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Claudia Aguirre - nowa oficjalna ilustratorka książek w serii Five Nights at Freddy's zatrudniona przez Scotta Cawthona. Zilustrowała komiks Zwyrodniali.

Jest członkiem Boudika Comics.


Claudia is an independent sequential artist and illustrator who lives and dreams in a little corner of the earth, but nomad at heart. An avid reader, Loves kittens, monsters, fantastic universes and the wonders of small things. Draws everything in a variety of styles and moods, from children’s illustration to epic fantasy and Sci-Fi, adventure and action. She has participated as an illustrator in numerous small apps and games for Playful interactive, Illustrated for YA books for Malinda Lo and published two books "La maison bleue" (2012) and "Malice is---" (2013) under the seal of Boudika Comics. She currently works full-time as a freelance artist.
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