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• 3/21/2018


Since I can finally upload pictures, I CAN EXPLAIN WHY CC BEING SHADOW FREDDY IS WRONG

The explaination would be in the comments tho.

*clears throat*

Starting with the explaination:
Candy cadet told us a story about a boy found 5 kittens, but one of them got eaten by a snake.
The boy then cut the snake open, and put the remains of the cat together, then put it in the shoebox.

Here, in this cutscene we have CC, PFF, and the 4 plushies. Now what if CC is meant to be the 5th kitten? And PFF is that Boy? Candy Cadet said that the boy PUT THE REMAINS of the cat BACK TOGETHER, and PFF told CC that he was going TO PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER. Moving to the remaining 4 cats, its evident that they are the plushies in the scene. They may not be representing the older brother and his friends, but how the Puppet has given lives to the MCI kids (Yes I believe that PFF is the Puppet in this case, because he is just in CC dreams, and not in real life), so you can consider that PFF was trying to tell CC that he is going to give him life, just like the MCI kids, but here the plushies are 4, they are not 5 as the MCI, which tells us that the CC is the 5th kid to be given life to.....
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• 3/23/2018
Your first, and final paragraphs contradict each other. You are saying that Golden Freddy wasn't there in 'The End' screen, because he just doesn't exist physically, but in the end you are saying that disregarding the 5th kid seems lazy. Well, doesn't the same apply on his disappearance from that screen? Knowing that Golden Freddy seemed to be an important MCI (from your prespective)?

Who said that you have to be an MCI to kill night guards? You don't have to be an MCI to kill them, Neither do you have to attack them to prove that you are one. The Toys attacked night gaurds but weren't MCIs, as well as the Funtimes. Shadow Freddy proved that he is an MCI by trying to kill William in Follow Me.

The 5th kid may not be possessing anyone, because Golden Freddy may not have existed by the time the MCI had happened because.....wait imma paste it......Why would Fredbear and Friends feature Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy only? If Golden Freddy really existed at that time wouldn't he also be in that show? Or is the director a racist? Another thing is, in CC's room we saw the plushies of all the animatronics including the Fredbear plush, why wouldn't there be a plushie of Golden Freddy? it either means that nobody liked him, or that he never existed.
• 3/23/2018
Golden Freddy disappearing is meant to represent the fact that he is not a physical suit and is a non-corporeal spirit. Golden Freddy appears in the bad ending screen because he hasn't moved on to the afterlife. He disappears, not because he isn't important enough, but because he doesn't leave anything behind when he passes on. Golden Freddy's disappearance is because of his own non-physical properties, not due to his character being disregarded. It doesn't make sense for Golden Freddy to leave behind a shell if he isn't physical, but that doesn't mean he's any less important. It's also the reason why he isn't a plush or in the Fredbear and Friends commerical; because he is not an actual animatronic made by Fazbear Entertainment, but a manifestation of the spirit of the fifth MCI victim. He doesn't need to appear all the time to be important to the lore, and him being non-physical doesn't mean he's irrelevant. William and the Puppet didn't make appearances in the first game, yet they're pivotal characters in the series.

The thing is, while you are correct that MCI victims aren't the only ones who try to kill night guards, Shadow Freddy, on the other hand, hasn't actively joined the other animatronics in trying to kill the night guards themselves, and never took action in any point of the series until William entered the first game's pizzeria when it closed down. That implies that Shadow Freddy doesn't have a reason to try to kill the night guards, because they aren't the ones who wronged him, yet William's death could have been something CC plotted out of hatred for his father specifically, but not because Shadow Freddy was directly killed by William himself. While the MCI victims specifically target security guards for their own reasons, the fact that Shadow Freddy doesn't get involved suggests that he wasn't killed by a security guard specifically, yet he may have his own personal vendetta against William if he's CC.
• 3/24/2018
Freddy Fanatic already said I was going to say. I'll just add to the "You don't have to be a MCI victim to kill night guards".

I think you completely misunderstood that point, Exl111. The Classic/Whitered kill the night guard as an act of revenge against their murderer they don't know the identity. The Toys, if possessed, are also killing because of revenge; if not possessed, they kill because they were tampered or because of any supernatural influence. Finally, the Funtimes kill because they are 1. programmed to kill, and 2. they really hate the employees for "imprisoning" them there and mistreating them.

I believe we can agree with that, right? So, my point was, the animatronics kill with a very specific reason shared within everyone from their batch. If Shadow Freddy was a MCI victim, he would try to actively murder the night guard in revenge, as the other MCI victims did. But he doesn't, so he has no reason to kill anyone.

CC doesn't have any reason to murder anyone, because the person he could act on revenge against already apologized - and better yet, he knows who he is, so he wouldn't just be randomly killing every night guard. So, if he's Golden Freddy, either he kills for no reason or Idk.
• 3/24/2018
Perhaps CC had forgiven Michael, but still hated William for not being there to prevent his death and being indirectly responsible for his suffering? While CC isn’t concerned with night guards, there’s still the possibility that he shares his brother’s hatred for his father. Another possibility is that he couldn’t move on until his whole entire family was laid to rest, and only left after William, Michael, and Elizabeth had passed on. I’m not disagreeing whatsoever, I’m just adding on a reason for CC to stay behind after Michael had apologized to him.
• 3/24/2018
Yes, a reason for why he would stay behind but not a reason for why he would kill random night guards.
• 3/24/2018
Knowing that The End is a metaphor for the spirits resting in peace, its not important for him to physically exist to appear in it.

As I said before you don't have to kill security gaurds to prove that you are an MCI, as the MCIs themselves weren't killed by a night gaurd, but killed by a person wearing a springsuit. Killing them may be because they see them as naked endoskeletons, or its just their way of asking for help, but not because they don't know their killer as they recognised him in Follow Me.

You guys keep saying that CC forgave his brother, even though he was dead when he apologized.

Also you said that GF was not a Faz. Ent.
If I am not mistaken FFP is part of Fazbear Entertainment, and in this drawing, its written 'My day at the new Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria'
• 3/24/2018
But to gain access to a spring suit, I’m pretty sure William had to be a member of the company. So, they were killed by someone affiliated with the company, which explains the MCI victims’ motive for targeting security guards. Yes, I know that MCI victims aren’t the only ones, each group of animatronics have differing reasons for doing so. But, assuming that Shadow Freddy was killed by William wearing the Spring Bonnie suit, that would mean that Shadow Freddy doesn’t recognize his killer, which would prompt him to attempt killing security guards, because the MCI victims were killed by someone who worked there, but they’re not aware of the identity of their murderer. Shadow Freddy doesn’t even bother, which indicates that while he may have assisted in William’s death inside Spring Bonnie, he didn’t attack any guards, so, unlike the other victims, he has a different reason to stay behind.

Alright then, I made a mistake. But Golden Freddy is still more... ghostly than the others.
• 3/24/2018
Ok, this conversation is just repeating itself.

Btw, CC's brother asked forgiveness prior to CC's death, soooooooooooo
• 6/17/2018
CC (Crying Child).

PFF (Psychic Friend Fredbear).
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