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Have you ever been so angry you just wanted everyone to know it?
Andrew, Fazbear Frights #4: Step Closer

Andrew is a character who first appeared in the Stitchwraith Stingers as a ghost inside the Stitchwraith. He is the main antagonist of The Man in Room 1280, the third story in Fazbear Frights 5: Bunny Call. Due to his actions, he can be considered an unintentional antagonist in the epilogues, as well as some of the Fazbear Frights stories.


He is a young boy with curly black hair and rosy cheeks. He wears a cheap alligator mask that covers his eyes and forehead in The Man in Room 1280. He is described to have a devilish grin.[1]


The Man in Room 1280

At some point before the events of the story, Andrew was hurt and murdered by an William Afton. This led to Andrew attaching himself to the man's soul to ensure that he can't die, allowing Andrew to presumably torment William.[2] William burns in a huge fire and is taken to Heracles Hospital. He has lost his face and most of his skin has burned off, exposing his organs and bones through the translucent black remains of his flesh. He is taken off life support, but he can't die as Andrew is keeping him alive to suffer.

Andrew's spirit is fighting William's for control, leading to him being stuck in a constant state of horrific nightmares for years. The nurses come to the conclusion that there is nothing but evil inside of him, which leads to them calling the priest Arthur Blythe. Father Blythe believes that there is good in William, but the nurses try to convince him that he is purely evil. He then manages to communicate with William, eventually figuring out that he wants to go to a Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center before he dies and that he is afraid of hell. Arthur then tries to get permission from the hospital to take him to the center but the hospital claims it's impossible.

Mia, a new nurse at the hospital, spots Andrew manifesting as a boy with an alligator mask. She spots him two times, with him winking at her the second time and running down the hall.

Nurse Ackerman then comes up with the idea of killing William before Arthur gets permission to take him to the center. She attempts to kill him with morphine, but as she is injecting it she is abruptly interrupted by Andrew, who appears next to her and runs out of the room giggling. When she goes back to injection, a shadow of a child, most likely another form of Andrew, appears and flashes across the room, causing all the morphine vials to fall on the floor and shatter.

Nurse Thomas attempts to kill William by smothering him with a pillow. She seemingly succeeds when she gets a flatline and the pillow saturates in blood and other fluids, but the shadow appears and tears off the pillow, causing the blood and fluids to splatter into her which makes her faint.

Before Nurse Colton attempts to kill William, she spots Andrew running across the hall. She doesn't know what to make of him, and considers that he may be a ghost as he was spotted numerous times throughout the hospital recently which resulted in many documentations of his sightings and police visits. She then plans to kill him by giving him an injection of hot air. She forms a candle perimeter around the room as an attempt to stop the shadow from interfering. Her plan fails when the shadow appears and causes the syringe to leap from her and stab her neck. She manages to pull it out before the air kills her but Andrew grabs it and drops it on the ground, causing it to break.

Arthur eventually gets permission to take William to the center on the condition that anything that happens is his own responsibility. Mia tries to convince Arthur not to do it but he is determined. On the way to the center, the man begins leaking black blood and tar like substances. When he reached the center, he began to convolute and eventually exploded. Arthur sees footsteps emerging from the man and leading to the toys. Andrew then uses his rage to infect the toys, costumes, and animatronics. This includes Fetch, Ella, and Plushtrap Chaser. For the first time in his life, Arthur thinks that everything is not fine.

Fazbear Frights #3 - Epilogue

After the events of Fetch, the animatronic Fetch ends up in the lab. Phineas Taggart senses a lot of agony from it, and cuts out the battery. Phineas attaches the battery to an endoskeleton, along with a doll's head. The Stitchwraith came to life, and turns to look at Phineas. It then reaches out to touch him. The battery pack started flashing red, and Phineas attempts to form a "mental shield". This doesn't work, however, as he is overwhelmed by the agony and is annihilated. His body withers and his eyes begin to bleed black. Finally, it drapes a cloak over itself and gets into a truck.

Fazbear Frights #4 - Epilogue

After the Stitchwraith is transported to a truck, Andrew awakens and meets Jake. Jake and Andrew are both dead children haunting the Stitchwraith, but Jake is in control and only he has the ability to see. Andrew is initially rude to Jake, but Jake is patient with him. Andrew reveals that he wanted revenge on someone who had hurt him, so he had attached himself to their soul so they couldn't die. When asked what happened to the person Andrew replied that he was brought to a big place with "cool stuff", and how he wanted to be everywhere. He remembered being all over the place, and infecting objects, including Fetch.

A man then comes into the truck. Jake moves to alert the man, and the man is startled. Jake reaches out to the man to try to comfort him, but the man screams and grabs his head. The man's body begins to wither, with black streaks running down his sunken eyes.

