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PhoneGuy UCN.png "Uh, I think the name was... Amalgamation or something like that."

Amalgamation has not been given an official name; as such, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.

The Amalgamation is the melted down endoskeletons of Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and Golden Freddy.

It was used as a source of remnant to keep William Afton alive, and it is a major protagonist/anti-hero in the third novel.

Physical Appearance

It's described as a melted scrapheap, whose extensions could be interpreted as arms and legs. It has loads of undefined tangles and cords, melted into one another and fused together. Most of the amalgamation seemed fused to the table, burned and blackened at the edges where it touched the table itself. It also has different colored sets of eyes.

In the graphic novel, the creature is depicted with four heads, that of Chica, Bonnie, Freddy Fazbear, and Foxy. Its body is bulky and rusty, with holes revealing the wires. It has sharp claws, with three toes and four fingers. Chica's Cupcake is melted onto her head.


The Amalgamation is first seen by Jessica, in a room, as she's about to be forced to operate on William. As the room begins to heat up, the table where the mass of metal rested was beginning to glow orange at its center, and the mass on the table seemed to move in its own will, in pain.

Later, it reappears as Carlton enters a room that has an open furnace set into the wall, big enough to fit a small car. As William lurches and tells Carlton the true purpose of the amalgamation, he injects remnant directly to his heart with a mechanical syringe.

Carlton wakes up with a Michael next to him, trying to find pieces of his coloring sheet as he needs to put the pieces back together. He sees 4 other children who are also trying to do the same thing. All of the children think that Spring Bonnie is their friend, but in reality, he's the one who hurt them. As the truth gets more apparent, both Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy try to attack William. When the children truly recognize what really happened, the coloring page is put back together and William gets attacked and dragged into the furnace.

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William dies, and Carlton is brought outside and gets rescued by John and the others.

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