to fool him and make him go away.
Toy Chica with Toy Cupcake Toy ChicaCN Put on your Freddy Fazbear mask when she sneaks into your room to fool her and make her go away.
Mangle Mangle UCN Unlike the other animatronics in the vents, once Mangle reaches the vent opening he will never leave. Use the vent-snare to prevent her from making it that far.
BB BalloonBoy UCN He will try to sneak in through the side vent. Close the side vent and wait until you hear a thud indicating he is gone. If BB slips in, he will temporarily disable your flashlight.
JJ JJ UCN She will try to sneak in through the side vent. Close the side vent and wait until you hear a thud indicating she is gone. If JJ slips in, she will disable door controls temporarily.
Withered Chica Withered ChicaCN-0 She climbs through the air vents, but may get stuck when trying to enter your office. Use the vent-snare to prevent her from reaching the opening.
Withered Bonnie Withered BonnieCN He will appear in your office poised to attack! Throw on your Freddy mask to make him leave again.
Marionette Puppet UCN Keep his music box wound or he will come to get you! The global music box also works against him.
Golden Freddy GoldenFreddy UCN He will occasionally appear in your office. Throw on your Freddy mask or pull up your monitor quickly to cause him to disappear.
Springtrap SpringtrapCN-0 He makes his way toward the vent opening embedded in the wall in front of you. When he is poised to attack you will see his face looking down at you. Close the vent door to send him away.
Phantom Mangle PhantomMangle UCN When you see him on your monitor, quickly close it, or he will appear in your office and create an audio disturbance.
Phantom Freddy Phantom FreddyCN Shine your flashlight on him to cause him to fade away. If you don't, he will jumpscare you, giving time for enemies in the vents to sneak into your office. Heat causes him to appear faster.
Phantom BB PhantomBB UCN When he appears on your monitor, quickly close it or change the cam to avoid his jumpscare.
Nightmare Freddy with Freddles Nightmare Freddy FreddlesCN When the Freddles begin to accumulate in your office, shine your flashlight on them before Freddy appears!
Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare BonnieCN Buy his plush from the Prize Counter when he appears in the hallway to avoid his jumpscare. He can't be stopped by the office door.
Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare FredbearCN (1) He is invisible to the cameras and can only be seen when he reaches your left doorway. Close the door on his face to send him back into the darkness!
Nightmare NightmareCN (1) He is invisible to the cameras and can only be seen when he reaches your right doorway. Close the door on his face to send him back into the darkness!
Jack-O-Chica with Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-ChicaCN When the office heats up, she will appear in both halls at the same time. Close both doors to make her vanish. This won't work if the office is 100 degress or more.
Nightmare Mangle Nightmare MangleCN (1) Purchase his plush toy from the Prize Counter when he appears in the right hall to avoid his attack! He can't be stopped by the office door.
Nightmarionne NightmarionneCN (1) Don't let your mouse cursor linger over Nightmarionne for too long!
Nightmare BB Nbb mugshot When he is slumped over in your office, do not shine your light on him. When he is sitting up however, you must use your flashlight to reset him.
Circus Baby Circus BabyCN Purchase her plush toy from the Prize Counter when she appears in the right hall to avoid her attack! The office door can't stop her.
Ballora Ballora UCN She will approach from the one of the hallways. Listen for which hall she is in and shut the appropriate door.
Funtime Foxy Funtime FoxyCN Check his curtain to see when his show is set to begin, then be sure to watch his cam at that exact time to postone the show, otherwise that is when your game will end.
Ennard EnnardCN (1) Difficult to see on the vent radar, he will make his way toward your office. Listen for the sound cue of squeaking metal, then close the vent.
Happy Frog HappyFrog UCN She moves through the air ducts making her way toward you. Use the audio-lure to keep her in place. She is immune to the heater.
Mr. Hippo MrHippo UCN He makes his way toward your office using the air ducts. Use the audio-lure to hold him in place, or the heater to push him back.
Pigpatch Pigpatch UCN He makes his way toward your office using the air ducts. Use the audio-lure to hold him in place, or the heater to push him back.
Nedd Bear NeddBear UCN He climbs through the vent system making his way toward you. Use the audio-lure or the heater to keep him at bay.
Orville Elephant OrvilleElephant UCN He makes his way toward your office through the air ducts. He isn't often fooled by the audio-lure, but can be pushed back with the heater.
Rockstar Freddy Rockstar FreddyCN He will occassionally activate and ask for five Faz-Coins. You can alternatively use the heater to cause him to malfunction.
Rockstar Bonnie Rockstar BonnieCN When he appears in your office, search the cameras to find his guitar. Click the guitar to send him away.
Rockstar Chica Rockstar ChicaCN Check the left and right hallways, then double-click the wet-floor sign to place it on the same side as Rockstar Chica. She won't enter if the sign is in place.
Rockstar Foxy with his Parrot Rockstar FoxyCN When you see his parrot, click it, and Rockstar Foxy may offer you some helpt. This comes with risk, however.
Music Man MusicMan UCN Keep the noise down, or you'll begin to hear his cymbals crashing faster and faster eventually leading to a jumpscare.
El Chip El ChipCN He's just here to promote his new restaurant. Close the ad when it appears.
Funtime Chica with Funtime Cupcake FuntimeChica UCN She will appear at random to distract you. There is no way to avoid her.
Molten Freddy Molten FreddyCN He climbs in the vents, but can avoid the vent snare. Listen for his voice, then shut the vent door before he gets through.
Scrap Baby Scrap BabyCN She will appear on the opposite side of your office desk. When she moves, use a controlled shock!
Afton ScrapTrapCN He will attack once per night, making a lot of noise and causing the lights to flicker before attacking. Close the right vent door to block him.
Lefty LeftyCN He becomes active from noise and heat. He is too far away from the music box to be soothed by it, but the global music box can calm him down.

