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Are shadow Bonnie and shadow Freddy real animatronics?

  • Yes
  • No, they’re in your head
  • Who?
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Here's what I think the game timeline is.

1. 4

2. SL

3. 2

4. 1

5. 3

6. 6

7. UCN

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Who’s in charge of the animatronics?

  • Freddy (FNAF 1)
  • Golden Freddy
  • Puppet
  • Springtrap/William Afton
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Phone Guy (other)
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Which FNAF book should they make a movie of?

  • The Silver Eyes
  • The Twisted Ones
  • The Fourth Closet
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Which Five Nights at Freddy's fan game is the best?

  • Five Nights at Candy's
  • Bubba's Diner
  • Nightmare at Charles
  • Those Nights at Rachel's
  • Baby's Nightmare Circus
  • Abandoned Discovery Island
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My interpretation of the FNAF timeline


FNAF 4 happens. The child you play as is William Afton's son and Michael Afton's younger brother. After getting "bitten" by Fredbear, he falls into a coma, where he dreams about nightmarish versions of the animatronics. He eventually dies.

NOTE 1: The reason that the house you play in during FNAF 4 is visible on the map in Sister Location is because the house was a real place, and the crying child used it as the "setting" for his nightmare.

NOTE 2: The first restaurants were the Fredbear's Family Diner chain. There may have been only one of them or multiple, but either way, the events progressed in mostly the same way. The characters were Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, normal Bonnie, Foxy, and the Puppet.

Circus Baby's Pizza World opens, but on the first day of its operation, William's daughter Elizabeth is captured and killed by Baby, whom she possesses. The restaurant is shut down (allegedly due to a gas leak); however, the animatronics are placed in an underground storage facility.

Henry's daughter, Charlie, is murdered at one of the Fredbear's Family Diner locations by William, despite special programming placed in the Puppet by Henry to protect her. Her spirit possesses the Puppet.

Sometime between 1983 and 1987

William murders 5 more children at a Fredbear's location, and after doing so stuffs their bodies into the suits of Fredbear, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. He does so in Pirate Cove, which is closest to the back of the building. Charlie, possessing the Puppet, transfers their souls into the animatronics -- one girl, Cassidy, possesses Fredbear. After customers notice the smell of the bodies in the animatronics, the restaurant is shut down, and Purple Guy is (temporarily) imprisoned -- but not before he rigs the springlock suits of Fredbear and Spring Bonnie to malfunction. The employees inside them die and become Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy. The springlock suits are retired afterwards. Cassidy loses her suit, but maintains a new form as Golden Freddy.


FNAF 2 happens. William, having escaped from jail, murders 5 more kids at the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location; they possess Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, and Balloon Boy. He modifies the animatronics' sensors so they don't detect him as a criminal, and infiltrates the restaurant in the disguise of a new day guard. He attempts to hide the bodies, but Charlie, who is still in control of the Puppet, reveals them, and William is imprisoned again. As the restaurant is about to close, during the final birthday party held there, one of the animatronics (pick your favorite) bites Jeremy Fitzgerald, the new day guard, removing the frontal lobe of his brain; he survives but leaves the job.

Sometime between FNAF 2 and FNAF 3

FNAF 1 happens. Michael, William's son, becomes suspicious of the murders that have happened, and so he takes a job at the newest Freddy Fazbear's Pizza; however, he uses the fake name Mike Schmidt, worried that his real last name would arouse suspicion from the company, which knows that William is a criminal. After his first week ends, he's convinced that children are possessing the animatronics, due to their repeated messages of "IT"S ME" and other attempts to contact him (possibly made by the Puppet, which lurks hidden in the kitchen). Knowing this makes him curious as to what happened to his sister, and he contacts his father in prison. William tells Mike what happened, and grants him the opportunity to save his sister. He tells Henry to re-open Circus Baby's Pizza World, which now rents out animatronics from its storage for parties (at least one of these rentals is made by Chica's Pizza World, a short-lived offshoot of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza franchise). Unbeknownst to Mike, however, William is also secretly using the Pizza World animatronics to capture and kill children on these outings (some of these kids possess the Sister Location animatronics). Arriving at the storage facility, Circus Baby incorrectly sees Mike as his father William, whom she hates for his murder of the kids. Joining with the other animatronics to form Ennard, scoop "William", and take his body, she too late realizes that they accidentally killed Mike. After about a week, Ennard abandons Mike's body, but Elizabeth grants him a spark of life. Mike tells his father what happened, and convinces William that the only way to make things right is to apologize to the children's spirits. William is released on parole and travels to the FNAF 1 restaurant, where he attempts to apologize to the spirits; unfortunately, they hate him just as much as his daughter does. Guided by the Puppet and the shadow animatronics, they attack him, but he smashes the animatronic bodies. However, the children manifest ghostly forms, and drive him into a leftover springlock suit, killing him and forming Springtrap.


FNAF 3 happens.

Some time in the future

FNAF 6 happens. Mike and Henry, working together, lure Springtrap, Baby, Ennard (now Molten Freddy), and the Puppet (captured by Henry's creation, Lefty) to a new restaurant that Mike creates. Once all of them are there, Mike sets the restaurant on fire, killing himself and all of the animatronics. In heaven, Charlie and the other murdered children can finally have their "happiest day"; meanwhile, William finds himself in hell, tormented by demons that take the forms of the animatronics -- including, ironically, William himself.

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Scusate, dovevo scriverlo nel fandoom di minecraft😅
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OUR ESTABLISHMENT HAS A VISITOR.. || Dayshift At Freddy's 3 YouTube
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Circus Baby FNAF - Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! # 97
Circus Baby FNAF - Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! # 97 YouTube
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Five Nights at Bon Bon!! #1 || OUR FNAF FANGAME!!
Five Nights at Bon Bon!! #1 || OUR FNAF FANGAME!! YouTube
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Check out Hana.pony on Five Nights at Freddy's.
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I found this and I love it
[SFM/FNAF2] FNaF 2 Song Alt. Metal Cover (MiatriSs/Rissy) [FNAF2 Anniversary]
[SFM/FNAF2] FNaF 2 Song Alt. Metal Cover (MiatriSs/Rissy) [FNAF2 Anniversary] YouTube
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Hey y’all (≧人≦●)

So, I was wondering, do you guys have any suggestions to beat Night 6 on FNaF 2? I have only been looking at the Marionette camera, and haven’t been using my flashlight except to ward off the animatronics. I have been following all of the tutorials online but I just can’t win. Got any suggestions???
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