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• 3/23/2018

Purple Guy's motives for his killings.

I still think that the midnight motorist is the beginning of the Afton family, but CC and Elizabeth ARE in existance, they are just babies. And they are upstairs, as the house in the minigame, as seen by looking at the sprite, does have 2 stories.

And the person in the chair may prehaps be a relative or parent of William Afton, and if that's so, I think the chair dude may be old man consequences which a theory for a WHOLE other time lol.

But the thing I changed as well as I think that the mound is not a previous establishment for Jr's.

It's lot like design is actually just like the design for the yard around the motorist house.

I think that the place is a field of some sorts and that the mound is in fact a grave.

And the grave belongs to the only Afton family member who is never EVER counted for in the series.

The mother.

Seriously, where the hell is she?

Well, since we have minigames for Elizabeth, CC, and Mike that seems suspicious that we never had a minigame for the mother.

Which makes me wonder if she died in the very beginning of the timeline.

That also touches into a detail we all overlooked.

We know that William Afton is experimenting with remnant and trying to find the secret to what appears to be some kind of resurrection in an animatronic body.

But.. why?

Why go through all that pain and experiments that end up accidentally maiming your own kids just for discovering it and making money or whatever?

Well, what if it isn't about the money, or the fame.

See, there is an aspect of William Afton that, in his child killing sprees, we all tend to overlook.

William Afton has a family aspect to him, a big part of his character actually centers around his family.

Some are good aspects, like his bond with his daughter, and others, like his arguments with Mike, aren't so good. But no matter if it is peace or fighting all of these parts in his character and his story are from his family.

So what if the motive for his experiments was actually incorporated from that aspect.

Now knowing that his family being a crucial part of his character it is not far fetched to say that his motive for his experiments may be in an attempt to bring a loved one back.

That loved one the one family member that is never given a minigame for, the mother aka Mrs. Afton.

His murders are like that to.

The murder of Charlotte I believe was him lashing out in anger and jealousy, jealous that Henry had a family and a happy relationship so he killed her in order to destroy her family.

Then he found out about the girl becoming the puppet and then he started experimenting.

But then her death as well as his son's death made him go crazy over guilt and a feeling of failure to protect his kids, so then he started killing other people's kids for sport in order to ease that feeling of despair and anger, hence why he simply kills and doesn't try to preserve the kids in robots in the MCI and SAVETHEM.

So there you have it. A murder as a way to take his anger out on a kid from his wife's death. A whole train of experiments in an attempt to bring her back. And then the murder of five children and then five (or six from the six blood puddles in the SAVETHEM minigame) more children as a way of striking and lashing out at the world over the loss of his own children so that the people of Hurricane Utah (FNaF 6 apparently takes place there according to the lawsuits so I am assuming that Hurricane is where the rest of the pizzerias were most likely at as well.)

That is the story of the Purple Guy's motives.
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• 3/24/2018
Purple Man, Purple Man
All the children try to run
Purple Man, Purple Man
To him it's part of the fun
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