Non-Selectable Animatronics

Name Image Description
Shadow Bonnie ShadowBonnie UCN He will cause your office to become pitch black for about ten seconds. There is no way to avoid him.
Plushtrap Plushtrap-UCN He will appear on a specific screen and sit in his chair. If the player doesn't scare him out of his chair fast enough, he will jumpscare them.
Nightmare Chica Nightmare Chica's Jumpscare Jaws will begin to close on the player's screen. If the player does not promptly turn on the power A/C before the jaws close, she will jumpscare the player. The further down the jaws are, the longer they take to disappear.
Bonnet Bonnet UCN Like in the previous game, she will walk across the office and must be stopped by clicking on her nose.
Minireena Minireena UCN When summoned, several Minireenas will appear and block the player's view. Unlike in the previous game, the effect is temporary and the Minireenas will leave after a short time, usually about an in-game hour (45 seconds).
Lolbit Lolbit UCN When summoned, Lolbit's face will appear on the screen with the words "PLEASE STAND BY", blocking the player's view, preventing them from using the cameras or doors, and adding about 3 bars to the noise meter. The player must type L-O-L on their keyboard to make it disappear.

Other Animatronics

Name Image Description
Dee Dee DeeDee
Dee Dee can appear at random and either increase the difficulty of a character or add a new character to the night, set to an unknown difficulty, including any of the ones listed below that are not already on the character select screen. When playing in 50/20 mode, instead of Dee Dee, a new animatronic called XOR will appear regardless of whether or not Dee Dee Repel is active. She is black and white, eyeless, and glitching around the office accompanied with garbled audio playing before calling her entire roster one after another in the order of Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap, Nightmare Chica, Bonnet, Minireenas and Lolbit. She also can very rarely appear in normal play.
Fredbear Fredbear's Jumpscare Should a player set the night to only have Golden Freddy at 1 difficulty, then, upon using the Death Coin on Golden Freddy, Fredbear will jumpscare the player and end the night. This cannot occur, however, if Dee Dee appears during the night.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

In the seventh game, Help Wanted, most of the previous animatronics return, except for the ones of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Most of them in recreations of the previous installments; and some are given their own levels, due to this, Nightmarionne and Bonnet from the Halloween Edition from the fourth game and Sister Location's Custom Night became canon as they are included in the game with their own level. In hard mode, blacklight versions are introduced: Dark Freddy, Neon Bonnie, Neon Chica with Nightmare Cupcake, Burnt Foxy, Shadow Mangle and finally Virtualtrap. The Halloween DLC, that is named Curse of Dreadbear, adds two. Halloween-themed animatronics: Dreadbear and Grimm Foxy. And Chica's Cupcake is replaced by Cupcake Candy Bucket.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

In Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, some of the animatronics return, along with two new animatronics: Freddy Frostbear and 8-Bit Baby. The skis debuts in the game, some of them being non-Halloween holiday skins: Shamrock Freddy, Chocolate Bonnie and Easter Bonnie. The arcade skins are also shown: VR Toy Freddy, Highscore Toy Chica with 8-Bit Cupcake and System Error Toy Bonnie. The animatronics are sent to the player by Fazbear Entertainment via the Fazbear Funtime Service.

