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• 3/20/2018

UCN Preset Ideas

With UCN on the way, why don't we come up with some presets. There are 50 animatronics, so I imagine there'll be a lot. Come up with your own ideas below!

I'll start:
Like Father, Like Daughter: Springtrap, Scraptrap, Circus Baby, and Scrap Baby are all active.
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• 5/3/2018
Obvious presets:

Foxy Freddy, Bonnie chica all at 20

50 /20:
All at 20

10 or 9 20:
Fnaf animatronics at 20
• 5/3/2018
Do it Prop- early

All animatronics who hold props are active

I heard that!
Springtrap and Afton, scrap baby, mediocre melodies, Lefty, Molten Freddy

Basically, all people who are fooled by audio in the Ucn, or were fooled by audio lures in their game/s
• 5/4/2018
Freddy’s Circus and Co: Freddy Fazbear, Toy Freddy, Foxy, Mangle, BB, JJ, Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare BB, Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Lefty

Freak Show: Mangle, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Phantom Mangle, Nightmarionne, Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Ennard, Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, Funtime Chica, Helpy
• 5/9/2018
Stage for All
Freddy Bonnie chica foxy,toy Freddy toy Bonnie toy chica nightmare FredBear spring trap baby ballora FT foxy FT freddy
• 5/11/2018
Greedy: Rockstar Freddy, Baby, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle
• 5/31/2018
Since it's confirmed that there are no technical presets, this thread is dead.
• 5/31/2018
Eh, it was worth a shot.
• 6/5/2018
Ones last one, hope it gets added....

Join the band:
Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, T Freddy, T Bonnie, T Chica, Mangle, W Bonnie W Chica, Springtrap, P Freddy, P BB, N Freddy, N Bonnie, C Baby, Ballora, FT Foxy, Ennard, Molten Freddy, S Baby, Lefty, R Freddy, R Bonnie, R Chica, R Foxy, Helpy (the little bear with an air horn)
• 6/5/2018
If Scott READS this (0.00000000041 %) he might add presets...
If he doesn't, well there goes 16 hours Of a year I will never get back...
• 6/6/2018
I wouldn't really worry about it.
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