Jake is horrified and asks why it happened, and Andrew replies that it is probably him. Jake asks incredulously why he is killing people, but he responds that he just wants to scare people with a zap. Jake is mad and tells him that the zap is killing people. Andrew says that he only wants to hurt the man and it's not his fault. Jake says that he has to get the objects Andrew infected as his rage could kill more people. Jake asks him to help him find the objects but Andrew refuses. Jake then manages to connect to Andrew and read his thoughts to find the objects. He then dons a cloak and begins his journey to find the haunted objects.

Fazbear Frights #5 - Epilogue

Jake has collected many objects and is tired of moving around from place to place and constantly reading Andrew's thoughts. His home is now an abandoned factory where he hides the haunted objects and waters some flowers. After he drags a bag that has Ella to the factory, he notices Grimm hiding but ignores him. He then waters the flowers and Andrew asks him why is he watering them. Jake then experiences a memory where he was with his father at a baseball game. He wants to stay there and begins to feel himself being pulled into the memory. He wants to be free and his soul starts leaving the Stitchwraith. Andrew panics and yells for him not go away. Jake then realizes that he can't leave yet otherwise his new friend who had never known love would be trapped inside the Stitchwraith forever as there would be no one to help him. He goes back to watering the flowers and ignores Andrew's questions about them.

Fazbear Frights #6 - Epilogue

As Andrew and Jake continue their mission to destroy all the infected objects, the Stitchwraith is tracked down by Detective Larson, armed with a gun as he enters the factory, hoping to communicate with the entity. The pair notice him approaching while dumping parts of Foxy in the compressor and Andrew immediately moves to kill him, to stop him from interfering (misunderstanding his intention). Jake believed that as they were trying to save people, their was a better way to go about it than killing Larson and the two began to wrestle for control of the Stitchwraith. Jake gained the upper hand and used his control to hurl the Stitchwraith into the compressor, grinding up the animatronic and releasing the three souls. As Jake lowered a hand to pull Andrew up with him, the now freed soul of William Afton anchored himself and Andrew to the compressed animatronic parts, likely in vengeance for the years of torment he had been kept in by the vengeful child. Jake tried to hang on to his memory of a baseball game with his father Evan to pull the two up, but Afton's pull was too strong, and as such Jake sacrificed himself by shutting out positive emotions and pulling him back down, freeing Andrew who vanished in a glimmer of light seen by Larson as Afton and Jake went on to form the amalgamation.

Andrew's story ends here, having been released from the Stitchwraith. While Jake remains in control of the endoskeleton, Andrew has passed on to the afterlife.

Various Fazbear Frights Hauntings

It is implied that Andrew's rage through Afton's influence is responsible for some of the hauntings throughout the Fazbear Frights series. This includes:

Plushtrap Chaser

It gained disturbing human eyes and teeth and became a very dangerous version of the regular toy. It could move extremely fast, and easily bite through any material such as metal knives and wooden doors. It terrorized Oscar and his friends in Out of Stock and got destroyed by a train which left its remains on the railroad. Later on, the Stitchwraith would pick up those remains.


She gained the ability to teleport and disappear. She terrorized Delilah for a month in 1:35 A.M. by never letting her safely sleep, to the extent where she finally crawled into the vent of an abandoned factory to feel safe. She presumably dies. The Stitchwraith would later pick up Ella.


He gained the ability to curse people with his hypnotic song. In Step Closer, this curse caused Pete to die, with his soul trapped in his own body as his eye and hand were being removed in hospital. Pete's younger brother, Chuck, visits the pizzeria Foxy was in order to face him, but Foxy is gone. It can be assumed that the Stitchwraith had come by to pick him up. Foxy is thrown into a trash compactor when the Stitchwraith collects him.


Unlike the other toys, it is implied that Andrew himself possessed Fetch rather than simply infect it. Fetch could sync to any phone despite being seemingly outdated. It would get its owner anything (or anyone) they mention via text, dialogue, or even thoughts. It would also mercilessly kill anyone or anything that poses a threat to its owner.

It synced with Greg's phone in Fetch, where it got him many things such as chocolate, homework answers, and objects Greg had hidden before. It also killed his neighbor's dog, tore off his uncle's finger, and killed Kimberly, Greg's crush. At some point after the events of the story, Fetch breaks down in a thunderstorm and later ends up in Phineas's lab.


  • Despite Andrew stating that he is zapping people, which inadvertently kills them, Jake believes that there could be another spirit haunting the Stitchwraith, who is more dark and taunting than Andrew, who is using Andrew's rage as fuel for infecting the objects. This soul would turn out to be that of William Afton.


  1. Fazbear Frights #5: Bunny Call | The Man in Room 1280 | "Second, the boy had a toothy grin, just a little too devilish to be endearing, one notch past acceptable on the scale of mischief."
  2. Fazbear Frights #4: Step Closer | Stitchwraith Stinger | "I got into his soul, made sure he couldn’t move on when he shoulda died. I remember I wanted him to suffer, the way he made me suffer."
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