Major Animatronics

Minor Animatronics


  • Scott has confirmed in a Q&A that he planned to add other characters in the first game, and that some characters did not make the cut. However, he said that the scrapped animatronics would return in the second game.
    • These animatronics were presumably BB and the Puppet, due to them being the only original animatronics.
    • Although, Scott commented in his interview during the Five Nights at Freddy's 4th anniversary that the wolf and beaver animatronic (originally meant to be the main antagonist rather than Freddy) are scrapped animatronics. The beaver animatronic is recycled for El Chip while the wolf animatronic makes his debut in The Twisted Ones novel as Twisted Wolf while making a cameo in one of the Ultimate Custom Night cutscenes.
  • The animatronics in the franchise seem to be different in design from real-life animatronics in a number of ways. This can be assumed to be done to make the game's events possible, however, there are many aesthetic difference that would not need to be changed in order to make maintain the game's possible reality.
    • While the animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's series are clearly capable of walking, real-life animatronics would not be able to do this. This is because animatronics are controlled by additional mechanics that are installed into the floor. Since these extensions are part of the endoskeleton, Freddy and the others would have to dismantle themselves in order to leave the stage.
    • Actual Chuck E. Cheese's animatronics are not given any articulation below the hips in order to give them stability. The in-game animatronics have articulated knees, thighs, and ankles, which would make no sense from an engineering perspective.
    • Animatronics, by definition, are only supposed to perform specific actions. While the animatronics at Freddy's do use preset routes and positions, their movements are randomized and are implied to have some level of autonomy.
    • The animatronics' servos locking up from being stationary for too long makes little sense due to the way the servomotors function. They will more likely lock up due to jamming or loosen from overuse.
    • Freddy Fazbear's hat appears to be detachable. This would be near impossible in real life as it could slide off with the slightest movement. It is possible that the hat is attached by magnets and only falls off when enough force is applied, though this is unlikely due to it being detached in Parts/Service.
  • Starting from September 9 to September 21, 2015, each animatronics' appearance (except for Golden Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's 2 appearance who disappeared on September 19) from the "Thank You!" image have changed into smaller and more cartoonish looks, hinting the spin-off game of the series titled FNaF World which was released in January 23, 2016.
    • Furthermore, more characters are added to the image every day, including the smaller version of Fredbear, JJ, another smaller endoskeleton with green eyes (Endoplush), Funtime Foxy (an undamaged version of Mangle), Shadow Bonnie (given the name, RWQFSFASXC instead), Spring Bonnie, Shadow Freddy, the crying child's ghost from minigames of the second and third game, three paper plate dolls (Paperpals), and total six phantoms from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
  • The animatronics were made by "Fazbear Entertainment" (excluding animatronics from Sister Location), but according to novel series, the original four animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy) were made by Henry Emily.
    • Despite this it does not say that Golden Freddy was made by Henry.
    • Twisted and funtime animatronics were created by "Afton Robotics LLC".
FNaF genders

Scott Cawthon confirming that the animatronics have genders.

  • While all animatronics have a set gender (as Scott confirmed in an email), the gender of the character Mangle appears to be completely unknown. Its gender is currently still highly disputed.
    • On September 17, 2015, Scott "announced" on a steam post about Mangle's true gender:
"OK. People have been asking me about Mangle's gender for almost a year now, and I think it's time that I finally answer the burning question about whether Mangle is a boy or a girl, so that this community can finally put the matter behind them. The answer is- Yes."
  • Currently, it is unknown why Scott Cawthon won't fully reveal Mangle's gender, as it doesn't affect much on gameplay or lore.
    • The two most likely reasons for this are either lore implications (such as two souls in one body) or due to the fact that Mangle's gender is so hotly debated that just revealing it will send shockwaves through the fanbase, similar to how Scott now refuses to reveal the contents of the box from the end of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. It could also be that Mangle once did have a gender set in Scott's mind and fanbase reaction has altered his intentions of the character.
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